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I named my daughter (born in February) Shiloh Anne! Even though it's a traditionally male name, I think it has a more delicate, feminine ring to it, and there's a lot of personal meaning behind it. For one, my boyfriend and I are both named after American national parks, so we wanted to keep the trend going. The fact that it's the name of a particularly bloody Civil War battle was actually a selling point for me because I'm somewhat of a history buff with a penchant for all things "dark," but I didn't wanna saddle my child with anything *too* dark or strange lol. Plus, the straightforward biblical translation is more positive. Perfect dichotomy between light and dark, not too generic, but not too outside the box either. As for the nickname "Shy" that we've already taken to calling her, I don't know who she'll be yet, but she was pretty damn shy in the womb-- always hiding her face and turning her back to the ultrasound techs. So what if Brangelina named their child Shiloh? It means something to us and I find it beautiful.
It works well on a boy and a girl!
This reminds me of Sheila.
I prefer it on a girl.
Shyloh is actually the best and also the correct way to spell it, and people whose name it is not, just sound unintelligent when trying to dictate "how it should be spelt". Additionally only uneducated people with old fart sounding names like Nancy, Brad, John, Ana, Emma, or Sara would think it sounds childish. Some plain, boringly named people aren't very good at hiding their jealousy ^_^ But Shylohs know they have, in fact, a superior name! :D☆ Anyone with a dog named Shiloh sounds like 1 of those weirdo Ceazar fanatics you see at the dog park, telling everybody all about their own dogs. They name their child-dog Shiloh. They're nuts. That is all.
Shyloh ^_^ #1984.
Absolutely love it for a girl.
There is a little baby boy in my life who's name is Shiloh. I didn't know it was a girl name until I saw this page. I think it could work on either gender.
Admittedly it sounds nice, but it immediately brings to mind one of the bloodiest battles of the American Civil War, so...
I don't care for it. I see this more on a girl than a boy.
Sounds rather childish.
Shiloh is a boy’s name, as the origin is Hebrew and is the title of the Messiah. This title denotes “the one who brings peace” or “the rest giver.” This understanding is of the opinion that the word “Shiloh” is derived from the Hebrew root Shalah, which means to be safe or secure. The first syllable “Sh” is also found in “Shalom” which also means peace. The second syllable, “loh, ” is the preposition meaning “to, at, in, in reference to, of, by, etc, ”[1] combined with the third person masculine singular pronoun “him”. Together these two syllables form the word “Shiloh.” Consistent with this meaning, the Messiah as the giver of peace is found in other Messianic passages such as Isaiah 9:6.
I think Shiloh is so cute for a young girl or boy for that matter. But the older a person gets with this name the more childish it sounds. I do think this is a perfect name for a pet :). I believe this is the best and should be the only appropriate way to spell Shiloh.
Awful name.
I think Shiloh Joseph is lovely name for a boy and Shiloh Josephine is a lovely name for a girl! Shiloh Joseph is cute name combo for newborn boys and Shiloh Josephine is a cute name combo for newborn girls!
Don't like it.
There is a city in Harris County, Georgia, named Shiloh.
My precious granddaughter is to be named this. I am so very sad, and bitterly disappointed that of all the beautiful women’s names to consider, both in our family history and in all of the world, this name will be placed upon her. I will call her by some other, more beautiful, middle name.
I absolutely adore this name, I would LOVE to name my firstborn son Shiloh! :D.
I didn't know this name was unisex, it sounds very feminine to me and I don't think Shiloh suits anyone over the age of eight. Very childish name to me.
The name Shiloh was given to 250 boys born in the US in 2016.
More than 99.9 percent of people with the first name Shiloh are female.
I'm a transmasculine agenderfluid kiddo who goes by Shiloh. I love how gender-neutral and unisex it is. I personally pronounce it "shy-low" but that's me.
Shiloh Jolie-Pitt was born on May 27, 2006 in Swakopmund, Namibia as Shiloh Nouvel Jolie-Pitt. She is an actress, known for Kung Fu Panda 3, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button and Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards 2015.
I named my son Shiloh in 1978 after a ranch and the (men of Shiloh) in the western "the Virginian"
My name is Shiloh, I prefer to go by Shi (Shy). It is NOT pronounced Shee-Low and yes, English is my first language. It is pronounced shy-low. I am female and I have met men named Shiloh/ Shilo as well. I hate my name, I hate the names kids came up with as a child, and I hate that it's not a feminine name. Think about the long term when naming your kid.
My name is Shiloh (spelt Shiloe) and I am a girl. I think it can work as both a girl's and a boy's name.
This name was given to me in 1972. My mother loved the Neil Diamond song about the childhood friend that was there for him (which from the lyrics seems to be a girl) and chose that name for me. No h, spelled the same as Neil Diamond did. I did not come to like my name until well into my adult years. I do quite like the name now.
