I've always loved this spelling - it's soft and so pretty. Shari is cute but still fits an adult.
silly_rabbit  8/3/2016
I never really liked this name. I knew a girl that used to take a couple of classes with me in 7th grade who had this name, but I always thought it sounded a little plain, like something else should've came after the name, like Shari Ann or something like that. And it also just sounded a bit old timey. Like a name that belong to a 50 year old woman, not a 13 year old girl in 7th grade.
thatgirl_jada  3/9/2016
This is my name, and I have always disliked it. I would like it better if I was called by my first and middle names: Shari Ann. But just plain Shari is so boring, although it is in my opinion the best spelling. And it gets misspelled all the time! I always have to spell it out.
Shannri  11/14/2009
Nah, I never liked this one. Name your daughter Sharon instead. Sheri may sound cutsey and girly, but at least it's prettier than Shari, so even Sheri would be much nicer.
slight night shiver  5/6/2008
The thing about this name is that, in the language of Swahili, I believe it is one of the words for evil. For this reason I wouldn't use this name.
Pippin  3/15/2008
This is the best name ever thought of. I love the name and what it means. This name is so nice and I will one day name something that name. Ever since I was a child I always loved that name. I feel that this name is better than any other out there.
bandcamp2009  4/24/2007
I like it, because I used to watch that kid's TV show, 'Lamb Chop's Play-Along' ALL the time when I was little and Shari Lewis was Lamb Chop's voice.
xKatiex  10/21/2006
Shari is pronounced Shah-ree on the east coast, as in Shari Lewis, the famous puppeteer.
barbielynn  12/29/2004

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