Sherlock is actually a girl's name according to Sir Arthur. It’s my name. This is incorrrect information.
Ahhhh  10/30/2018
The name looks very outdated and unattractive, besides it's too obvious that the kid was named after Sherlock Holmes. A lot of people also say the phrase, "No kidding, Sherlock."
kayisforkeen  9/3/2018
It's actually a girl's name.
― Anonymous User  7/12/2018
I really like this name but don't name your child that because it has a popular association that would tie him to a certain stereotype he might be unable to live up to.
Prime Meridian  6/11/2018
My birth name is Sherlock. I was named after my grandfather Sherlock Herring and some of the stuff said here is true, some is not.
Sherlock herring  6/23/2017
Great name, relatively unusable as a first name though. Holmes is an interesting character in that he's not perfect, but by no means is he a villain. Yes, he smokes and does cocaine, BUT he is highly intelligent and very helpful to society in the long run (Remember how he was willing to die to take down Moriarty and his crime network?). There are worse people to name your kids after. That's my two cent's worth.
ThatOneAuthorGirl  5/18/2017
If you name your kid this, he will get teased. It would be cool to be named after Holmes, though.
Jghazt333  3/4/2016
This is one name that I find a little disquieting. I am a long-time Holmes fan, but the name Sherlock is better as a middle name. Sherlock as a first name is BEGGING for teasing. But I knew someone with this name and he was likable enough. But in general, Sherlock is one of those names that might draw a few odd looks, but pass it off.

Sherlock Holmes is definitely a great association, as he has an important place in literary history for popularizing the mystery story. Yes, he was a bit obnoxious, and a drug addict, and definitely had Asperger's syndrome, but put that aside and you have one of the most observant and intelligent people in literary history. So, by all means, use this!
Amedee Lupien  8/13/2015
I think Sherlock is a great name but maybe a little heavy to saddle a human baby with. Sherlock Holmes was, by current analysis at least, on the Asbergers spectrum in that he could concentrate on and amass details where he was interested but lacked regular human social skills. It's a great name for a pet though. My black cat was called Sherlock and it suited his gravitas.
Severina  2/14/2014
According to there are apparently 21 people actually named Sherlock Holmes in the United States. Wow.
thesnowwhiterose  7/10/2013
I don't know why you all wouldn't want to be associated with Sherlock Holmes - so many years later he is still inspiring many other writers and artists and still a beloved character of many readers. I don't think it's pretentious to be named after a genius literary character, it's pretty cool, actually.

My only problem with the name, somehow, is that it reminds me of shamrocks, just by the sound.
― Anonymous User  1/30/2013
I love this name, but it's one of those names that's really hard to use on a child due to association.
Rainears  9/17/2012
Although the Sherlock Holmes stories are quite amusing and Sherlock is a brilliant character, don't forget that he wasn't really a good guy. He was more of an anti-hero in the sense that he smoked tobacco and opium, and he was rude, and a jerk to Watson several times. Not exactly the type of guy I'd want my son associated with, personally! (Not hating on Sherlock, he's a cool character, really.)
― Anonymous User  8/28/2012
I think it's a lovely name, not just because I'm a huge fan of anything related to Sherlock Holmes. I don't think there's anything wrong with naming your kid Sherlock, and anyone who does just wants to cause trouble. Name your child whatever you want.
Crystalline  6/26/2012
I have no problems with the literary associations with the name--Sherlock Holmes was a pretty cool dude. What keeps me from ever using this name, though, is the inevitable phrase, "No sh**, Sherlock!"
erb816  11/23/2010
Everyone will associate it with Sherlock Holmes, and it sounds rather pretentious.
bananarama  9/12/2009
Don't name your kid this. Ever!
number1212  12/18/2008
Gee, I wonder which character would immediately pop into people's heads? I don't think any sane person would use this pretentious, old-fashioned name with strong cultural associations and the inevitable ''no s***, Sherlock'' joking that would follow on their son.
slight night shiver  5/6/2008
This would be an interesting name for a child. And I'm not just saying that because I am a complete Holmesian. If I ever chance to have a son I'd consider naming him this. Lock is also a good nickname for it. :)
faeriegeek  10/25/2007
I don't like this name! I always think of Sherlock Holmes, the detective. My friend's name is Ian Sherlock ___. (His mom could've picked so many better names.)
xKatiex  10/22/2006
In response to xKatiex, I love the combination Ian Sherlock! It has so much dignity to it!
TettyJordan  1/4/2017

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