This name can mean 'many beautiful flower(s)' and 'many beautiful fragrance' and much more depending on the kanji in Japanese.

Kanji: 多美花 and 多美香.

It's a decent name by the way.
LOL! THIS is SO ugly but as long as it stays within the cultural group I do not have a problem with it. I just remember this horrible girl, Tamika, bused into our school in the late 1980's physically and verbally assaulting other girls like Rasputia from Norbit. That film Norbit was DEAD ON! It is one of my favorite films. SO Tamika always makes me laugh when I hear it and I have not heard it thankfully since I was in the US. I moved to Europe over a decade ago because I no longer felt safe. And nobody is named that here LOL!
Pretty, cute, ages well :) and it’s really really rude that people are calling this name ghetto. I think I know why they are and it’s super offensive and just pretty ignorant. It’s a very nice name and anyone with this name is lucky.
It has a nice sound to it and I don't think it's ghetto. I don't get how this would mean "child of the people" in Japanese though, since "ko" means "child". Tamiko would mean "child of the people". Oh well.
One of the ugliest names around. Ta-MEE-ka is a gross way to pronounce this modern-sounding name.
Hello! I am also named Tamika and I was born in the 70's and I am black and love my name. I just read the meaning and it is beautiful. Tamika has many many meanings but she is strong and a leader not a follower. She inspires to be the best. I love it! I am not perfect I am just me and if people feel that I am ghetto, I am not- I am a realist!
Hi everyone, my name is Tamika. I see some people calling this name ghetto. Well it actually depends on the person. I for one am not ghetto, lol. I know the name probably originates in Japan and means: People. But I also love the fact that in Hebrew Tamika means Palm tree. Now in Hebrew, everything represents something. Some may find it dumb or funny, but I think it's pretty cool. Also, I looked up my name in Hawaiian and it's Kamika. Funny because I have a friend named Kamika and another named Tamiko and Tamika was white with blonde hair and Kamika was native Indian. I am a mix of Black, Irish, German, and native Indian too- that's A LOT, lol. Anyway, hope you are blessed today and so sorry for the long story.
It's not my taste but I think it sounds spunky and spirited.
How is this 'ghetto'? Dumb comments.
In Welcome to Night Vale, Tamika Flynn is a badass teenager, the leader of a militia and book club.
My Uncle named me Tamika and I'm not ghetto at all. Tamika is a strong name and we can get through rough and tough times. Without anybody telling us we recognize when things are not right and we try to make it where everyone could at least get along. We don't put up with unnecessary stuff.
The name Tamika actually originates in Japan. And also, despite the fact that it appears to be a common "ghetto" name in America, it seems to have a different reputation in other countries. Let's not forget that America is not the only country and everything does not revolve around it.
Perhaps only 'famous' if you've ever played 'The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion', but Tamika is a notable vintner and the owner of Tamika Vineyards in Skingrad.
Please stop referring to my name as ghetto. I'm not ghetto and I don't come from a ghetto. I'm a southerner and I'm quite pleasant and extremely polite. My mother grew up in the 60's and gave me this name because her friend suggested it. I love my name even though I can't find anything monogrammed in stores despite the popularity of this name. I will not have anyone degrade my name just because you think it sounds ghetto or you've met a few people that are ghetto.
People don't realize Tamika is a Japanese name. It means child of the people. Or depending on how you spell it it can have many meanings. My name is Tamika and I'm half black. I have met so many females with that name and they were always polite and you can tell that they had been brought up well.
I wasn't going to comment, but I had to because it kills me that people are so quick to call something ghetto! But what's the difference when someone names their child Rider, Sunday, or any other name that they made up?! You shouldn't judge someone off of their name, you judge them by their character! That's just like saying all Stanley's are boring. I was ashamed of my name because I was afraid of being judged. I might be qualified for that job but you won't hire me just because my name is Tamika? Shame on you- open up your horizons, it's 2016.
Tamika Chesser (b. 1990) was a contestant in series 2 of the Australian version of "Beauty and the Geek". She is a bikini model and beauty therapist from Queensland.
Tamika means "nation" in Japanese language.
Contrary to what MaggieSimpson said, the word for 'nation' in Japanese is not Tamika. Rather, it's just tami (民/たみ). That kanji also means 'people.'
My name is Tamika, and I think that it is a really nice name not because it's my name or anything. I live in Africa and it's a really unique name and is only given to children of a tribe called the Tumbukas. 1 in every 10 girls are called Tamika in Zambia. In my language it means "to thank the Lord for something spaecial you did not expect to get".
This name is so ghetto. I'm sorry. There are a trillion people who have the name Tamika at my school!
I disagree with the above user. The name Tamika was very popular in the 70's and although it is considered outdated, I still think it has a pretty sound to it. I know a Tamika who is a very pretty and pleasant young lady. Just because it's used mostly by African Americans doesn't automatically make it ghetto.
I automatically think of tapioca for some reason.
It is unlikely that Tamika has anything to do with "tamu". It is more likely just an African-American variation of Tamiko. If you check the SSA data you will see that in 1968, the first year both Tamiko and Tamika are among the top 1000, there were more Tamikos born than Tamikas. The name was probably introduced to the United States by the 1963 film _A Girl Named Tamiko_. This film, though about a Japanese woman falling in love with a White American man, was in many ways an anti-racism story. This appealed to African-Americans back in the 1960s, and some of them who saw the movie named daughters Tamiko because of it. The very title of the film of course would encourage this. In American accents, though, Tamiko easily can be mistaken for "Tamika", and since -a is a much more common ending for feminine names in English than -o is, African-American parents who heard the name outside of its film context assumed that "Tamika" was how it should be spelled.
[noted -ed]
Since I wrote the above comment I've discovered that the name Tamiko was transmitted into the African-American community through a singer called Tamiko Jones who was popular just after the movie _A Girl Named Tamiko_ came out. She may well have adopted her name from the film, as her birth name was Barbara Ferguson. But this actually reinforces the idea that Tamika is really just an Americanized version of Tamiko.
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