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Gender Masculine
Usage Finnish
Pronounced Pron. SEHP-po

Meaning & History

Finnish diminutive of SEBASTIAN.

Related Names

Other Languages & CulturesSebastijan(Croatian) Sebastián, Sebastian(Czech) Sebastian(Danish) Sebastiaan, Bas, Bastiaan(Dutch) Sebastian(English) Seppe(Flemish) Sébastien, Bastien(French) Sebastian, Bastian(German) Sebestyén, Szebasztián(Hungarian) Sebastiano(Italian) Sebastianus(Late Roman) Sebastian(Norwegian) Sebastian(Polish) Sebastião(Portuguese) Sebastian(Romanian) Sevastian, Sevastyan(Russian) Sebastijan, Sebastjan, Boštjan(Slovene) Sebastián(Spanish) Sebastian(Swedish)
Same SpellingSeppo (1)

Name Days

Finland: June 10
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