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Toba 1
Gender Masculine
Usage Yoruba
Pronounced Pron. TOURBAR  [key]

Meaning & History

Short form of Oloruntuba.
Added 10/15/2006 by Zents
Edited 4/30/2018 by Evil

Toba 2

Toba 3
Gender Feminine
Usage Arabic
Pronounced Pron. toba  [key]
Other Forms Formstouba, tuba

Meaning & History

tree of paradise
Added 10/4/2011 by ines
Edited 10/5/2011 by Amara L.

Toba 4
3. usages AND description are verified
Gender Masculine

Meaning & History

Of Australian Aboriginal origin (Pintupi, to be precise), the meaning of this name is not yet known to me at the moment. A known bearer of this name was Toba Tjakamarra, the husband of Australian Aboriginal painters Tjunkiya Napaltjarri (c. 1927-2009) and Wintjiya Napaltjarri (b. between circa 1923 to 1934).
Added 11/30/2011 by Lucille

Toba 5