I perfer Teresa. This name is still as elegant as Teresa though.
I like Teresa better, but this isn't bad, either.
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This is my name. I was born in 2008. I'm used to seeing older people with this name, I know one personally. But this name ages well. You can't go wrong with it! One of the reasons I was named this was because I was born in October. There are two saints name Theresa, or a version of Theresa that have a feast day in that month. I have someone I can look up to that I know did something great. The name Theresa doesn't sound stupid or complicated. It can be used on any person. I'm the only one in my school with this name and it's great. It should be used more often. I think it looks nicer with the h. It makes the name look softer but still hard. Also, if you spell it backwards you get Aseret, with out the h.
A bit heavy… I prefer Teresa.
Theresa happens to be the name of the main character in the godforsaken book Empress Theresa by Norman Boutain.
Absolutely great name! Such a history and class! Theresa is great!
I prefer it without an H (I am definitely biased because my name is Teresa), but I think this is really beautiful too! I like the German pronunciation, Ter-reh-sah, that’s usually how I read this name.
It's a beautiful name. I like this spelling better than Teresa.
Theresa “Reese” Murillo is the name of Hollywood Undead member Danny Murillo’s wife.
I knew a Theresa Rose Marie in my life. If you look at the meaning of it you will understand exactly what it did in my life. I sit here with tearful eyes because I finally understand and feel the love that she has for me. The love for our GOD Jesus!
"To the right and to the left, I throw to my little birds the good grain that God places in my hands. And then I let things take their course! I busy myself with it no more. Sometimes, it's just as though I had thrown nothing; at other times, it does some good. But God tells me: 'Give, give always, without being concerned with the results".
I actually wonder if this was an Ibero-Latin offshoot of Tirzah. There were a lot of Jews in Medieval Spain and I wonder if this is somehow related based on other Tirzah offshoots found throughout Medieval Europe that look somewhat similar, such as Durst.
I don't like this name. It sounds unappealing, and looks weird with the silent "h" in the spelling. It also comes across as too old fashioned for a child today.
In 2018, 49 is the most common age for an American (U.S.) Theresa who is registered female with the Social Security Administration. It is the 148th most common female first name for living U.S. citizens.

*as a first name, not a nickname.
I associate the name Theresa with Saint Teresa of Avila and Mother Theresa. While they're both admirable namesakes, I can't help thinking the name a tad dull, however, I think it would make a good name for a book character. Perhaps the protagonist of a dark academia story set in a Catholic girls school in the 1960s...

Personally, I prefer the Spanish spelling Teresa, but if you're set on Theresa, I'd recommend the nicknames Tess, Tessa or Tea over the old Terry or Tracy.
Theresa is a gorgeous name, and I like the association with Mother Theresa. I prefer this name with a H.
I was named after both of my grandmothers. One spelled it Therese, and one spelled it Theresa. I spell mine Theresa. I feel honored to be named after them. It's a name of beauty. I always think of Mother Theresa and the beauty of her soul.
Theresa Mary May is a British politician who has served as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom since 2016. She has been the Member of Parliament for Maidenhead since 1997. She has been Leader of the Conservative Party since July 2016. She is the second female Prime Minister and Conservative Party leader after Margaret Thatcher.
My name is Theresa. I've always been told it's a Hungarian name and that I was named after my grandmother. I have searched high and low for the pronunciation of my name as I have never heard it before nor has anyone I've ever met heard it before.
It is pronounced There·sa as in "over THERE" and "SA" There+sa
Has anyone ever heard that pronunciation before and if so, do you have any information about it?
Thank you kindly.
The new British Prime Minister is named Theresa May.
Also occasionally used in Brazil as a specifically Brazilian variant of the more common Teresa.
How beautiful. I like this and Teresa.
The name Theresa was given to 209 girls born in the US in 2015.
My name is actually Therese. Pronounced TER-raze. I'm named after the beautiful St Therese of Lisieux. She is nicknamed the Little Flower since she had such a beautiful and delicate nature. The name is French and means 'the reaper' or 'She knows' and many famous people like princesses and duchesses have been called either Therese or a derivative. I think that anyone who has the unique name or derivative should feel extremely happy to have such a lovely and rare name.
My name is Theresa, and I love my name! Most people don't like their name, but I think mine is beautiful! There were many great women with my name, so I'm proud to have it! I also like the spelling of mine the best. I suppose because mine is spelled with an "h" I feel like it is missing something if it is spelled "Teresa." I think Theresa is a more classic spelling. I am named after my great grandma Terry. Though I do NOT like being called Terry.

In Hawaiian Theresa is "Keleka".
Can be shortened to: Tessa, Tess or T.
The name Theresa was given to 230 baby girls born in the US in 2012.
Also pronounced "TREE-sah."
In addition to the possible etymologies already mentioned in the entry for Theresa, there is also an other possible etymology that is frequently proposed for Theresa.

Namely, that Theresa is derived from Greek θήρευσις (thēreusis) meaning "hunting, the chase", which is ultimately derived from the Greek verb θηρεύω (thēreuō) meaning "to hunt". Also compare the related verb θηράω (thēraō) meaning "to hunt, to chase".