I'd love to say that the source of this name is NOT Brad and Jolie. Shiloh IS with an 'H' and it has very in depth meaning from the Bible.
If one decides to name a dog 'snake' and a man 'stone', it doesn't delete the original meaning and source of the name.
I love this name on a male. It sounds so sweet and kind, like the name of a young artist or musician. I've grown not to mind it on females after hearing it used on the main female character of Repo! The Genetic Opera, but I still prefer it as a male name.
It is beautiful on girls.
I honestly think this is fine as a unisex name. It was never given to a character and it doesn't have a gendered meaning (which doesn't typically dissuade me from liking a name, but I know meanings are important to a lot of people). I personally think it's an adorable name for either gender, but I'd drop the 'h' and make it Shilo. I don't like it when an 'h' is on the end of a name which would otherwise end in a vowel.
I love this name! People are saying that it is not right to use this name as it has religious meaning connected to the return of the Messiah but we use the name "Joshua" which is the English from the Hebrew "Yeshua" from which we get "Jesus" through the Latin. We also use "Emmanuel" though this name is not as common now but the Bible says that "He shall be called Emmanuel" and which Christians believe was referring to the first coming of Jesus. I like that Brangelina's child got this name in that it looks like s/he may be transgender. I like this name for a boy so if s/he transitions - I feel that he would have a great name and hope it doesn't end up being "John" but if it is - at least the "oh" was kept. Beautiful child - beautiful name - peaceful and gentle - which I think are great traits for a male to have - like Jesus. Jesus could be very powerful too though of course - like when He got angry and chased the money changers and dove sellers out of the temple and declared "This is my Father's house!" A man can be all of these things (and so can a female for that matter) but I like the name best for a male.
P.S. It is now out that Shiloh Jolie-Pitt wants to work for the United Nations. What better name than a name like "Shiloh" which has connotations of peace?
I know a girl named Shiloh, pronounced "shy-lo," and I know for a fact that she was NOT named after Brangelina's daughter. It's a beautiful name, and there's more than one person who has this name who wasn't named after Shiloh Jolie-Pitt.
I think it sounds like a dog's name, and it's made worse by the fact that Brangelina's daughter Shiloh is constantly in the news.
Shiloh- from Neil Diamond Amoreena- from Elton John both very feminine and I was born in 1977. I love my name now as an adult, but hated it as a kid because no one knew how to say it! Looking back it was fun to always be the only "Shiloh." Until this page I had never heard of another Shiloh that was older than me :)
I've always thought it was a beautiful name. We recently purchased a Congo African Grey Parrot from a breeder, he is only 10 weeks old. We have been going over names, trying to find one that fits his personality. From the first moment we held him he was calm, peaceful, gentle. We decided on Shiloh, I think it's just right for him.
As a holder of the name Shiloh (spelled Shylo) I will say I love my name. I am 30 years old and still receive compliments on how pretty and unique my name is. I did consider naming my daughter this but did not like the idea of having a "junior". I was named after the Neil Diamond song "Shilo" but have always been aware of the civil war battle, the book and the reference to Jesus as "Shiloh". I have always gone by Shy as my nickname and I feel that my name has always been a factor in my uniqueness. Anyone considering this name should know that at 30 years old when asked if I would change my name if I could, my response is a for sure No! I'm happy my parents took a chance and named me (their first child) something unique and off the beaten path. I also thank God they didn't name me Amanda or any of the other boring names that were popular at my time in 1985!
As to the argument that it is inappropriate to use "Shiloh" to name a person, does this apply also to the name Michael? This is a title for Jesus in his role as Arch Angel. Yet a very common name. Interestingly this was also the name of David's first wife (daughter of Saul) spelled Michal.
I feel that this name (along with others that are attached to Biblical meanings) is acceptable for the day.
Shiloh is without a doubt a BOY'S name. The fact that this site has it even labeled as unisex is disrespectful and also laughably incorrect. If I ever came across a female Shiloh, I'd feel so sorry for her. Just because some celebrity gave her daughter this name does not make it unisex or any less masculine and boyish. Just because a person gives this name to their daughter, does not make the name any less masculine.
You wish to name your daughter, "Shiloh" go right ahead. You are only giving her a male's name and NOTHING will ever change that.
Shiloh is a female's name ALL because some ordinary actress named her daughter this. Makes PERFECT sense.

