What's with all the hate this name is getting :(? It actually sounds very good and upper class to me...
Trevor is a really handsome and attractive sounding name. I like this name, lol.
Trevor McDonald is a Trinidadian-British journalist and news reader.
As someone named Trevor it is ok but it's annoying when people spell it er at the end much like other names Sarah, Sara, and Sarha etc etc.
I'm surprised at all the hate this name is getting. I think it's a cool name and will age well. Trevor isn't an unusual or just plain dumb name, so I don't see how anyone with the name would be bullied for it.
I love this name, it’s a cool name and one of my favourites at the moment. The nickname Trevie and Trev are so sweet.
I mean, it’s okay. It just makes me think of Neville Longbottom screaming “Trevor!” After finding his lost toad.
This name has a very different usage popularity profile in the USA vs. The UK. The peak year for boys named Trevor in England was around 1955, while in the USA it was 1998, so as of 2021 Trevor will sound much "older" to someone in the UK than it will to Americans.
My name is Trevor, and this is my first time coming to this website. I think it's super cool to see all of these different opinions about my name. I don't really think it's a red neck name or an upper-class name. I think this name is a pretty universal name, meaning that it's for anyone. I was scrolling through the comments and I saw someone that said they knew someone that was a girl and their name was Trevor. They said that they grew up with it so that's why they thought it was normal, but honestly, I think this is a guy's name.
I'm sorry, but I really don't like it. I can't for the life of me imagine a baby or a small child called Trevor. I do like old-fashioned names, but I truly cannot stand Trevor.
Trevor Troublemeyer from The TV show Sidekick.
Trevor Henderson is an artist who makes horror-themed drawings.
I don't like this name at all.
Trevor sounds very handsome. It doesn't sound low-class or hickish to me at all.
It’s okay, not particularly interesting though.
How ignorant can you possibly be to name your child Trevor, sounds like you are trying to get your child bullied for the rest of their life.
This name, along with Nigel and Clive, is considered extremely old fashioned in the UK, and is very rarely used nowadays.
I really don't get why people are calling this name a hillbilly/redneck sort of name. To me it's extremely upper-class British.
Trevor Rabin (1954-) was a member of Yes, from 1983 to 1995. He's one of my favorite musicians.
Surprised and a little disgusted that the frog from Harry Potter is famous enough to list under "Namesakes", but not Trevor Noah. [noted -ed]
Trevor Duncan (1924-2005) was an English composer. He is best known for his library music, which ranges from light and cheerful to dramatic and frightening.
In 2018, 23 is the most common age for an American (U.S.) Trevor who is registered male with the Social Security Administration. It is the 376th most common male first name for living U.S. citizens.
I find this to be such a handsome name! I prefer this over Travis.
Trevor is a wonderful man's name. It sounds rugged yet charming.
My boyfriend's name is Trevor, and I find it a really sexy name. He is the sweetest guy ever, it's a really cool name, and it is fitting considering he races motocross.
It is really not that uncommon of a name, there are 3 guys in my high school named Trevor, and we only have 325 kids in our school.
Trevor Donovan is an American model and actor. He is known for his role as Teddy Montgomery on the teen drama television series 90210. Donovan was born in Bishop, California, and raised in Mammoth Lakes, California. He had short stints in 2007 on the NBC daytime soap Days of Our Lives as Jeremy Horton. He had a minor role in the 2009 sci-fi film Surrogates, that of the Surrogate form of Tom Greer.
The current host of The Daily Show is named Trevor Noah.
My name is Trevor and I like it. When I was at school I hated it because it was so different. Now that's the reason I like it with it being unique.
No body mentions Trevor Howard the brilliant British actor. Check out the film Ice cold in Alex.
Five star name, thanks mum.
I'm surprised no one has mentioned Trevor Hoffman. He was a pitcher for the San Diego Padres.I personally think the name is great.
I like the name Trevor a lot. I love how it's uncommon but it's still heard of, Trevor is a pretty cool name in my opinion.
As a long standing (63 years) British Trevor I don't understand the comments from supposedly fellow countrymen suggesting the name is somehow 'lower class'. Not my experience. Whilst my own background could be described as working class, all the other 'Trevor's' I have met over the years have been middle class. What is probably true is that the name is historically more popular in Wales and Cornwall which are both not
English but Celtic and remote from the center (London) so the name suffers from the snobbishness metropolitan elitism. Incidentally I am a Londoner born and breed.What really interests about the name is its changes in popularity. In the 1950's and earlier 60's it was pretty popular but since in the UK it has become rarer. Does anyone have any ideas as to why it became popular or why it lost its popularity?
I'm not understanding why so many people (apparently mostly British) look down on the name Trevor. As others have said, it is a very masculine name, and quite uncommon here in the USA. I think it is classy and cool, but it is too "British-sounding" for me to ever name my child. Nonetheless, I still like it a lot.
I love this name, actually. It's cool, masculine, and not too common either, which is what I also like.
Trevor Phillips is one of the protagonists of the video game GTA V.
