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For a feminine version, I've always thought that "Sloana" (slown-nah) was a pretty variant.
navvvrisk  11/7/2020
My name is Slone same meaning but as you know there are different spellings. Any bearer of the name is extremely clever, very intelligent, has a powerful mind and spirit and whether they admit it or not has a warrior spirit. Most people I know say master before saying my name (Master Slone or Sloane)... however the grave downfall that comes with the name which would have been great way back then in the past but it is modern days now and since there are no battles to fight... you are constantly fighting with life issues. Yes we all have life problems but this name means warrior and it is as it says- you are constantly fighting, every day is a battle whether it's spiritual or life- it's always a battle, don't mean to sound weird but think long and hard before giving this name to a child because the name is actually what it means warrior, And it will always be a fight...anyways the name is of Celtic origin which later would class as Scottish and Irish but these are people originally from Celtic. The name is Ancient.
Warior  7/27/2020
This name absolutely sucks, no doubt about it. I know a Sloane and she’s an adorable child, but her name still blows and all her parents’ friends think so. Gaelic for “Warrior”? Maybe but it’s English for butch unappealing dull-sounding name. It doesn’t even matter that it’s a masculine name, it’s the fact that it lacks aesthetic in every imaginable way. Even saying it out loud is displeasing to the ear. Yeah this name chokes hard.
― Anonymous User  7/24/2020
It took me a while to figure out how this name was pronounced. I thought it was pronounced like "Slow Anne" or maybe like "slowin'" until I saw the correct pronunciation. It sounds quite awkward and somewhat unfeminine when said out loud and the name doesn't look that attractive either. Also, it sort of makes me picture a dimwitted blonde surfer girl for some reason.
someone-  6/11/2020
Two MASCULINE bearers of the name:

-American publisher based in Menlo Park, California: Sloane Citron

-American political writer: Sloane Gordon
LionB3  5/24/2020
This name can also SOMETIMES be MASCULINE, making it UNISEX.
LionB3  5/24/2020
My granddaughter was given Sloane. I wasn't sure at first but the older she gets the more beautiful she is. I'm so in love with her name now. She's sassy, funny and very bright. She has a twin but they don't have rhyming names.
Whythename  2/17/2020
Reminds me of Slow-Anne.
namespanela78  1/23/2020
It reminds me of the word stone which is also a name.
606525  12/27/2019
This name sounds like a mass of green slime falling from your mouth onto the floor. No offense. Lol.
― Anonymous User  12/4/2019
Sloane is a very beautiful name. In fact, Sloane is the most beautiful name that I've ever heard, Sloane is the prettiest, most feminine sounding name ever. I love how the name forces you to smile when saying it and can only be said properly with a smile on your face. That might be why every Sloane I've ever known is always smiling. It's such a beautiful sound, managing to sound strong despite sounding so ultra-feminine and girly. I'm confused and surprised by all of the people here saying Sloane sounds masculine or unattractive, I don't know what they're hearing (perhaps cultural differences), but to me, Sloane is the most feminine, most beautiful girl's name that has ever and will ever exist. In fact, it's so pretty and feminine, that it would be perfect for a princess. I want a Disney movie with a Princess Sloane as the protagonist. I wish this graceful and feminine sounding name were more common because to me "Sloane" sounds like femininity itself.
― Anonymous User  8/24/2019
Sloane reminds me of 'slow', 'slot' and 'snail'. It is a surname plus it ultimately means "raid". I've not any famous bearer in my mind. No links at all. So... just not my cup of tea.
Felie  6/9/2019
The name Sloane was given to 11 boys in the US in 2018.
Lady_Skywalker  5/30/2019
PLEASE HATE THIS NAME, lol :) I named my 27 year old daughter, Sloan (an "e" at the end seemed unnecessary). She has always loved her name and has often received compliments on it throughout her life. She has also enjoyed the fact that it was unusual and was not particularly pleased when we ran into another Sloan about 20 years ago. So the fact that it is a trending name now is not good news.

When I was pregnant, my husband and I could not settle on a name. To change things up, he started naming every boys' name he could think of. When he mentioned Sloan, I said, "That's too pretty for a boy's name. Let's name her Sloan." He totally agreed and a decision we had mulled over for months was made in less than a minute. It sounded like an angel's name to me. When I found out it meant "warrior", I imagined her to be an avenging angel bringing good to an imperfect world.

