Siri is also a Kannada name, and means "wealth". I myself found out when I overheard my sister ask the meaning of the beautiful name to my father.
Ugh, the app. I have a play for you guys! I hope you like it!
Characters: Siri, Sara, and Sebastian. Sara: "Hey Siri!" *Sara's phone lights up and Siri turns on*
Sara: "Ugh, I'm so sorry Siri" *Siri replies, that's alright Sara* Siri (not the app, the person) "Um... That's alright" Sebastian: "Hey Sara, Hey Siri" *Sebastian's phone turns on and Siri says, Sebastian, what can I do now?* *Siri (not the phone)'s cheeks turn red* Sebastian: "Siri, shut up" Siri: (The phone and the person at the same time) "Hey, Sebastian, that's R.U.D.E! Sebastian: "I was talking to the phone" *Sara and Sebastian disable their phones for the rest of the day* Siri: "Let's get ICE CREAM!, After all, it's a hot summer!" The 3 friends enjoy ice cream for the rest of the day
"Hey Siri." Still, it's a beautiful name!
Siri is a character in the Disney shorts series "School hacks", which is about some students' daily school lives. Siri is the most intelligent and brilliant student. Her best friend is the influencer Mimy, although they have very different personalities. Leo is in love with her, but he's unable to reveal it to her.
I rate Siri 8/10.

I don't care for the App as Siri is a given name way earlier than it.

Actually I think that the link with that technology makes it modern and interesting.

Infact Siri is actually a nickname for Sigrid. It has a nice sound in my opinion and with this 'new' namesake is more appealing.
I prefer Iris.
"Hey Siri." (I have a Samsung, so, oh well.)
I think this is a really nice name.
As a person whose name is Siri, I'm not bothered with any kind of jokes about the apple Siri etc, to be honest, people never make any jokes about it. That might be because I live in the Nordic countries and yeahhh.
Don't mind my trashy English please thank you :D.
Siri is a pretty cool name. But I would avoid it because of obvious reasons.
When I was little I thought Siri was just a phone robot.
I can say it to a phone, but not to a person.
I don't really care that this is associated with Apple, I love this name.
It sounds pretty, but I'd avoid it due to the association.
It’s so pretty but Apple kinda ruined this name for me.
Such a shame that people will always associate this with 'Hey, Siri', because it's actually a great name!❤.
It's a beautiful name, but expect jokes like, "Hey, Siri!" and "Siri, do blah blah blah." thanks to the iPhone AI of the same name.
It can also be a masculine name.
Siri sounds too much like the iPhone thing. I'd go with Iris instead.
Yes, people in the United States actually give this name to their children. The name Siri was given to 108 baby girls in 2012.
Iris spelled backwards. I love this name but, children are not robots, so, you get the point...
I'm not so sure this is a viable choice for American kids anymore, given the new iPhone gadget Siri, who talks to you from your phone and gives you directions/tells you your schedule/etc. As cool of a piece of software as it is, it's still software.
In my mother's mother tongue it's pronounced "See-lee" with an "r" sort of imbedded in the "l" sound. Go figure.
This name is so cool. Also, I've always thought it was pronounced exactly as it's spelt, like Si-ree (Sirry).
I once knew a girl called Siri - she pronounced her name like Surrey, and I though it was hideous. Now that know the real pronunciation, and I think Siri is very sweet and adorable. :)
I *really* like this as a nickname for Sigrid. I also like it as a full name. It works both ways!
Siri also means "secret" in Swahili. My sister named Siri found out when she went to Kenya last year. ^^
Siri Tollerød is a Norwegian fashion model.
Siri is also the Portuguese word for a type of crab. It's pronouced see-REE.
A famous bearer is the Norwegian-American author Siri Hustvedt.
I quite like the name Siri, especially since it is the name of Siri Hustvedt, who is my favourite author. Siri is to me both frail and strong.
It's a simple, nice, pretty name. Despite the similar type of syllables, the name isn't infantile at all. It rather makes me think of a pale, slender, blonde woman with an ethereal beauty to her looks.
Very cute name, but do not use with the middle name Ann. Siri Ann is way to close to Syrian.
Siri is also Iris, backwards!
They are! I think that would make them cute names for twin girls. Even though Siri is Iris backwards and vice versa, they're pronounced differently enough that it's not a twinset that's overly confusing and bland like Britney and Brianna or something like that.
I named my little girl Siri. I wanted a name that was Scandinavian (I'm Danish/Norwegian, and her father is English, we each got to pick a first name), one that was not too common, and one that meant something I thought suited her. I don't like Sigrid much, so Siri won, I think it's a perfect name.
Siri is a minor Star Wars character in some of the Star Wars books. She falls in love with Obi-Wan.
I like it very much for a short name. It's cute, yet the rolled "r" gives it power. It fits a grown woman as well as a little girl, and it's fairly uncommon. Applause!
Siri is pronounced as SEE-ree.
A famous Siri was Siri von Essen, actress and August Strindberg's first wife.
Origin: Norse
Meaning: victory + beautiful
According to my friend, Siri Vasseur, Siri means "little girl".

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