Sarcasm, in case you missed it.
I only think of the Beagle, so it's a masculine name to me. :) A soft, gentle-sounding one, though.
I am a Shilo as well, born way before Brangelinas kid in 1975. No 'h' at the end. I hate always having to tell people no H! And I hate that people ask if its like Branjolinas daughter, ugh.
I hated it as a kid. All the adults I knew loved it. I was named after the Neil Diamond song and have a copy of the tape with it spelled without the h. Later copies spelled it with an h. I adore my name now. It's funny, when I was born there was a little boy who was born the same day as me also named Shilo, but with an H and went to my pediatrician.

On a side note, when I finally listened to the words of the song, I realized Shilo in the song was an imaginary friend, lol.
[He Whose It Is; He to Whom It Belongs].

1. In pronouncing a blessing upon Judah, the dying patriarch Jacob said: “The scepter will not turn aside from Judah, neither the commander’s staff from between his feet, until Shiloh comes; and to him the obedience of the peoples will belong.” (Ge 49:10) Beginning with the rule of the Judean David, power to command (the commander’s staff) and regal sovereignty (the scepter) were the possessions of the tribe of Judah. This was to continue until the coming of Shiloh, indicating that the royal line of Judah would terminate in Shiloh as the permanent heir. Similarly, before the overthrow of the kingdom of Judah, Jehovah indicated to the last Judean king, Zedekiah, that rulership would be given to one having the legal right. (Eze 21:26, 27) This would evidently be Shiloh, as the name “Shiloh” is understood to signify “He Whose It Is; He to Whom It Belongs.”

In the centuries that followed, Jesus Christ is the only descendant of David to whom kingship was promised. Before the birth of Jesus, the angel Gabriel said to Mary: “Jehovah God will give him the throne of David his father, and he will rule as king over the house of Jacob forever, and there will be no end of his kingdom.” (Lu 1:32, 33) Therefore, Shiloh must be Jesus Christ, “the Lion that is of the tribe of Judah.”—Re 5:5; compare Isa 11:10; Ro 15:12.

Concerning the ancient Jewish view of Genesis 49:10, a Commentary edited by F. C. Cook (p. 233) notes: “All Jewish antiquity referred the prophecy to Messiah. Thus the Targum of Onkelos has ‘until the Messiah come, whose is the kingdom;’ the Jerusalem Targum, ‘until the time that the king Messiah shall come, whose is the kingdom.’... So the Babylonian Talmud (‘Sanhedrim, ’ cap. II. Fol. 982), ‘What is Messiah’s name? His name is Shiloh, for it is written, Until Shiloh come.’”

2. A city located in the territory of Ephraim and “north of Bethel, toward the east of the highway that goes up from Bethel to Shechem and toward the south of Lebonah.” (Jg 21:19) The suggested identification for Shiloh is Khirbet Seilun (Shillo), about 15 km (9.5 mi) NNE of Bethel. The site fits the Biblical description. It occupies a hill and, with the exception of a valley on the SW, is surrounded by higher hills.

After the tabernacle was set up at Shiloh (Jos 18:1), the apportioning of the land to the Israelites was completed from there. (Jos 18:1–21:42) Following the division of the land, the tribes E of the Jordan erected an altar by that river. Viewing this as an act of apostasy, the other tribes assembled at Shiloh to fight against them. However, when it was explained that the altar was to be a memorial of faithfulness to Jehovah, peaceful relations were maintained.—Jos 22:10-34.