Which is exactly what she does. She has been strong through many challenges and resolute and steadfast in an earnest desire to do the right thing. Some have mentioned that the name is pretentious. No one would accuse her of that. Although she has an ivy league education and a masters, and designs biomechanical devices, she is down to earth and approachable and mothers troubled friends of all ages who need support. Her friends' and family's lives are immeasurably enriched by our darling Sloan and, I believe, the greater world will be also as she creates medical devices in her new career.

To unsure prospective parents, I'd say, choose another name. We Sloan lovers don't need your approbation. But to the young Sloans or Sloanes who are reading this, ignore the crazy hater comments here. After all, for an Angel Warrior Sloan, a little shade is of no significance.
― Anonymous User  5/9/2019
Not a fan of the name. I find it very masculine, more so than lots of male names and very ugly. No offense! I understand that some find it feminine and maybe the meaning is good, but I just don't like this name at all. It reminds me of sleazy and slime, crossed with moan.
lookingforaname  2/15/2019
I love the name Sloane. It’s strong and sexy. After all, this child is going to be an adult. Why not have a name that says Chairman of the Board or beautiful woman?
It’s different and contemporary.
― Anonymous User  10/4/2018
Sloane. Another last name being used a feminine name. I really don't like this name. It reminds me of the words slug and slow.
kayisforkeen  8/11/2018
This name can also be a masculine name.

Two famous masculine bearers of the name are Sloane Citron: a publisher and Sloane Gordon: an American political writer.
leoBeyene2002  7/1/2018
Sloane is beautiful for a girl. It means warrior by Gaelic origin and in both feminine and masculine context.
To hear it evokes thoughts of Sylvester Stallone, for my daughter is awesome. I hope she lives up to her name and is a fighter as well, so she chooses. If we’d wanted a “gender appropriate” name we might have thought otherwise. But glad to see so many people are not resolved to trying to pigeon-hole their kids by virtue of their gender imbued name.
― Anonymous User  4/13/2018
My name is Sloane. I'm a 23 year old female living in Canada and I adore my name. Anyone who has my name knows the struggle growing up but also knows the beauty and strength in it.

My name is distinct and beautiful. It's interesting and it's a great name that any lad or lady should be proud to have.
Sloane Janai  3/14/2018
I think it’s good to see when people have a negative view of a name. People will never say things like that to your face but it may be what they are thinking and their honest perception of the name. It’s good to know ahead of time what people think about it before naming your child that, isn’t it? The first time I heard it I immediately thought of Sylvester Stallone... not a good impression for a girl. The name has grown on me but I think any parent that would name their child that is awfully pretentious. Names tend to say more about parents than the person with the name.
― Anonymous User  3/13/2018
This name just doesn't sound right. Believe me, I love unusual names, so that has nothing to do with it. I also like plenty of surname-to-given-names. Honestly, Sloane just sounds like a parent was so eager to be trendy that they just selected a surname at random. Sloane is better that Sloan, though both have a sort of... oily sound to them. NO offense to Sloanes or Sloans, I'm not trying to insult you. Just my opinion. ;)
― Anonymous User  12/20/2017
I'm the mom of a beautiful, 16 year old daughter named Sloane. People have commented positively about her name her entire life. Typically they appreciate that it is cool, unique, and does sound strong. My daughter is smart, blond, upper middle class, classically beautiful, kind, generous... none of these should be bad things. I'm so grateful that she has a name as strong and beautiful as she does because life is not as easy as you would assume if you judge by using Hollywood stereotypes. She has been a victim of sexual abuse, and is now a survivor who struggles each day, she has been bullied, struggles with depression, anxiety, suicidal thoughts, ptsd, etc. I'm proud that she has a name that means warrior. We all have struggles and life is not easy, if having been named warrior helps her (and any of us) to feel stronger when life is tough, then I have done her a great service by giving her an unusual name. I have always thought the name was beautiful. I'm surprised by the negative comments, and really impressed by the people who came back years later to change to a positive. I would choose the name again and am not surprised by the rising popularity.
― Anonymous User  11/25/2017
I am blown away by some of these comments (not in a good way). I have a 14 month-old daughter named Sloane and her name is incredibly well-received! Sloane is beautiful, sophisticated and unique (without being weird). Since the day my daughter was born, I have been complimented over and over again in regards to her name!

