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Gender Feminine
Scripts 桃花, 桃香, 桃華, 冬花, 冬華, 冬香, 東花, 東香, 東華, 桐花, 桐香, 桐華, 瞳花, 瞳香, 瞳華, 藤花, 藤香, 藤華, 透花, 透香, 透華(Japanese Kanji) とうか(Japanese Hiragana) トウカ(Japanese Katakana)
Pronounced Pron. TO:-KAH  [key]
Other Forms FormsToka, Tohka, Touka

Meaning & History

This name combines 桃 (tou, momo) meaning "peach tree", 冬 (tou, fuyu) meaning "winter", 東 (tou, higashi) meaning "east", 桐 (tou, dou, kiri) meaning "paulownia", 瞳 (tou, dou, hitomi) meaning "pupil", 藤 (tou, dou, fuji) meaning "wisteria" or 透 (tou, su.kasu, su.ku, su.keru,,, tooru) meaning "filter, penetrate, permeate, transparent" with 花 (ka, ke, hana) meaning "flower", 香 (kyou, kou, ka, kao.ri, meaning "incense, perfume, smell" or 華 (ka, ke, hana) meaning "flower, gay, gorgeous, luster, ostentatious, petal, shine, showy, splendour."

Fictional bearers of this name include Tōka Kamiazuma (守東 桃香) from adult manga and anime Tōka Gettan and Tōka Kureha (呉羽 冬華) from PS2 game-based anime Shining Tears X Wind.
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