At a later time, 12,000 valiant Israelite warriors undertook punitive action against the inhabitants of Jabesh-gilead for failing to join in the fight against the Benjamites. However, 400 virgins of Jabesh-gilead were brought to Shiloh and later given to the Benjamites. The Benjamites were also instructed to get other wives from the daughters of Shiloh, carrying them off by force as the women participated in the circle dances associated with the yearly festival to Jehovah held at Shiloh.—Jg 21:8-23.

During most, if not all, of the period covered by the book of Judges, the tabernacle remained at Shiloh. (Jg 18:31; 1Sa 1:3, 9, 24; 2:14; 3:21; 1Ki 2:27) Shortly before High Priest Eli’s death, the Israelites, while fighting the Philistines, removed the Ark from the tabernacle and transferred it to the battlefield, trusting in its presence to give them victory. However, Jehovah allowed the Philistines to capture the Ark. As it was never returned to Shiloh, this signified that Jehovah had forsaken Shiloh, since the Ark represented his presence. (1Sa 4:2-11) The forsaking of Shiloh is alluded to by the psalmist (Ps 78:60, 61; compare 1Sa 4:21, 22) and is used in Jeremiah’s prophecy to illustrate what Jehovah was going to do to the temple at Jerusalem.—Jer 7:12, 14; 26:6, 9.

In the tenth century B.C.E., the prophet Ahijah lived at Shiloh. (1Ki 12:15; 14:2, 4) After the assassination of Gedaliah, in 607 B.C.E., certain men from Shiloh (either from the city or the region) came to Jerusalem to sacrifice.—Jer 41:5.
I'm a 39 year old male named Shiloh and I live in Las Vegas, Nevada. I have loved my name like no other- it is one of the greatest names that I have ever heard. Of course, being a male I think that Shiloh sounds more like a man's name but I also dated a girl named Shiloh in high school, so I can see both sides of the gender argument! My main point of this comment is to say, to my fellow Shiloh's out there hold your head up high that you're not a Tim or a Jim or Fred or a Bob- you're something & someone special, so do our NAME PROUD!!
My name is Shiloh and I love my name. I'm a 38 year old woman and I was named after the Neil Diamond song which my parents interpreted as a song about a young girl with fire named Shiloh.
I prefer Shiloh as a boy's name. As a girl's name, it just doesn't sound right.
I think it's a really cute name for a girl. Not the best because it sounds quite childish, but it's nice anyways. In my opinion it's too feminine for a boy.
I think Shiloh is a BEAUTIFUL girls name! I like it much better as a girls name because of how soft it sounds. It was one of MANY names I have suggested to my daughter and out of all I sent my Sister In Law likes Shiloh the best... Now a middle name if they use it, hmmmm...Maybe Grace? ;)
The only thing I don't like is that the Pitts used it... but oh well!
I really don't understand at all how some people can see this name as unisex or usable for a girl. Just because a celebrity happened to name her DAUGHTER, Shiloh.
Shiloh can be translated to mean "messenger" when used on a person but when referring to the place name, the meaning is unclear.
Much prefer this name for a boy only ^_^
I did some research and found that the prophesy of Shiloh does in fact refer to Jesus, and the correct meaning of Shiloh is "he to whom it belongs" or "he whose it is".
Nickname: Shi (sounds like "shy")
(Ours, anyway.)
Our daughter, Shiloh, was born in 1994. While she was very young, Shiloh was the name of a 17 yo-ish Miss (Zion, IL?) at a parade that we attended. (She would have been so named around 1980-ish.) Those two examples predate the 1996 film about the beagle, with the earlier predating the book series, as well. We were completely unaware of the books when we chose it for our daughter. (I think it is more common to give animals "people" names, than it is the other way around.)

Jolie & Pitt only brought this name into the spotlight.

Neil Diamond's "Shilo" (1970) may have been a stronger influence for those who didn't take it from the Bible.