Something to consider: the name is growing in popularity and is much more common than it was several years ago!
― Anonymous User  10/17/2017
SLOANE: FEMALE WARRIOR, YOUNG INTELLECTUAL! HOW COULD YOU GO WRONG? Don't listen to the Negative Nancy or the Debby Downers above. They have boring names like Joe or Sue. I'm 32 and as an older millennial, (last generation to grow up without a cell phone) we as a generation are searching for names that are unique, artsy, edgy, intellectual and strong. Open your minds a little. Sloane will be my future daughter's name. I have a thing for single syllable, strong names. Great choice!
dontbeboring  8/16/2017
I do not like this name though when it comes to the spelling, Sloane is the better choice compared to 'Sloan' which looks incomplete. So there's that /:
― Anonymous User  2/13/2017
Sloane is a beautiful name. My daughter is Sloane Juliette. To me, Sloane is a name for a strong, confident, beautiful woman who knows she can conquer anything in life. People who left insulting comments here are mean, but entitled to their opinion. I personally like names that work for both boys and girls, and people who want edgy names really can't worry about what other people will say anyway. Tastes change over time. There are so many Madison's now, and it is still a pretty, if overused name, but it too sounded weird the first time I heard it in the movie Splash. I love Sloane!
― Anonymous User  12/22/2016
Sloane Barstow is the main character in the Suzanne Young books "The Program" and "The Treatment". She has a great personality and the books are wonderful: read them!
― Anonymous User  8/15/2016
I was born in 1979 and my name is Sloane. My mother, a writer, loved the name from a film called Diamond Head, in 1962, starring Yvette Mimieux. I've never thought the name awkward or ugly, and am unsure of what triggers people with no association to the name to leave their opinions on a message board thread, but I hope their postings validate their importance ;) Anyway, from this 36 year old Sloane to newborn Sloanes, be awesome! Be colorful, be honest, be light. Your name is bold, and though some people have opinions of you without even knowing anything other than your name; your resolve, integrity and beauty will light the way for the warrior that you are.
SloaneA.Smith  6/19/2016
About seven years ago, I was helping prepare a guest list for a reunion of graduates of a very prestigious private boys' school in North America. The early-1990s graduates were expected to show up with their families, and I found it shocking that as many as five or six of them had daughters born after 2002 and named Sloane. I had never heard this name before, and quite honestly, I did not find it pretty at all. I couldn't get the association with the word 'slow' out of my head, and I kept wondering what could possibly cause this mass craze of well-educated people naming their daughters such an odd-sounding name. In general, I don't think much of girls' names that are derived from common surnames and this, coupled with its novelty nature, strange sounding and seeming popularity with the upper class, makes it a definite non-favourite for me.
edelweiss  5/10/2016
I absolutely love this name. It sounds professional, sophisticated and just a touch artsy. It's a name that commands respect of its owner, but sounds beautiful as well, in a strong way- like the sound of wind in trees.
Olallieberry  3/25/2016
My daughter's name is Sloane Addison, born in 2007. I have loved the name since seeing Ferris Bueller's Day off and again in Entourage. I associate the name with a beautiful girl and everyone who meets her loves her name. It is unique enough to be the only one in her class, school, town but not too far fetched to be like, "what? How do you spell that?" I have no regrets with naming her Sloane and she loves the uniqueness of her name also.
csodo9170  3/23/2016
Originally used as a male name as seen by its relationship to the surname, which derived from a male forename.
LMS  1/31/2016
It took me 6 months to decide what to name my daughter, I am a fan of unisex names, but when I heard Sloane something just told me it was going to be perfect for the sweet soul I was carrying. I honestly had friends say they didn't like the name (which was tasteless as well) BUT now that she is here they all say her name is perfect and they could never imagine her being named anything else. I have NEVER looked back on my name choice.

