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Summer is much better.
kayisforkeen  8/26/2018
The usage of this name- barely any.
Nerdy- definitely.
Sommer_Elizabeth  2/13/2017
My name is Sommer and I love my name. It is actually very rare here in the U.S. so a lot of people make fun of it, or pronounce it wrong. It gets annoying but I wouldn't change if for the world. I didn't even know others spelled it this way till a few years ago and it was incredible to find out. To all the other Sommers out there, Rock on :)
SommerIsAwesome  2/25/2016
My name is also Sommer and like the other above commenters, I didn't exactly used to like my name. But I love it now because it is unique and special. My middle name is Louise because my parents said that I can change it to that if I wanted to when I'm older. But I love my name so I'm not going to.
Sommerlouise  12/20/2015
My name is Sommer. I love my name because it is unique, while I have met several Summers, I have NEVER met another Sommer. My middle name is Mae, which was given to me because of family tradition. I think it flows well but if you are using the name I would consider something less "nature-y". As for the rude comments about my name, I understand some of them but uneducated I do not. My mother is a successful nurse who by no means is a hick or uneducated. Sommer/Summer sounds like a pretty and feminine name to me but it does not seem mature. I am 19 but someday when I'm a grandma it will sound weird, "Grandma Sommer". ALSO, I did an exchange in Germany for a month and no one there thought I was crazy, I actually got several compliments. And when I'm in the states I get compliments too, it's hard to forget my name!
SommerMae  1/13/2014
The other commentators are wrong about its usage. It is used as a name in Germany among girls. I have seen it plenty of times in the German Birth Announcements. It may be a newer name, but you certainly would not look insane if you used Sommer.
― Anonymous User  5/2/2012
Very pretty name corresponding to the season in German and Scandinavian languages. Usually Sommer is used as a surname in these countries, but it is quite lovely used as a first name. Only undereducated hicks would think it is a misspelled name and those are exactly the people that don't matter.
pumpkincat210  8/6/2011
Er, no. If you use this, you'll only look like an undereducated hick who cannot spell. Yes, I'm aware that this is a word in other countries, but you don't see THEM using it, do you?
Black_X  7/29/2011
My name is Summer, and a surprising amount of people spell it Sommer. I prefer the U spelling more.
Summah  6/29/2009
This makes me think of the word "somersault."
erb816  4/16/2009
This name just doesn't look right in English. If the family moved to Britain, Australia, or New Zealand, the daughter's name wouldn't even be pronounced like 'summer'. It would be mispronounced as ''sawmmer'' by people who have only seen it written, not heard it. Germans, on the other hand, haven't really gotten into season names. So, this name would sound bizarre in German-speaking countries as well.
slight night shiver  5/7/2008
Sommer means "summer" in Danish as well.
Charlie1977  1/23/2007
... and in Norwegian, and it is not used as a name here.
― Anonymous User  3/7/2008
I have heard that Sommer is the masculine version of the feminine name, Summer.
― Anonymous User  9/2/2006
It does mean summer but it is not used as a name in Germany. If you named your child that over here, people would probably consider you insane. [noted -ed]
JHK  4/8/2006
In German this is pronounced ZOMM-ur.
Elly747  1/30/2006
NO, the Germans pronounce it Z-OMMA but it's not a name over here it just means summer and a German singer married to an American singer (Sarah Connor and Marc Terenzi) named their daughter Summer and it was in the papers for ages.
lacey24  1/18/2007

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