To those who are stuck on |-o| as a masculine ending, Margo & Marlo are two feminine examples that end in said |-o|.
Other Shilohs (that predate Naylor & Jolie-Pitt):
Ms. Shiloh Dugger, 1978-2014
Craftsperson in Gillette, WY (LinkedIn)

Ms. Shiloh Sikes-Petersen, 1984(?)-
On-line citizen.
I named my daughter Shiloh Faith in 2000. The meaning of the name from the book I used is "behold the glory of God". Shiloh was born with a rare genetic disorder, but is amazingly comfortable with it. She is truly an example of God's glory. Everyone who has ever met her loves her name. I think unless you know someone by the name Shiloh, you should not judge whether or not you like it for either boy or girl. It's a beautiful name with a beautiful meaning. I wouldn't name my child Kelly or Janice or Sally... But I do not condemn those who like those names.
Shiloh is a males name! I'm sick of people taking all these male, clearly masculine names and labeling them as *unisex* Just because some dumb celebrity named her daughter Shiloh, doesn't automatically turn the name unisex or make it any less masculine.
Name's alright, as long as it's for a male.
Derives from Shalom which means wholeness or peace. It's the name of a place found in the Old Testament in the time of the prophet Samuel.
I love this name and it seems not too popular, and super adorable.
Dear god, are people really this easily manipulated? I don't understand... We all know celebrities give their kids some pretty messed up names. That doesn't mean you have to follow their every move! This is a person, and they're going to have to go through their entire life with the name. The celebrity with the name will at most, have 20 years of fame. Even longer lasting impressions come from the bible and especially the book, which is about a DOG. As if bailey and Bella weren't bad enough as human names, now the trendies have moved on to Shiloh?! My friend has a dog named Shiloh. I really like this name for a beagle dog, but not a human! And if you really want to give it to a human, at least use it for a boy! This should be a boy name! I think it sounds better and ages waaayyy better on a boy. But here in America, we like to give our daughters boy names. So that's not gonna happen.
There is also a character from Repo! The Genetic Opera named Shilo. She is played by Alexa Vega.
Shiloh Thomas Fernandez is an American actor.
Shiloh Keo is an American football player.
It seems rather blasphemous to use it at all, and when I think of Shiloh in the Bible, I think of it as the site of the infamous mass gang-rape by the tribe of Benjamin. So the name has really horrible associations.

However, if it is a human name, then it is male, not female.

I am in the group who can only think of this as the name of a dog or a town. (I had a dog called Shiloh, whose subsequent history proved so tragic that the name now seems too sad for anyone else to use).
As far as Brad and Angie are concerned, America's addiction to celebrity fame allows for them to exist, as well as for them to make and break conventions. Our fascination with them allows for their blatant obliviousness to or respect for conventions, traditions. Just imagine naming your daughter Romeo because you simply loved LeonardO deCapriO's modern interpretation of Shakespeare's play. William would roll over in his grave to think that we now miss the point of the name he chose for the male role in his marvelous tragedy. Don't mean to come across snobbish or self-righteous, just can't stomach such misinformation in an age where information is at our fingertips.
This agrees with the previous post. It's just so weird and probably a phenomenon of our time that this name has become unisex. Whether one looks at the place name or the use in Genesis 49:10, the name/word is Hebrew in origin. So how ever the place name or the term in Genesis is interpreted, it simply cannot be a feminine noun. There is no way around grammar, regardless of how popular usage shapes trends and warps the sound in one's ear over time. (To me) it just sounds silly - even ignorant - to insist that this word/name has a "feminine" ring. I could perhaps concede to "smooth", but feminine? In the Genesis text, the "o" at the end in Hebrew here most likely refers to the masculine possessive, "his"; exactly the same is still true for modern Hebrew language. And as previously posted, the place name refers to an ancient site where the Ark of the Covenant was kept - which is actually pronounced "shee-lo" not "shy-lo". Sorry to all the dear ladies/sisters whose parents thought this would be a unique name for a girl, but to name a girl by the masculine name Shiloh makes about as much sense as naming her Rodrigo, Eduardo, Umberto, etc.

Calling a girl Shiloh is like saying you appreciate the "feminine" ring of the name Stephano, because it reminds you of the "softness" of "Steffy." Someone - in their zeal - got it backwards, and others began following suit without bothering to give the matter due diligence.
The fact remains, however, that names like Paulo are masculine, whereas Paula is (conventionally) feminine. Whereas, the grammar of Hebrew language makes a far stronger case for masculine than even these Latino name conventions, since the Hebrew may actually be a possessive masculine noun suffix, not only gender attached to proper names.

