Solveig is also Estonian. The name day for Solveig in Estonia is September 3.

This name is really really pretty, after you learn how to pronounce it.
Also Estonian:
Martin Solveig is a French DJ, real name Martin Picardet born in 1976.
My name is Solveig, pronounced Soul-Vay. I have also heard that it is pronounced Soul-vai. To my knowledge it means strong house, or sunny path. I've always thought my name was unique, although sometimes I hate it for being too unique. For example, many people pronounce it wrong, but I still love my name!
Solveig Hult is a character in Camilla Läckberg's novel "The Preacher."
Solveig was very popular in Norway in the early 1900s. It ranked at #5 in 1910 (behind Anna, Gudrun, Astrid and Borghild), #2 in 1915 (behind Anna), #1 in 1920 and 1925, #3 in 1930 (behind Bjørg and Inger), and #9 in 1935.
The name is also used in Lithuania, spelled Solveiga. [noted -ed]
Solveig Dommartin, from the film "Wings of Desire", was a German-French actress.
In my experience (I used to live in Sweden with my husband who is from there, I speak Swedish and understand Norwegian, been to Norway loads of times and have met and heard of many girls called Solveig, so I would say I'm quite confident in how to say it!), the Norwegian pronunciation is much closer to SOL-vy (rhyming with 'my') than SOL-vay (as in rhyming with 'may'), and using the key on this site I would probably put it as SOOL-vie (which to me makes me think 'vee', but according to the key, 'vie' would be the way to represent the sound - so I guess it's like rhyming with 'pie') - I would say the 'O' sound is a little longer than just 'sol' as well. Just my contribution :) [noted -ed]
I guess Solveigh would be a more palatable spelling in Anglo countries.
In Norway 'Solveig' is pronounced /'sol-vei/ with a long 'o'. Claiming that it's pronounced /'sol-vay/ is slightly misleading, as 'vei' and 'vay' are actually pronounced differently - to many English speakers 'vei' might sound like 'vay' or 'vay' might be easier to pronounce than 'vei' but there certainly is a difference. I, as a Norwegian and as a linguist, have no trouble identifying the two different sounds.
Also, forgot to mention this in the last comment, but guy-who-runs-this-website, surely you must know that Henrik Ibsen is not spelled Hendrik Ibsen?! [noted -ed]
The first part of the name, sol, is an Old Norse word for "house".
I know a person with this name. It is pronounced SAHL-vayg (Sawl-vague).
Even if "Sol" means "sun" in Norwegian it does not mean that every Norwegian name containing "Sol" has something to do with the sun, Solveig is after what I have read from the Norse elements "salr" meaning "house" and "veig" probably meaning "fighting" or "strong";
This would make the full meaning of the name "the fighting house" or "the strong house", but many consider it to have the other meanings that other users so kindly pointed to and parents give it to their children because of that.
PS: I am Norwegian and love Sol- names.
This is the name of one of my relatives who resides in Sweden. It is a gorgeous name!
In Icelandic we also have this name, only it's spelled Sólveig. :)
Solveig is a character in Greig's "Peer Gynt".
When I was in Norway I met a girl named Solveig, who also pronounced her name SOOL-vay, as mentioned in the comments above. She also gave a slightly different meaning to the name - she said it meant "she who shows the way to the sun".
Listen to the German pronunciation of Solveig here:
This is my mother's name, it is such a lovely name! I simply love it! If I ever get a daughter, she will be named Solveig, after my mother.
My name is Randi Sofia Ulfsdotter-Ekberg, I am Swedish/Norwegian. (Born in Sweden/Norwegian citizen) My mother is Swedish. My father is Norwegian. My "FARMOR"'s name is Randi Solveig Ekberg. (FAR_MOR means Father's Mother, Far=father Mor=mother). Precisely translated, yes "Solveig" means Sol=sun Veig=way. Way of the sun. Or strong character, as the sun leads all of us.
The pronunciation I heard is "SOOL-vay" (long O).
A Norwegian woman I know is named Solveig, she told me that it was from Norway and that it means "Way of the Sun". And the pronunciation is more like SUL-vey.
I used to go to school with a girl called Solveig (and she pronounced it sol-vay, as above). I think she once said that it meant dawn, but I might have gotten that wrong. She went by Solv for short.
gin_rummy's pronunciation guide is correct: Solveig is pronounced SOL-vay.
I think it's pronounced "SOL-vay", with the "sol" as in soul or sole. [noted -ed]

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