Also regarding the etymology: the name does mean classy, in reference to Sloane Square in London, and I don't know a mother who doesn't wish for her daughter to be classy in demeanor.
LSaa  1/19/2016
I loved the name Sloan so much that I chose it for my daughter's first name. I'm so happy I did. I want her to be a loving, strong, and confident woman. As a warrior, she will have no problem standing up to people like the ones on this website leaving negative anonymous comments.
Skuhl  12/6/2015
I do love this name and the character Sloane from The Program duology by Suzanne Young.
Maeve N. E.  10/18/2015
My 8 year old son's name is Sloan. I can NOT imagine him being named anything else. He's a tough kid, he's very smart, athletic, and he's a great kid. He makes the name awesome. I named him Sloan after my grandmother. Sloan is her maiden name. I love the name, and the meaning. The name is strong, as is my son.
Mommytofour  10/10/2015
Honestly, I think this should've stayed a surname. Definitely one of the worst sounding names, especially for a girl. Don't give me that "I don't follow gender rules" line because I can assure you, the same people that say they balk at giving a boy a name like Whitney. Heck, they'd balk at naming their son Sloane. And the tripe about not being brave enough to give their kid an uncommon name... there are plenty of uncommon names that are a 1000x better than Sloane. And of course no one is going to say they hate your name to your face. That argument holds no weight. Same as the argument, "I get compliments all the time." People lie for the sake of propriety. I don't understand why people think that girls named "frilly" names like Aria or Juliana are less strong and beautiful. Why does a girl have to have a heavy, harsh, masculine sounding name in order to be strong? And the irony of all this is the Irish don't even use this as a first name, and if they do, it's on boys.
Quro  10/7/2015
I would like to simplify my impression of this name I made earlier.

This name is ugly. Guaranteed to be the new Bertha or Mildred in 70 years. And no one will say that to your kid's face once they are born, so I'm saying it now.
Quro  2/3/2016
"I love the name Sloan or Sloane and think it sounds very strong and beautiful. But strong and beautiful is intimidating..." Exactly what I think! I can't believe all the hate that this name is getting. How is there so many people hating on this name? I'm thinking someone made fake accounts just to hate. Guarantee if any of these people met a Sloane in real life they wouldn't be saying those comments to their face. Ever since I heard it on Ferris Bueller's Day Off I fell in love. This is such a unique and beautiful name, my first daughter will have this as her middle name.
Shelby5542  8/23/2015
Rapper Macklemore's daughter is named Sloane Ava Simone Haggerty.
Icycoldhot  8/5/2015
The first time I saw this name was as a surname, and I cannot think of it as anything else otherwise. It's rather strange as a first name, the best way I can put it.
valtics  7/22/2015
Replying to my earlier comment, I take what I said back about the name Sloane being strange. I was reading a book with a character of that name, and I found it strange because I thought it was pronounced "SLOW-AYNE". But after watching Ferris Bueller's Day Off and listening to the song by Macklemore about his daughter named Sloane, I find the name rather pretty. It's hard for me to picture it as strange.
valtics  10/3/2015
My name is Sloane and I think it is a beautiful name. Anyone who knows me or has meet me says "your name is so beautiful! I wish Sloane was my name." There are some very rude comments about the name Sloane. It is not the ugliest name ever, and if your name is Sloane, you should be proud of it because it is a beautiful name. And if your name is Sloane and you are a blonde, it certainly does not mean you are dumb. You can be a blonde and be extremely smart.
ava.sloane  7/8/2015
I don't care for this name at all... In fact, it sets my teeth on edge lol... And I'm talking about using it for a girl, please don't do this to your daughter!
mythicmaiden  7/1/2015
Wow... So many ignorant people on here. Let's just get some facts on here so maybe you hateful people can learn something. The name "Sloane" contrary to the belief is typically a "male/boy" name and is masculine, not feminine. Yes, in America you have probably seen it used more as a female name, but same could be true with Taylor, Jessie, Shawn, the list goes on and on.

The meaning "Sloane" derived from the Gaelic meaning of "Warrior" as well as the Celtic meaning of "Fighter", and then again in Ireland from a clan name meaning to "Raid" as well as "Fighter".

This name has been mostly used as a boy's name besides for in Ireland where it was used as both male or female.

People with this name have a deep inner desire to create and express themselves, often in public speaking, acting, writing or singing. They also yearn to have beauty around them in their home and work environment.

This is probably why you see writers use this name such as in Ferris Bueller's Day Off, and other Hollywood screen plays.

People with this name tend to be creative and excellent at expressing themselves. They are drawn to the arts, and often enjoy life immensely. They are often the center of attention, and enjoy careers that put them in the limelight. They tend to become involved in many different activities, and are sometimes reckless with both their energies and with money.

