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Gender Masculine
Scripts Σίμων(Ancient Greek)

Meaning & History

Derived from Greek σιμός (simos) meaning "flat-nosed". In Greek mythology this was the name of one of the Telchines, demigods who were the original inhabitants of Rhodes.

Related Names

Same SpellingŠimon, Simón, Simon (1)
User SubmissionSímon


Name Days

Czech Republic: December 22 (as Šimon)
France: October 23
Germany: October 28
Hungary: January 5
Hungary: October 28
Slovakia: October 30 (as Šimon)
Sweden: October 28


Sources & References

  1. Lexicon of Greek Personal Names, available from https://www.lgpn.ox.ac.uk/publications/vol1/vol1_names/v1ms_u.html.
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