I love this name! Gorgeous!
I really like this name. Sounds upperclass and handsome!
Great name!❤️ Love!
Love...sounds handsome. Love the nickname Trent as well!
Trenton Woodley, the frontman of Australian rock hand Hands Like Houses, is a famous bearer of this name.
Kinda pretentious. But it sounds more complete then Trent on it's own, and where I live I don't think people would really think of Trenton, NJ.
This is a nice name. Trent is a cute nickname. Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen's brother's name is Trent or James Trent Olsen.
Trenton Lee Stewart is the author of the Mysterious Benedict Society series.
I'm sorry, but for some reason I find this name quite tacky. It doesn't have a pleasant sound, and it really doesn't even sound like a name. It's a little too 'new agey' for me. Trent is nice though.
I understand wanting to name a child after a beautiful place or a place with personal meaning, like Paris, India, Vienna, or Virginia, but who wants to name a kid after the capital of New Jersey? From what I've heard, it's crime-ridden and depressing. I wonder if some of these parents even know Trenton is an actual place and are only using it because it's trendy and they think it sounds cute.
This name is a really cute strong name for a boy. No one is going to think about the Trenton River or area around England. Some people don't even know where that is! This is just a good name and the nickname Trent is cute too!
I agree with ZoeAliza. Trenton is a horrible place after which to be named. Who in their right mind would used this name?
I live just across the river from Trenton, NJ. And trust me- that place is horrible. Disgusting and dreary with a very high crime rate. Not a good namesake for a baby at all.
Trenton Malloy is a character on the television show Walker Texas Ranger - he is played by James Wleck. He is also on the spinoff show Sons of Thunder.
Gaius Terentilius Harsa. He went by Terentilius. Terentilius was a plebeian tribune in Ancient Rome around 462 BC.

I believe the name Terentilius is distant relative name to Trenton. If you base it on how names form over the centuries. That is just my opinion though.
I really like the name Trenton. I think that Trent would be a cute nickname for Trenton. Trenton seems to me a mix of emotions. It seems soft and gentle little Trenton but then is seems strong and refined. So I believe this is a name that would age well on someone.
Trenton, Ontario was named after the Trent River.
William Trent I was the founder of Trenton, New Jersey. There was the Battle of Trenton during the Revolutionary War.
Trent came from a Celtic word meaning strong torrent.
This name is wonderful. I would so name a male that!
Trenton is a nice name for a boy, it sounds strong, rugged and handsome.

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