This whole thing reminds me of the ironic Johnny Cash song, "A Boy Named Sue", except that "Sue" never caught on to general popularity for a boy's name after the song became a hit. Imagine if it had. Would "Sue" no longer be short for Susan or Suzanne, just because some rock star wanted to break a convention for his funny song?
My son, nearly 9 now, is Shiloh. Though I did not name him, it is a beautiful, peaceful name and it suits him well. I do believe it to be a unisex name, but it will always be a boy's name to me because of him.
I think this is a soft, fun boy's name, but to me, it will always be a boy's name, the fact that there are girls named Shiloh doesn't change that. I know girls named Evan and Johnny, but they're still a boy's names.
My niece, who is in my guardianship, is named Shiloh. Ironically she was born just a couple months before Brangelina brought it to attention.
I feel bad for her, being around the same age, it will probably be associated with the celebrity kid until people finally get tired of them and stop giving them so much press and forget about their poor kids. Aside from the celebrity association, however, I think it has a nice sound to it.
Shiloh is a Canadian pop singer and songwriter who released her debut album, Picture Imperfect, on August 18, 2009.
When I first saw this name I thought it was pronounced shill-oh, and I really didn't like it. Then I heard the real pronunciation, and I think sounds quite cute for a girl. Can't imagine Shiloh on boys, though (blame Brangelina!). I like girl's names that end in "o". I prefer Shiloh pronounced SHEE-lo. It sounds prettier that way, and she wouldn't get "Shy" as a nickname.
This isn't a bad name, though it is too religious for my liking.
I was watching a TV show and there was a girl with this name, but she spelt it Shylo which I think is very pretty!
The main character in the horror-musical 'Repo! The Genetic Opera'. Played by Alexa Vega.
Shilo is a song by Neil Diamond.
Beautiful name, and such a lovely soft sound, it would be perfect for a baby girl. Quite feminine sounding, in my opinion; it sounds awkward as a boy's name for me. I would have second thoughts about naming my daughter this now, however, since all the fans of Angelina Jolie/Brad Pitt will be naming their daughters this. Maybe it'll be better in a few years.
At first when I think of this name I think of a dog, then I think of a boy. I think it is not so bad on a boy, but better on a dog, and it is hideous on a girl.
Love this for a middle name, but wasn't there a battleground call Shiloh? It's lovely though.
This isn't a bad name, but remember that it's the name of Angelina Jolie's daughter. I HATE it when people name their kids after celebrities' kids! Don't care about what the celebrities are using and pick other names for your children.
I like the name. It works better for a girl, in my opinion; very soft and lovely. The only thing is, after Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie named their daughter this, there will probably be a spike in popularity, which would make the name's originality go completely down the drain. Oh, well.
This name sounds very foreign in English-speaking countries, and it's not a very pleasant-sounding name. I'd say it's more masculine because of the 'o' sound at the end, even though the first part sounds feminine. It also sounds a bit like a nickname for a high school girl with the unfortunate name Shyla.
Shiloh will only be a beagle to me. Sorry, Shilohs.
Shiloh can also be used as a girl's name; Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt's daughter's name is Shiloh.
I definitely think this is a boy's name. I don't think girls should be named anything ending in -oh. Too masculine to me.
I love this name for a boy. I'm not really sure what I think about it for a girl, though.

