It has become a common female name and was the third most common name for baby girls born in Wales in 2009; in 2010 Seren was the 5th most common name in Wales, and the 288th most common name for newborn girls in England.
Most common Welsh names for girls.
This name is really nice. It can work by itself or short of Serenity or Serena. Some middle names I like with Seren are:
Seren Aruna
Seren Aquila
Seren Ginnie
Seren Eclipse.
Pretty! :)
Beautiful. Love celestial names. Seren Arabella would be lovely in my opinion.
Sounds so soft and pretty!
I think it's a lovely name, that isn't so difficult to pronounce or spell. It rolls off the tongue gently and has a very melodic quality. I may be biased as my daughter has this name. We're part of the 2015 demographic....We receive so many compliments on it. Sure, people mistakenly hear 'Sarah' sometimes, but are quickly apologetic due to their conditioning to not easily accept a new or different name. I loved the meaning and the origins of this name, which I found, thanks to the, when I was researching girl names. I wanted something unique but not strange. It's a strong, beautiful name. What I find funny, if you look around online, there are plenty of resources for the proper pronunciation, including a cute little bat cartoon character that was on a show called Abadas. The most common mispronunciation I have heard is "S'UH-wren" as if you were trying to say Serenity with a NY accent lol It's a minor correction to make now and again, but most people understand it easily, and appreciate its beauty and meaning. It's a unique star name over Stella, which was quite popular for awhile.
It's okay. I like the meaning star.
I love Welsh names and this one would sound nice as a middle name.
So beautiful.
I don't think this name is exclusively feminine. All other sources of the name show that it is both masculine and feminine. A while ago this site too showed it as both, but was switched in to show it being only feminine. I'm not sure why this is but I don't think it's factual.
The name Seren was given to 26 girls born in the US in 2016.
I like it, but it reminds me too much of sarin, the highly toxic nerve agent.
Seren and Luna would be a cute name for twin girls, star and moon. This name is as nice as Serena and less commonly used.
Seren is a Welsh name meaning "star." It's pronounced SEH-ren, with the accent on the first syllable. It's my granddaughter's name, given to her because my late husband came to the U.S. from Wales. It's a VERY popular name in Wales, where the "r" is trilled. [noted -ed]
The name Seren was given to 46 girls born in the US in 2015.
My name is Seren, I'm from Wales and I can tell you all that it's seh-ren not sah-ren or sair-ren or seh-rin, it's supposed to he pronounced SEH-REN with an actual welsh accent. But where I'm from it's more commonly pronounced SEH-RUN.
I love this name and its meaning. My surname is Saren which is very rare and I can't seem to find its meaning anywhere. The name Seren is the closest that I've found.
The only way Seren rhymes with Karen is if you pronounce Karen improperly. Karen is a Danish and Norwegian name. The A in Kar sounds like the A in car and cart. And the R is trilled a little, if you can do it. Ask a Norwegian!
I think this is just a wonderful name. It's not too overused and has a beautiful but not obvious to the point of tacky meaning. I know someone by this name, which she says is not from star but from "Seren"dipity.
A friend of mine wants to use the name Saren, which would be a combination of Sarah and Seren, so the meaning would be "star princess". I like it, it's very original.
A beautiful name with a lovely meaning.
By the way: the pronunciation of "Karen" depends on whether you're in the UK or the US.
There's a page-3 girl called Seren Gibson. I had never heard the name in real life till I was confronted with her in the staff room in my lunch hour. Pretty name!
The proper Welsh pronunciation is 'SEH - REN' like 'sai' in 'said' and 'ren' in 'rendition'
Can I just say, pronouncing it Se-rinn would make it Serin? The whole reason it's spelt Seren is so you pronounce it Se-rehn. I'm from Wales, my best friend is called Seren, I SHOULD KNOW.
I would pronounce this SEH-rinn. Beautiful, beautiful name. So much better than Serena, which to me sounds overly glamour-girl. I think this name (Seren) brings to mind a water fairy of some sort.

And for the record, every Karen I have EVER known in my ENTIRE LIFE has pronounced her name KAIR-in.
Urgh, if it rhymes with Karen then this would be "SA-ren". The people of Wales say "ser-in" or depending on where they live in Wales. Say Karen right people! It's KA-ren not Kair-ren. *shudder*
I think this is a beautiful name. I like it better than Sarah, and I like that this isn't popular, but is easy to pronounce.
This is actually a pretty name and I like the meaning of it too. I would also pronounce it SAIR-in. Rhymes with Karen.
I know a Seren, pronounced SAIR-in. Rhymes with Karen.
Every Karen I know pronounces it "Key-rin."

Anyway, this is a lovely name. I'll think of it once I've got a little pink bundle of joy without a name.
Pronounced seh-REN.

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