Good for someone born in Sexass (Texas)
Poor child...
Good for a Catholic maybe.
Oh my gosh, why is this a name?
I feel sorry for anyone named Sextus.

I'm adding it to my list of inappropriate names:
And Peni.
How is Laguna an inappropriate name?
Oh Sextus, you poor, poor child.
Sounds like "sext us".
As it’s an ancient Roman name it’s gone out of use. Generally nobody uses it anymore, so of course it’s not a nasty name at all. I just personally wouldn’t name a child because of its ancient origins that have made the name become out of use. Yet if you have a great bond with the ancient Roman mythologies, go ahead!
It sounds a lot like Sexist, and I’m against sexism.
Seems too homophobic to be used as a name. Gay people are gonna be against Sextuses.
I kinda like this name. I would use it for a character in my book where it’s a boy and he actually is a SEXIST, that’s not to say it’s an ugly name, it isn’t. But I just want the name to fit the personality on the way it sounds. If I named a kid this, they would get teased, so I wouldn’t do that. I still think it’s a cute and interesting name for a kri8tiv character in my book.
Actually, the first part of the name is very similar in English and other languages such as Spanish, Swedish German and French.
You are incorrect. Languages like Spanish, Swedish German and French that you listed have different words meaning intercourse. Did you know that in Portuguese "sex" means six, just like in Latin and in German six is sechs and they pronounce it like SEKS. I know this because I learn languages. Do not just take false info from your head.
There is no need to make fun of this name. Probably in English it is funny but in other languages and traditions it isn't funny.
While I can't recommend anybody to name their child Sextus (the name has a nice sound to it, but the teasing would be severe and probably lifelong), I wholeheartedly agree with Anonymous User 1/31/2007, and I would like to add that calling this name (or any name, for that matter) 'disgusting' is downright stupid. I'm sure that a) in history, there were many honest and good men with this name, not just the one legendary rapist, and b) there's plenty of criminals named George or Angela or whatever, and it never stopped people from using these names for their kids.
Famous bearers include: _Sextus Pompeius Magnus_, a Roman general who joined the resistance against Caesar. _Sextus Pompeius_, a senator during Tiberius’ reign, a witty and very intelligent patron of literature. _Sextus Propertius_, a poet and friend of Virgil. _Sextus Empiricus_, a physician and philosopher whose works had a profound impact on de Montaigne, Hume, Hegel and others. Sextus Julius Africanus, a Christian traveller and historian, author of Chronographiai (world history in five books). _Sextus Julius Frontinus_, one of the most distinguished Roman aristocrats of the late first century AD, an augur, civil engineer and author of technical treatises on aqueducts of Rome. _Sextus Aelius Paetus Catus_ or "the clever one", a Roman Republican consul and jurist, best-known for his interpretation of the laws of the Twelve Tables, praised by Cicero.
Sextus is a disgusting name. I challenge you to find one more hilarious. In Roman mythology Sextus Tarquinius, the king's son, raped a noblewoman called Lucretia. After that she killed herself. Not a name you'd want to call your kid.
I'm assuming this name isn't very popular nowadays.
I sort of like the sound of it - but I would never ever ever use it because of obvious reasons and possible teasing. Plus, what would be his nickname? Sexy? :]
It's very immature to think that this name is "hilarious" just because it has the word "sex" in it.
The sex in this name is hilarious!

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