Gender Masculine
Usage German
Pronounced Pron. TIL  [key·IPA]

Meaning & History

From Tielo, a medieval Low German diminutive of Dietrich and other names beginning with the Old High German element diota, Old Frankish þeoda meaning "people". Till Eulenspiegel is a trickster in German folklore.

Related Names

VariantsThilo, Tilo
Other Languages & CulturesDick, Diederick, Diederik, Dirk, Ties(Dutch) Dederick, Derrick, Dirk(English) Tiidrik, Tiit(Estonian) Thierry(French) Durk(Frisian) Theoderich(Germanic) Theodoric, Theodoricus, Þiudareiks, Theudoricus(Gothic) Dirk(Low German) Tielo(Medieval German) Þeudōrīks(Old Germanic)
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Entry updated December 7, 2022