By the way, I have also seen one source claim that Theresa is derived from (or related to) the Greek verb τηρέω (tēreō) meaning "to watch over, to take care of, to guard", but that possibility seems less likely. After all, that verb doesn't contain the 'th-' that Theresa starts with.
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Maria Theresa (1684-1696) was the daughter of Holy Roman Emperor Leopold I and his third wife Eleonore.
Well, I am not a huge fan of the name Theresa, it's my name but I like a lot of the nicknames for it. I am never called Theresa, I am always Rhysse (just another spelling for Rhys). I am also called Tess sometimes, but it's mostly Rhysse and I like it. In my opinion I think that it's an okay name but should have a nickname because Theresa is to long, and it's annoying in school. Rhysse, Tess, or even Tessa is much easier.
A famous bearer is Mother Theresa.
Another English pronunciation is tə-REE-zə, which, I believe is usual in England (at least). [noted -ed]
This is my name. Some days I like it and other days I don't. I've never met anyone else my age with this name so I think it sounds a little bit old fashioned to me. A lot of people call me Resa or Resie.
Theresa Knorr was convicted of torturing and killing her children Suesan and Sheila.
I prefer Theresa more than Teresa. I don't like simple and common names but I just like the sound of this.
Let me start this comment off by saying that I come from a (loud) predominantly Italian family. Anyway, if you take all the women in my family and look at their names, ALL of them have at least one of these three things, as a first or middle name:

1. Rose
* This happens to be my middle name, and it's a family name that is passed down in each generation--and I don't mind, I like it.
2. Mary/Marie
* These names alone cover about two-thirds of the women in my family, for first and middle names. Not joking. Even if it's not in their birth name, it usually winds up in their confirmation name.
3. Theresa
* I include my mother--Terri Lynne--in this group, since Terri is a derivative of Teresa/Theresa.

Anyway, I originally didn't like Rose as a kid, because I thought the name sounded harsh and old: "Ugh, you had to give me a *family* name!" That sort of thing. And Marie/Mary were always way too common for my tastes (especially Marie, in my experience that's the most common middle name on the planet). I once asked my grandma (the one I mentioned above) when I was younger why Marie/Mary were so common in our family, and she told me, "Because they go so easily with other things." Eh.

But Theresa. That's my Nani's name, the mom of the aforementioned grandma. And contrary to the other names above, which had to grow on me (well, except for Marie, I still think that's too common), I've *always* loved Theresa. I think it's a gorgeous, strong yet feminine name, and one I wouldn't mind passing down to my daughter. In fact, I've been thinking about Theresa Lynne, combining both my Nani's and Mom's names.
My grandpa called my grandma "Tre" pronounced "trey". I thought this was cute. (: If my cousin has twins, she's going to name them Ileen and Theresa but call them "Lee" and "Tree." If not, this one's nickname is going to be "Reese". Love that!
This is my name, and usually I really like it. I think it sounds nice, the 's' softens and sweetens it. I have gotten the 'Mother Theresa' joke before, but only from one or two people, and never maliciously. In fact, I like being called that, it's quite an honor! =]
My nickname is T (or Tee). When I was younger it was TT (Tee-tee). I also get called T-Bird, mostly by my family. I really don't like the nickname Terry, I never ever let anyone call me that. I don't like Tessa for myself either, although I've known other people who used them and they were fine on them.
This name is not so popular anymore, which is nice. I think it's a good name, and I love the nickname Tessa! Tessa is so short but it has a nice sound to it.
My best friend's name, though she usually goes by Therese. She is Sri Lanken, and I remember her saying that it was a name by itself, but combined with the rest of her name it said "Princess of the Ocean" in Sri Laken, which I think is beautiful.
The two most influential women in my life, my mother and my cousin are both named Theresa. I think it's a very motherly name, "Mother Theresa".
I also like the spelling Theresa over Teresa; it is a bit more visually appealing.
This is my name. When I was younger I wanted a modern name (I was named after a great aunt and thought it was old). Now that I am an adult I love my name. Especially since in this part of the country it's considered a unique spelling.
If I am not mistaken, there's a Spanish version of this name, which is Tareja. I hope to give more info about it, but I also encourage anyone engaged in this work to do so as well.
I'm from Spain and have never heard Teraja. Don't know for Latin America.
This name, as well as most of its variants, is very charming. It brings to my mind a quiet, conscientious and pleasant girl.
I think Theresa is a very pretty name. I prefer it spelled like this over Teresa.
Listen to the German pronunciation of Theresa here:
A famous bearer of the name theresa is Marie Theresa who was the mother of Marie Antoinette.
Maria Theresa's last daughter, Maria Antonia, became the queen of France, where she changed her name to Marie Antionette.
One of the most famous Asian singer's English name is Theresa.
I'm adopted, and Theresa is what my birth mother would have named me. Though I've never met her (at least not yet), I've always had tremendous respect for her. That's why I plan on giving this name to my first daughter.
The feminine form of the Greek name Teiresias (Teereseeas in Greek), a famous oracle of Greek mythology.

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