I like Tatum slightly more for boys than girls.
Weird and improper. Unfortunately, it's being inflicted on both boys and girls.
I think this name is more feminine, but still kinda unisex. I prefer it on a girl and I would spell it Taytum.
I love this name! It's gender neutral and quirky. The first time I remember hearing the name was while watching the first Scream movie. There was a girl named Tatum (played by Rose McGowan) and it stuck with me ever since.
I’ve met a girl named Tatum, it was a cute name. I wish I could think of a really cute nickname for it too though.
This name is ridiculous for a boy, and even worse (somehow) for a girl. Maybe I find it even more awful for a girl because of the association with Channing Tatum.
You're telling me people actually name their little girls Tatum?
Don't see the big craze over this name.
It just doesn't seem right as a first name. I've actually never heard of Tatum O'Neal. Just makes me think of Channing Tatum.
This name is a good unisex name but I'd much rather use this name on a very cool dude. For me.. it just has sort of that similar vibe to "Triton", "Trident" and "Titan". I think it will go great on a boy!I don't know how this would go on a girl. If I absolutely HAVE to use this name on a girl, I would guess that the girl will be a tomboy.
This is horrible...
Ugly ass name.
UPDATE! In the UK in 2019, 5 boys and 0 girls were recorded with the name TATUM
Like I said earlier, it can also be used as a MASCULINE name!
This name can also be used as a MASCULINE name, making this name UNISEX -- As SEEN on the USA chart [noted -ed]It started growing popularity as a MASCULINE name in 2010.
In the USA, 524 boys were named TATUM in 2018. the UK, 6 boys and 3 girls were named TATUM in 2016 AND 2017.
5 boys and 4 girls were also named TATUM in 2018. WIKTIONARY and NAMEBERRY source also describes this name as UNISEX. CANADA, it's more popular as a MASCULINE name is MODERN times.
I’ve heard of boys named Tatum was well. [noted -ed]
Tata’s homestead? Hold on, seriously?
Good name, but I have a bad association.
I can only think of Channing Tatum.
Wait- how in the world is this a girl's name? It looks like Callum (kind of, because of the um ending). Reminds me of Channing Tatum.
Taytum and Oakley Fisher are the identical twin daughters of YouTube stars Kyler and Madison Fisher. They have a younger sister named Halston.
Tatum O'Neal was in the first movie my mother took me to see.
I fell in love with her character. I also knew one day I was going to use it to name my little girl and so I did. She gets "T" and Teeta which happen to be the 1st words out of her sister's (Farrah) mouth. Yes I went with the 2 favourite ladies in Ryan O"Neals life. Unique, beautiful, simple and suits her to a 'T'.
Sounds like a body part. Also Channing Tatum.
It’s okay.
Though many may use Tatum as a female name, I will always see it as a masculine name.
I don't like Tatum, it sounds un-first-nameish to me. It's not an awful name, but definitely not one I would call my own child.
One of the best names! Especially with the combos: Tatum Petunia, Tatum Oona, and Tatum Lynne.
I love this name! In my opinion the best nickname is Tata, but then people could make fun of her and call her Tata-tot, or Pa-Tata.
This sounds a lot like a boy's name with the -um ending.
My name is Tatum, I love it!, I mostly go by Taty.
Naming your son Tatum is the equivalent to naming him Scarlett or Brooke. They are feminine surnames.
I adore the name Tatum. I first heard it when I was in junior high and always said I was gonna name my daughter that in the future, lol. Needless to say, my daughter was born in 2003 and it fit her perfectly. I believe she is the only Tatum in her school. It is very unique! She gets compliments all of the time. Her nicknames include: Tater Tot, Tata Chip, T.T. and Tay.
I love the name Tatum because that is my name and I do not see this belonging on a boy. I suggest it on a girl. I have some nick names like Tator Tot, Tator, (TatumA because my middle name is Ann). But anyways, I have this other boy in my class and his name is Tadan and he is very nice but it gets annoying when the substitute teacher always mixes Tadan with Tatum. But anyways, I really love my name and I strongly suggest this name for a girl.
Unusual, great, unique name.
I love this name because it doesn't predict the personality of the child, unlike something like Isabella or Ava where you get a picture of a prissy girl in a tutu. Tatum O'Neil was around before Channing Tatum, besides that's his surname. If my baby is a girl this will be it.
My daughter's name is Tatum and it fits her perfectly. We have had family members tell us it's too masculine for a girl but we think it's beautiful. It is annoying when people ask "like Channing Tatum?" But I just say no and move on. She has a variety of nicknames such as Tater tot, Tate, and Tay Tay. My husband picked it and I think he did a wonderful job. :)
Wait, I thought it said that this name is a feminine name, but some people are saying it's unisex. Oh well. I like the name Tatum.
My daughter is named Tatum and she is the only Tatum in her school grades 1-5. Everyone always compliments her name. She is blonde, blue eyed and a girlie girl, very petite but athletic. Her name suits her and I couldn't see her named anything else. And there are dozens of Sophie's, Emma's, Caitlin's, etc... glad I didn't jump on the top 100 trend bandwagon.
My name is Tatum and I absolutely love it. I only know of 2 other people with the name in the towns near me. It is not common and I have only heard it being used as a girl's name before reading some of these comments. It doesn't sound very masculine to me but I could be biased since I don't know any male Tatums. Some of my nicknames have been Tater tot, potatum, Tate, and Tat. Nobody has ever made fun of it and lots of people really love it. The only annoying part as someone said earlier is that young people are like "Tatum? Like Channing Tatum?!" or older people ask "Oh like Tatum O'neal?" No, my parents did not love Tatum O'Neal and name me after her so please stop saying that, lol. Anyway, love my unique name!
