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ScriptsСтанислав RussianUkrainianBulgarianSerbianChurch Slavic
PronouncedPron.stə-nyi-SLAF Russian

Meaning & History

Derived from the Slavic elements stani meaning "stand, become" combined with slava meaning "glory".
DiminutivesSlava, Stas Russian Stanko Bulgarian Stane, Stanko Slovene Stanko Serbian Stanko Croatian
Feminine FormsStanislava, Stana Czech Stanislava Slovak Stanislava, Stasya Russian Stanislava, Stanka Bulgarian Stanislava, Stanka Slovene Stanislava, Stana Serbian Stanislava, Stana, Stanka Croatian
Other Languages & CulturesStanislas History Stanislovas, Stasys Lithuanian Stanisław Polish

Sources & References


medieval, The Crowns Game characters
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