This is probably where the pretentious part comes in. But to say that this name is ugly or disgusting is just strange to me. I get not liking certain names... But the hate in the post is just down right strange. What are your names? Should we attack them on here? Open your mind before your mouth and learn before you speak. Just sayin'.
― Anonymous User  6/24/2015
In my opinion it is one of the ugliest names ever given to a child of either gender.
― Anonymous User  1/16/2015
Each to his or her own, of course, and Sloane could be seen as streamlined and sophisticated. I wish baby Sloane mentioned directly above well. But in my view There are so many beautiful and meaningful bona fide names from history, Bible, mythology etc. around, so many of them underused gems, that I fail to see why anyone would choose someone else's surname for a girl in particular. Sloane reminds me of an especially horrible school dinner dessert, falling off the spoon in large slimy dollops. But needless to say it would be a boring world if we all liked the same handful of names.
Just Jonquil  10/11/2014
How awful and weird to hate a name with such passion. It's absolutely strange and almost funny that any name could get such rude remarks. I love the name Sloan or Sloane and think it sounds very strong and beautiful. But strong and beautiful is intimidating... GOOD!
jackleelee  10/7/2014
Well - I must say that this ranks with some of the most offensive material I have ever read on the internet. In 2010 my granddaughter was born with significant physical challenges. Her parents named her Sloane after having seen a rough translation meaning 'Irish Warrior'. Having an Irish background, it made sense to give her this very appropriate name. Sloane has spent much of her life in hospital, fought off 6 pneumonias, thousands of seizures, a dozen near death episodes, several surgeries, etc. She has an unfathomable will to live. She is a wonderful human being named 'SLOANE'
Grandpa  9/30/2014
I have named my daughter (born January 2014), Sloane.
It's a beautiful name that only a girl who is raised confident and secure can carry and that's what I love about it. It's beautiful and some parents are just too nervous to give their child a name that isn't common. There is no doubt in my mind... My little girl is going to rock this name and own it. To all you little Sloane's out there... you have a beautiful name with a strong meaning. Stay confident!
Designerjaime  9/27/2014
Wow. Ok. My name is Sloane, I'm 15 and a sophomore. I read all of these comments and it really disturbed me to hear what you guys are saying. To say that "Sloane is the ugliest name ever" and "who would ever name their child Sloane" really blew my mind. Me being so young, hearing that my name is disgusting makes me feel awful, not about myself, but for the people who are commenting. Every name is beautiful, including mine. I am so proud of my name and everyone else who has the name Sloane should be too.
Audreysloane  8/16/2014
Actress Kat Dennings plays a young pianist named Sloane in the 2004 film Raise Your Voice.
Lady_Skywalker  8/6/2014
The name Sloane in my mind belongs to gorgeous women! Every Sloane I've ever met or known has been absolutely stunning, so this name to me reflects just that! It's subtle, short, but sounds important... It's got a striking flare! This is one of my top 3's! Love it!
AminaEver  6/12/2014
Many people here have expressed some pretty passionate views on the name Sloane. I don't think that anyone with the name Sloane is a bad person, any more than a girl named Tiffany or Candi is ditzy, or a guy named Brad is sporty. But I can say that the name comes with a lot of 'baggage'.
If you watch movies and tv shows you can pretty much guarantee that all fictional girls named Sloane are:
A) beautiful (usually blonde too)
B) popular
C) wealthy
D) selfish
E) more often than not bullies or rebels

You can argue that the reason writers pick names like Tiffany, Candi and Brad is because those names mean something to the general populace. The same can be said for the name Sloane, just like any name... I mean Graces are innocent and Mary's are maternal, Toni's are playful. I'm not saying any of this is true but we all carry these stereotypes.

Personally I don't care for the name Sloane because the first girl I ever met with the name Sloane was really mean to my sister in high school, and she had a 'Sloane' vanity plate on her car. Then of course I linked it to every negative word that sounds even remotely similar (like 'slow'). But the truth is that many people could say the same about my name (Amy, I love it and it works for me, but it carries an immature meaning that writers have been using for years).

... So while you might have known a girl named Sloane who was really sweet or talented the truth is that most people will see it the way Hollywood has portrayed it. A pretentious blonde.
― Anonymous User  8/14/2013
Sloane Stephens (1993- ) is a female American tennis player. As of January 2013, she is the youngest woman ranked in the WTA top 40 (ranked No. 25).
bibi66  1/26/2013
Sloane Nicolette Momsen (born 1996 in St. Louis, Missouri) is an American actress. She is the younger sister of actress Taylor Momsen.
― Anonymous User  7/20/2012
I'm very upset about the inappropriate comments about this name. These comments go way past negative and into just plain mean territory. I love this name and if I ever have a daughter I would seriously consider giving her this name, if not as a first name then at least as a middle name. It means raid, but I've also read it means warrior. Yes, that may sound masculine, but I don't follow gender-lines that closely and I think having warrior as a name is an honor. It's also has an Irish heritage, which just makes it that much better.

