Tao is the name of the dog in the video game "Chibi-Robo!".
Song Tao is a retired Chinese basketball player and coach. 6'10" (209 cm) with impressive mobility, he was the first player from Asia drafted by an NBA team when the Atlanta Hawks selected him in the 3rd round of the 1987 NBA draft, although he never went to training camp due to serious knee injuries.

Song competed at the 1988 Seoul Olympic Games and was the flag bearer of the Chinese Olympic team. He retired from the China men's national basketball team in 1991 and became a player-coach in the Shandong provincial team. In 1993, Song went to study in San Francisco, California and then moved to Taiwan to compete in the professional Chinese Basketball Alliance until he retired there around the turn of the century. He coached the National Chiao Tung University varsity team in the ensuing years.

Song returned to China in 2003, and has since lived in Suzhou, Jiangsu where he became a businessman.
Tao was given to 15 boys in the USA 2015, possibly because of Chinese descent.

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