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Ironic you think this sounds white trash since this is a Jewish name, far from white trash. Learn some history please.
― Anonymous User  1/5/2020
Eww, what a white trashed name. Makes me think of some overweight and rude woman.
― Anonymous User  6/7/2015
Pretty, but would never use it.
― Anonymous User  12/2/2014
Hi, I really like Shaina, but I am debating between Shaina and Raika. Since I was 16 I wanted to name my daughter Raika ( pronounced As Raeekah) meaning beloved and desired, wished for. My best friend decided to name her daughter Raika! Which one do you think is nicer?
P.S. I like exotic names.
Parisv  11/20/2014
I, rarely, if ever, dislike names but I just really don't like the name Shaina. It just sounds very conceited to me. Posting anon because I don't want hate, but yeah. I just can't imagine taking someone called Shaina seriously. :(
― Anonymous User  11/26/2013
This is my name and it's pronounced Shay-na. Also it's true that it comes from Yiddish origin. The majority of people with this name spell it Shayna. I was also born in 1997.
Shaina2626  3/28/2011
That's really strange my name is Shaina to and I was born in 1997.
shainie23  6/27/2014
One of my best friends was named Shaina and she was from Pakistan. She pronounced it Shah-Ee-Nah. Shah and Ee are tied together, short and are suppose to flow. It's as if the "i" had to dots on it.
Milena Scialfa  12/31/2009
I think this name is beautiful, just like its meaning. I have only met one person named Shaina and have liked it since.
Arie1207  7/27/2007
This is my name and I think it's pretty but personally I like it better spelled Shayna.
breezygirl  4/1/2007
Pronounced shie-nah, shay-nah.
Miss Claire  7/29/2006
My daughter's name is Shaina but I don't pronounce it the way many people think. They think it is like Shanna. I pronounce it this way: Shiena.
taidh1119  10/3/2005
I believe it is Hebrew meaning "beautiful".
shadoww  8/5/2005
Shaina means 'beautiful' in Greek.
sdoll13  5/7/2005
Sorry, it is neither Greek nor Hebrew but Yiddish.
Miss Claire  7/29/2006
My daughter's name is Shaina, she was born in 1997. It is a beautiful name and she is always told by people how lucky she is.
― Anonymous User  2/6/2005

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