Shiloh Fernandez plays a minor character on the TV show Jericho.
I DO NOT like this name. All I can think of is the book `Shiloh` by Phyllis Reynolds Naylor (don't get me wrong, I love the book.) When I heard that Brangelina named their daughter this, I was like, ``WHAT? They named their daughter after a DOG?`` So yeah.
Also in the bible means God's chosen place of worship.
I definitely like the spelling "Shilough" better than "Shiloh". For some reason it has different meanings sorta. Like Shilough sounds better and looks better. Dunno why.
Makes me think of Shiloh the dog, but that really only sweetens the name for me. :) I can see this on a boy, but not on a man, and don't think of it as a girls' name.
I know this is supposed to be a boy's name, but to me it just sounds too feminine.
I actually really like this name, but for a girl, not a boy. Just ignore the idiots who are babbling "It's a stupid name." I think it's beautiful and unique. :]
Pronounced Shee-low to all non-English speakers.
Not a bad name, at first I really couldn't decide whether it was masculine or feminine but I now lean more towards it for a girl. It is a delicate sounding name and the nickname Shy is very feminine sounding to me. I do also see a lot of dogs with this name and would consider it for a dog.
Spellings: Shilo, Shiloh, Shylo, Shyloh.
The name is pronounced "Shee-low" (at least originally).
Well, the first time I heard the name for a baby it was through brangelina's daughter. But I find it really unnatural for a child, because it's like calling your baby Messiah, Jesus or Christ, but in another language.
I really, really hope people aren't going to start naming their daughters this.
This is Angelina Jolie's daughter's name. This is a terrible name for a girl!
At frist I didn't like this name but now I think it's really cute and the truth is that I was waiting for Angelina Jolie to name her daughter something weirder!
What a ridiculous sounding name. I have no idea why you would want to name a boy or a girl this.
Shiloh is a beautiful name and I don't think it matters what gender the name is supposed to be given to. If it fits the person that's all that matters, my name's Shiloh and I wouldn't be happy with any other name.
Daughter of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie is named Shiloh Nouvel Voight-Pitt. She was born in 27 May.
It's Shiloh Nouvel JOLIE-Pitt
NOT Shiloh Nouvel Voight-Pitt.
I am still not sure if I prefer this name for boy or girl. I have a feeling it will become used more for a girl very soon. I read the name means "peaceful".
I like this name for either a boy and a girl! I don't thnk it's that strange of a name, except when you add a Nouvel to it. That sounds like a computer program I have! Anyway, I named my white German Shepard boy, Shiloh and it fits him perfectly!
When I first found out that Brangalina named their baby girl this I thought it was stupid. It's a boys name. Now that I have heard it a few times now, it does have a soft feminine sound.
Shiloh always makes me think of the United States Civil War.
I know a girl who spells it "Shilo", and as she's the only Shiloh/Shilo I've ever met or heard of the name sounds thouroughly feminine to me.
I could be mistaken but wasn't this the name of a dog character in a popular series of childrens books? Anyways, not a bad name, somewhat unusual but nice sounding with a pleasant meaning. I have a feeling its popularity will skyrocket now thanks to Brangelina. Probably for both girls AND boys.
I think this is a wonderful name since my second daughter is named Shiloh. She was born in 2004 and I hate the fact that we will go through life having to say that she was born much before Angelina Jolie's child! I live near Shiloh Tennessee and my first daughter is named Sydney (Gen. Albert "Sidney" Johnson who led the battle of Shiloh).
I love this name for a male. On a female, it just sounds tacky.
When I hear this name, all I can think of is the dog named Shiloh in the book series (and movie) by Phyllis Reynolds Naylor.
In the aforementioned book series about the dog, Shiloh is named after the city in West Virginia where Marty (the hero) finds him. (I don't know if there actually is a Shiloh, West Virginia.)
The daughter of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie is named Shiloh Nouvel Jolie-Pitt. She was born in Namibia on May 27.
Yes, Angelina Jolie's DAUGHTER is called Shiloh. I really think this name is terrible for a girl.
I love the name Shiloh. It is my name. I do not think it is a male name. I don't agree with the meaning of it either. I have never heard this meaning for it. I have always found it to mean 'peace of Christ'.
Shiloh Irons is the main male character in the Cheney Duvall M.D. series by Lynn Morris & Gilbert Morris.
My name is Shiloh and it's constantly being misspelled and misprononuced. It gets annoying but I love my name.
I named my daughter Shiloh in honor of God (Jesus) "When Shiloh returns" and her middle name is Emmanuelle, also in honor of Him.
This word is a title (like Messiah, King) and not a name to Jewish people. It is a blaspheme to use it for your child, since it is like claiming for him the descendency from King David and the election by G-d to be the Mashiach (Messiah).
This name is no more blasphemous than names that contain "Yah" in them (if the context isn't blasphemous).

Though it includes a misspelling, my daughter's first and middle names, Shiloh Joshana (when taken together), means "Prince of Peace, * come free us!"

*This is definitely a Messianic reference, but it does not proclaim our daughter to be the Messiah.

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