This reminds me of a specific virus...I'm sorry, not in 2020.
This name is also used in The Netherlands. I used to know a Sharona myself (she was born in the early '90s). The name was fairly popular in the '90s, peaking in 1991, in which year 155 little Sharonas were born. It has been sharply declining since 1997 and the name is now barely used. In 2011, only 7 bearers of this name were born.

The Dutch pronunciation is as follows: shah-RO-nah.
Call me crazy, but I really like this name. I love the song, too, which is probably why I'd never use the name.

'Ooh, my little pretty one, pretty one, when you gonna give me some time, Sharona?'
I love the song My Sharona. And no matter if you say you despise it, no one is able to resist singing/tapping along when it comes on the radio. Sharona itself is much more attractive than Sharon, and any Sharona would have her own theme song! Now who doesn't want that?
All I can think of is that gawd-awful song by The Knacks that George W. Bush notoriously likes. That song has utterly ruined this name for a long time to come, as people don't seem to forget about the song. It's horrible, but infuriatingly catchy. The name sounds tacky because of it, and the name Rona would be much cooler if you like this one.
I think this name is prettier than Sharon, plus there are so many middle-aged Sharons that is sounds fresher and more modern.
In the television show "Monk" the assistant's name is Sharona.
There was a song called "My Sharona," sung by The Knack.

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