My only problem with the name is it's starting to make the top 1000 list, so I'm not sure if that means it's going to get popular. If it peaks then I'll use the name, but seeing as I don't want kids for at least another 5 years, more likely closer to 10 or more years, if it instead become popular I won't be using it.

But to all the people who already have this name and have read these horrible comments. Don't listen to those jerks. You have a beautiful, strong name and be proud.
KaNugget  6/9/2012
I've read a lot of negative comments on this name, and I have to wonder how people can get so repulsed by it. Personally, I think the name Sloane is lovely for a girl. I know someone named Sloane and I always thought how cool it was that she had a unique name. I associate the name with a girl who is kind, beautiful and artistic.
― Anonymous User  12/30/2011
I can't believe someone would name a girl Sloane or Sloan! It sounds very masculine and rugged. Surnames usually make better names for boys than girls and this one should certainly be for a boy.
GibsonGirl  8/22/2011
Wow this is one of the ugliest names I've heard for a girl in a long time. I can't fathom what a parent could find remotely attractive about it to give to a little girl. It makes a name like Beulah seem beautiful by comparison.
― Anonymous User  5/14/2011
Sloane Crosley is a best-selling novelist.
_0TophasNails_1  6/12/2010
There's a character in the TV show "Entourage" named Sloane. She was Eric's girlfriend.

In other news, I do not care for this name. It is boring, like the word "slow". It also seems pretentious, maybe because it's a surname.
emily  12/22/2009
I've recently come to like this name very much. I think it's a very pretty name. I also think that it could work for a boy's name too. I'm not being sexist or anything but when I think about the meaning "raid", I would think more about men.
lil_bri_11  11/22/2009
My name is Sloane. I am a woman, and I find the comments on here particularly offensive. When people ask what my name is they always say, "what a pretty name!"
― Anonymous User  8/6/2009
I know we all have differing tastes but heck it's so unbearably ugly.
― Anonymous User  8/4/2009
Okay, there are some "surname" names like Madison, Makenna (from McKenna), or Mackenzie, that I can imagine on a person. But Sloan/Sloane should STAY a last name! It sounds horrible--the first time I heard it as a girl's name was in "Ferris Bueller's Day Off", and it just sounded so pretentious and ugly! (Ferris sounds really pretentious, too--at least Cameron sounds cool.)
erb816  7/25/2009
I left a rather immature comment on here around 6 years ago, calling Sloane "pretentious and ugly." I would like to retract that statement now.

Sloane no longer sounds ugly to me. It fits in quite comfortably with names like Rowan and Morgan, though I look at the latter two as being more masculine than feminine.
erb816  4/21/2015
Sloane is also a male name.
― Anonymous User  7/15/2009
It's horrible. I can't imagine it as a name any better than I could imagine szpdoiuv904 as a name. It also sounds like a derogatory slang verb like, "She just got Sloane". So bad verb, bad sound, bad name.
Ursa_Minor  3/28/2009
Quite possibly the ugliest and most wretched surname I've ever had the misfortune of hearing. This surname makes Madison and Campbell on girls' look halfway decent. Truly ugly.
― Anonymous User  6/9/2008
Why would anyone use this pretentious, elitist-sounding, very surname-y, and clearly masculine name on their daughter? It's not a cool name even for tomboys, androgynous girls and women, or the unconventional female indie types. This would be better preserved as a surname.
slight night shiver  5/7/2008
Maybe if the parents have a particular fondness of Sloane Square in London.
― Anonymous User  12/19/2006
Sloane is Ferris Bueller's girlfriend in the movie Ferris Bueller's Day Off.
― Anonymous User  8/12/2006
I think that this is a rather interesting name, though I am leaning a little more towards its feminine usage, as opposed to its more popular masculine. Its meaning is quite intriguing as well.
Pheadirean  6/26/2006
Also spelled Sloan, I can't say this name is a particular favorite of mine.
― Anonymous User  5/24/2006

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