Queen Titania,the queen of the fairies in fairyland in Rainbow Magic by Daisy Meadows, alongside King Oberon, the King of the Fairies.
Reminds me of the Titantic LOL!
I’m British so I wouldn’t use this because the British pronunciation is baddd.
I can only think of A Midsummer Night's Dream, which isn't a bad thing. The only thing that turns me away is that it has the nickname potential "Titty".
Isn't Titania The nickname of Erza Scarlet?
Sounds powerful and cool.
Spelt like titanium.
I love the Shakespeare association and A Midsummer Night's Dream is my favorite Shakespeare story. Titania is a pretty name, but would totally receive judgement, as it is a fictional name.
There is a typo/misspelled word in this entry: it's Shakespearean not Shakespearian.
This name has a delicate, lacy charm similar to Tatiana's. However, I think it suits a fictional character (especially, as a nod to Shakespeare, a fairy queen) better than a little girl.
Anyone who thinks of "tit" when they hear this name isn't worth considering in the first place. The name Titania is a beautiful and regal name.
My name is TITANIA and I have never heard anything but good about my name, so many times have I heard random compliments from people who compliment me on my name, no one has ever thought of 'tit', all they bring up is how it is from a Midsummer Night's Dream and how my name is that of the queen of the fairies. Oh, and it's far better than any of yours.
I've liked this name ever since I read the play A Midsummer Night's Dream. It sounds very powerful. The "tit" part doesn't bother me at all.
I can somewhat understand the appeal of this name. It does sound slightly pretty. However, as what others have mentioned, the "Tit" makes it highly unusable. But then again, why is "Titus" acceptable? Why is "Titus" currently trending so much? Titus starts the same way for crying out loud! If Titania is a name best to avoid, so is Titus.
The "tit" part is not in all languages. It doesn't mean I cant give my daughter this name.
Sounds like titanic. Near far wherever you are, I believe that the heart does go on. If the heart does go on you can find a better name. Move on!
Queen Titania is a character in The Iron Fey series written by Julie Kagawa.
This name is not that common, but I think it is a very pretty one. The only gripe I have with it is that Titania practically mirrors Titanic, and we all know what happened then. (As a matter of fact, I thought this name was created to "respect" Titanic.)

I would never choose it for anything because of that. There is a Sim called Titania in Sims 2 Veronaville. (Most of them use similarly rare, but beautiful names.)
Gosh... I think all the pronunciations of the name are so beautiful. The only thing that ruins everything is that d@mned beginning. I wish Titania could be more usable.
I would pronounce it as 'Tai-TAN-nee-a' as I heard it pronounced in an anime. 'Titania' Erza Scarlett from Fairy Tail is a very strong, heroic warrior, so I have a very good impression of this name :) Its relation to Titanium doesn't hurt either.
We get that it has the word tit in it guys, and this is a very beautiful name. And by the way Tatiana is unrelated name.
This name is very, very pretty. I doubt anybody would be teased for the first three letters, if I'm to be honest. I assume Shakespeare had great taste in names.
It could be pronounced TEE-tawn-yuh or tit-TAWN-ee-uh. Those are my two favorite pronunciations.
I think it's a beautiful fearie name! I love it! My mother is a teacher, and she had a girl in her class named Tatiana (not sure if that is spelled right), and it was pronounced tawt-ee-AH-nuh. Very pretty.
Pronounced Tu-tawn-ia/ya.
This didn't even remind me of ´´tit`` on the first glance. Reminded me of Titan, which is not a very nice name for a person, or of titanium, the metal or something, and still that's not very nice. I kinda like Titania. I don't look at the tit part.
All I see is 'Tit.' Not good.
This is a very pretty name. I'm just iffy about the "tit" part.
I'd have to agree. When I first saw this, I honestly pronounced it as TIT-tane-ia. It's pretty when said the other way though.
I pronounce my name Ti-TAWN-ya. And yes I did get made fun of sometimes for it but I go by my nickname Tia most of the time so I only get bothered when substitute teachers use my full name. But I like the name more than I don't like being made fun of for it.
The first time I looked at this name I pronounced it like ty-tuh-NEE-ah. I actually prefer this pronunciation than the others that are already listed with the name. Of those pronunciations I like ty-NAYN-ee-ah best. I don't think a child would really get picked on in school; it's a pretty name and the only way the other children would pick up on the 'tit' part of the name is if they see it spelled out on paper. But even then you could change the spelling to Tytania or Tytaniya so the 'tit' part won't even be there anymore.
Other pronunciations include ti-TAWN-ee-a and ti-TAWN-ya.
I don't think Shakespeare was first to use her name. As far as I know she is part of medieval folklore, as the queen of the fairies and the wife of Oberon, and Shakespeare used them as characters in A Midsummer Night's Dream, just as he did with Puck.
If you name your girl this you are not thinking! She will be tormented and also grow up way to quickly with a name like "Tit"ania! (you have to think like a fourth grader in a situation like naming!) Unless you plan on home-schooling!
Like it, and I might even use it. Please keep in mind that not everybody here is a native English speaker. Just because Titania happens to contain the English word for "tit" doesn't mean I, being Swedish, am not thinking for giving it to my child. Right?

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