I see it as a unisex name, but like it slightly better on girls. Ultimately I am not a fan, though. It sounds too awkward or silly to me somehow, as if you spliced tater tots with Tums. XD;
My son bears this name. My ex-husband is a huge Raiders fan and loved Jack Tatum. I knew that whether we had a boy or girl Tatum would be the first name as it was not a name I heard frequently or über trendy.Over the years I have come across a handful of both male and female Tatums. Some slightly older and some slightly younger. What I have observed is that both male and female Tatums are very well-liked by their peers; they seem to love learning and often exhibit a good deal of intelligence and athleticism; there is a certain amount of precocious-ness to their personality, and they generally love to have a good time.Even if the name isn't largely liked, for whatever reasons, it certainly has an interesting swath of personalities bearing the moniker.Bonus: Even with his dad calling him "tater tot"... he's never wished for another name.
Well my first name is Tatum and I am a girl. I like my name and I think it is a beautiful name!
These comments are hilarious and I must say I am a little biased because my last name is Tatum and yes, I was called Tater Tot as a child, lol, however, I love this name. I only have one son but am thinking about possibly naming my daughter this as the last name dies with me on my father's side of the family because he has no sons.
Far from a girls name. Tatum is clearly a males name.
My oldest daughter is named Tatum. Besides Tatum, we tend to call her Tatie and Tate. To Thatmazerunnerfan: it is NOT a boy's name, nor is it a girl's name... it is a SURNAME. So by that logic it is for a girl OR a boy. Tatum O'Neal was where I first heard the name, and no, I am not fond of her, but I always loved her name. But being the youngest Oscar winner at that time, is nothing to sneeze at! In fact, regarding famous people she is the only one that I know of that has it as a first name. So if you want to be picky about it, as a first name, the girls had it first. But it's a cool and unique name for both girls and boys alike.
Tatum isn't usually my style, but I love the name for a girl! I like it for a boy, too, but better on a girl.
As a boy's name, I guess this is ok. -um is a very masculine ending and the name sounds strong, I suppose.But why on earth is this used as a girl's name. First off, everyone's gonna say "Tatum?! Like, Channing Tatum?!" I can see that getting old really quickly. Secondly, I take Latin in school, and -um is used to describe neuter or masculine things. Not feminine. Lastly, and maybe this one is just me, but I see Tatum and think of the word scrotum. *shudders*
I like this name well enough, especially on a boy with the nickname “Tate,” but it reminds me of taters, as in potatoes. Funnily enough, I actually have a girl in my class named Tatum who, during roll call, our (really unintelligent) teacher pronounced her name “tah-TOOM.” She was just like, “Umm... my name is ‘TA-təm’...-_-” Seriously?! “tah-TOOM”?! I lost most of my respect for that teacher that day.
Channing Matthew Tatum (born April 26, 1980), is an American actor, film producer, and model.
He has portrayed characters in films such as "She's The Man," "Step Up 2: The Streets," "Public Enemies," "G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra," "Dear John," and "The Eagle," among many others (past and upcoming.)
This is possibly the most unflattering girl's name ever. The sound is rough, and it only makes me think of dirty jokes, potatoes and Latin words. Ugly ugly ugly.
Ugh. Ew. I don't like this name at all. It looks weird and sounds weird. It reminds me of a totem pole or something. I would never name my kid this. Strong dislike.
I named my son Tatum - yes he is called Tater by some (loving) family members as a nickname. But he is a Strong, Happy and a BIG boy and his name suits him well (meaning: Cheerful, bringer of Joy). No one thinks it is a girls name - although yes, people (of older generation's) have mentioned "oh, like Tatum O'neal?" No, like Tatum. My Tatum. =)
Love the name Tatum for a girl. It's a little country, but I love it.And to Autumn Rose, unoriginal means typical, expected, overused. E.g. Emily, Ava, Madison. I believe you mean original which would mean not too common or expected. (:
The sound of this name makes me cringe. Tatum reminds me of a bodily organ; one might as well be named Duodenum or Jejunum.
Can be pronounced TAYT-um or TAT-um.
This is the most ridiculously horrible name ever. Just because Ryan O'Neal used it doesn't make it good. Celebrities can be just as moronic as anyone else.
Personally, this name makes me think of tater-tots. I had thought that connection would make people tease those with this name, but none of the Tatums I know have been teased about their name.
When I say Tatum I keep on accidentally saying 'Tantrum'! Plus I don't really like Tatum O'Neal so that puts me off this name.
The sound of this name doesn't appeal to me at all. I prefer Itatí.
Another pathetic, celebrity-inspired name. Tatum doesn't sound like a girls' name, and I'm not too fond of Tatum O'Neal.
I find this name equally suitable for boys as well as girls.
Quite a good compromise if you want a non-girly name without "stealing" from the boy's camp. It has my approval.
I also think this name sounds masculine. I would never name a girl this.
Although this name has never been used on males, it sounds far more masculine than feminine to me, and the fact that it sounds more like a surname than a first name undoubtedly has a lot to do with that. It's not a pretty name, and it sounds more like a tomboy name. I can't imagine it on grown women.
I love the name Tatumn for some reason, it reminds me of my name which is Autumn they kind of are both unoriginal and I love them. I think my first daughters name will be Tatum.
Legendary jazz pianist Art Tatum is a famous bearer of this name, but it was his surname. He was born an Arthur Taylor in 1909 and died in 1956, and he's considered the greatest jazz pianist of all time. It's for him that Tatum O'Neal was named.
Actress Tatum O'Neal is a famous bearer of this name.

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