It's my name and I love it!
SIGMA  12/2/2020
Ugly sound.
Anders1234  8/22/2020
Stefan Butler is the main protagonist in Bandersnatch.
Jace Hendrix  8/22/2020
Also used in Estonia:
Frollein Gladys  7/25/2020
The name STeFan transcends the PH variants it owns "Stephan" and borrows "Stephen" due to spellings. It's the PH variants that could also be STEEV-ens as well.
KinChauchMan  12/18/2019
The name derives from Greek: ΣΤΕΦΑΝΟΣ=wreath.
georgev1112  11/18/2019
Finally the pretty pronunciation of STEF instead of STEEV has been made. Perfect.
nylonpanda  10/4/2019
Add Usage: Finnish, English

Pronounced: STEH-fan (Swedish, Dutch, Polish), STEH-fahn (Finnish), STEHF-ən (English)
RHAWK3935  8/28/2019
Stefan Daisuke Ishizaki is a Swedish footballer who plays for AIK in Allsvenskan. Born to a Japanese father and a Swedish mother, he started his career with Rågsveds IF and stayed with the club until 1999 when he signed a contract with major Swedish club AIK. He made his debut for the club in the same year in Svenska Cupen as he came on as a substitute in the 80th minute against Gefle IF, he later came on as a substitute again in the final, which AIK won 1–0 against IFK Göteborg, making him the youngest in the country to win the Cup, being only 16 years and 364 days old.
cutenose  6/20/2017
The name Stefan was given to 263 boys born in the US in 2016.
More than 99.9 percent of people with the first name Stefan are male.
― Anonymous User  6/7/2017
Stefan Giglio is a professional footballer who currently plays for Maltese First Division side Żurrieq, where he plays as a midfielder. Giglio has been called to play for the Malta national football team during some time or another, and also had spells in Bulgarian top flight. His preferred squad number is 26, his birthday.
cutenose  1/11/2017
The sad thing is there was a kid in my class named Stefan and every substitute would pronounce it ste-FAN instead of STE-fan and I felt really bad for him.
lilpimpteller  6/16/2015
Stefanek and Stefek are Polish nicknames. [noted -ed]
― Anonymous User  12/15/2014
This name is a league of their own. Those with the name don't like to be associated with the English name Stephen the cousin name but not the same. The f element in Stephen must obey it's original rules from Ænglisc, the f is passive in the flow or at the end which is why My name is pronounced as STEEV-en.
Stephen1976  2/8/2014
This was the name of Princess Aurora's father in Disney's Sleeping Beauty.
Buneary  11/9/2013
I like it better than Steven, but it's a little plain for my liking.
MelissaR  4/30/2013
Stefan Olsdal is the bassist/guitarist of the band Placebo.
― Anonymous User  7/8/2010
The popularity chart lists Stefan as being pretty much at the bottom of the Top 1000 Male Names in America, but I'm seeing more and more boys being named Stefan! Must be mainly in my area.
Anyway, I think Stefan is a wonderful name. I've actually always liked the nickname Stef/Steph more for a boy than a girl.
erb816  7/7/2010
Stefan Salvatore is a vampire character from the book series and T. V show The Vampire Diaries. In the show he is portrayed by Paul Wesley.
Fray  9/11/2009
Famous bearer is Stefan Bashkir, one of the main characters in Eoin Colfer's best-selling novel The Supernaturalists.
princessleia28  7/31/2007
Also a boys name in Slovenia.
earthnut  7/3/2007
Listen to the German pronunciation of Stefan here:
_satu_  10/24/2006
Dutch pronunciation is STAY-fahn. [noted -ed]
X-Mar  3/4/2006
Stefan Edberg is a famous Swedish tennis player.
― Anonymous User  12/28/2005
Pretty common in Sweden, not popular for boys today. Steffe is a common nick name.
― Anonymous User  12/18/2005

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