Nice. I like it.
Shebah is a feminine name as we have several characters in the bible with the same or similar names.
SHEBAH means an oath or seven.
Genesis 26:30-33
So he made them a feast, and they ate and drank. In the morning they rose early and exchanged oaths. And Isaac sent them on their way, and they departed from him in peace. That same day Isaac's servants came and told him about the well that they had dug and said to him, “We have found water.” He called it Shibah; therefore the name of the city is Beersheba to this day.
Jehosheba (daughter of Jehoram) and Elisheba (original form of Elizabeth) are feminine Biblical names with Sheba in them. It seems simple on its own as a male name.
I'm sorry, but this is a total cat name. I can't even picture this on a human.
Doesn't sound masculine at all. Sounds more like the name of a woman - specifically, an African-American woman.
I named our half Bengal cat Sheba after Handel's "Arrival of the Queen of Sheba" as our little precious is highly strung and queenie. Ps, she also likes to put on a window show for the Bin-Men when they come to collect the rubbish on Thursdays... And they love it!
In English this can also be used as a feminine name, either in reference to the Biblical Queen of Sheba or as a short form of Bathsheba.
I've always thought of this as a feminine name, partly due to the fact that my grandmother has a female cat called Sheba. While I do think it makes a good name for a cat, it seems a bit odd and "out there" on humans. Bananarama's description of a belly dancer seems scarily fitting.
To me, this sounds like the stage name of a belly dancer. Not really a classy name.
Sheba is also a name of cat food. :)
Sheba is an actual place in Yemen and is where the majority of historians believe the Queen of Sheba mentioned in the TaNaK / Old Testament came from. This is also the place where Islam declares that the Queen of Sheba (Saba in Arabic) came from who visited King Solomon. Sheba in Yemen is still called Sheba even to this day. Please look under: Yemen's empty querter, Temple of Saba, Kingdom of Saba, ancient Marib in Yemen, Saba in Yemen.

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