Sex is not nasty, nor is it gross. It's natural. That people say things like that denotes repression and strict religious upbringings. Fortunately I do not fall into your categories.

About the name. I find it too historical to put to use on a child today. He would be mistooken for an ancient roman emperor.

That is all.

Thanks for giving me a cackle BtN! :'D

Also, I'm not a Native English speaker, far from it, but I do know English well enough to know what's inappropriate. While Sextilius might not have negative associations in Non-English speaking countries, as a person who can kind of understand English, I only think of coitus now. So, in my opinion, I hate this name and think it's inappropriate.
Cute. Sex is soooo fun!
As it’s an ancient Roman name it’s gone out of use. Generally nobody uses it anymore, so of course it’s not a nasty name at all. I just personally wouldn’t name a child because of its ancient origins that have made the name become out of use. Yet if you have a great bond with the ancient Roman mythologies, go ahead!
Nasty name.
For obvious reasons, don't use this name. Whether it's for a child, a pet or a character.
Give a child a name that starts with 'sex' and I'm sure the CPS and all of those sort of organizations would get involved.

I wouldn't even do it even if you were from a non-English speaking country. The poor kid would have to change his name and he'll probably get teased and harassed for his name even in a non-english speaking country.
thatmazerunner, that's false! More likely the person will get harassed in English speaking countries than countries that don't speak English. Because in Brazil, sex means six and in German Sechs (pronounced SEKS) means six also! Your point of view is different from mine and others' because you're from a country that speaks English. Don't just add random comments about people from other countries thinking this name would be weird! Only comment about how English speaking countries would view the name and not the unnecessary stuff that is false. Also, I have noticed only native English speakers have been commenting on these names (just to tell you).
Sextilius was not a Roman cognomen; rather, it was a Roman nomen gentile (i.e. family name). Look up 'gens Sextilia' for more information regarding the matter. :)

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