Strangely enough, this is a unisex name to me, because I have a girlfriend named Trevor! Her parents "just liked it" so much that they used it despite not having a boy. I'm sure it would sound a lot less feminine to me if I hadn't grown up with her. It's a very nice, uncommon name, although there was one other (male) Trevor in our grade.
Very attractive name, kind of sexy.
I also named my son Trevor in 1998. He gets many compliments on his name. We are so far from trash or Hicks. My son is a fine young man with many friends. I was really surprised by the negative comments. When I think of the name Trevor I see a man with a polo shirt and cargo shorts at the beach. Maybe because that is our favorite place to be every year.
I can't believe how judgemental some of you lot are being about a guy's name! For better or worse my name's Trevor, I'm English with Welsh ancestry, I guess that's how I got it. Get this though - people have no choice about being named. OK, I could change it, but what the hell, my parents loved me and gave me the name Trevor. My friends are cool with it, nobody in this country ever took the micky out of me for it. So, everyone called Trevor -unite and be proud!
My name is Trevor and I have always hated it. It was probably the reason I was so unpopular, and it just sounds very peasant. My parents had told me the name means "wise", but I highly doubt it.
The name Trevor makes me think of a handsome young man with a rebellious nature. Popular with the girls, though unpopular with their parents. Under his brooding demeanour; a heart of gold. Highly intelligent, but without the know-it-all attitude.
WOW! I never expected to see so many negative comments about this name. I had only heard of it a couple times ever, and have never actually met anyone with this name until I met my husband. I fell in love with him and his name. He's tall, dark, handsome, and cool. And every woman I know agrees. While his family is not super wealthy they are upper middle class. Far from White Trash. I have never heard of a "red neck" or "Hill billy" named Trevor(and I am from Georgia.) My husband however is not, He's from Chicago, where it's a more popular name. When he moved here to Ga, many people had never heard the name. They mistakenly called him Travis(talk about a Southern name)I bet if you could look up the states in which Trevor is a popular name it would not be in the states that we all consider to have more red-neck, hillbilly, such as WV, KY, TN GA AND AL.
Wow, all these Brits need to realize that there are more countries in the world besides their own. Here in the US Trevor is seen as kind of a rich jock/sporty name. Whenever I think "Trevor" I think of an athletic, possibly football obsessed blonde dude. Or a surfer. Anyway, it is quite uncalled for to call a name "trash," "serial killer," and "toady" when it is not even the name that makes a person. Personally I find this name rather hot, and it is CERTAINLY not 'trash.'
Trevor McNevan is the name of the lead singer of the band Thousand Foot Krutch.
I live in the south (USA) and believe me, there are a lot of hicks, hillbillies, or whatever you want to call them. I can assure you of one thing, very few will have the name Trevor. I've met only two men named Trevor. Neither of them fit the pitiful generalization that most people have given this name. I would come closer to believing Trevor is more suited to a young man at a golf resort.
It's okay, but it doesn't really have a pleasant sound to it. I don't consider it lower class or high class. In the middle.
Trevor Boris a comedian and a regular on the show "video on trial".
Trevor Hockey was a well-known heavily bearded soccer player from the 70s. He played for Sheffield United.
Unlike a lot of the other users, I don't see Trevor as a low-class name at all. However, I still don't care for the name. It's kind of boring.
Trevor Eve, famous British film and television actor.
Well my boyfriend's name is Trevor, and I absolutely love it. Even tho we are from Arkansas, this name is very strong and sophisticated, and so is he!
Absolute trash name. Sounds like the name a low class trailer park family would name their kid.
Also, after reading the other comments, I am completely surprised! Trevor is not at all "red-neck", "hill-billy" or anything of that nature. Here, in a large metropolitan US city of millions; it is seen as upper-class. As previously stated, it is much more popular in the wealthy city I live in than it was elsewhere. When I say wealthy, I mean Lakeshore Drive, multi-million dollar, old-money kind of wealthy. No McMansions here.
This name does strike me as a little hick-ish. And yes, I live in the US. That's great that you live in such a nice area and you and your son Trevor are so 'high class' and all... But I hate to break it to you, there are quite a lot of people outside of your perfect little Lake Shore Drive life that consider this name to be low class. Im sure there have been plenty of wealthy Billy Bobs, (Billy Bob Thornton, for example) but that doesn't make it a high class name.
I named my son this in November of 1998. It is a great name! It is simple, yet sophisticated. No one teases him for it. (And he is in middle-school. Prime age for teasing!) He likes it. It is a strong male name. I believe all males should be given a strong male name. It is a lot more common in the wealthy city I live in now, then it was when I lived in a blue-collared town. (Only females can get away with the role-reversal!)
Interestingly, I stumbled upon my comment from 2009. I'm pleased to see mostly positive comments since. My son has always liked his name, and he's very social with many friends. He just graduated from high school & will be attending a private college with the help of an orchestra scholarship. Nothing is perfect -- even Lakeshore Drive. Although, the name certainly had not hindered his ability to fit in here. I came from modest means, and worked incredibly hard to own a home here. I'm the minority here as a single parent in my mid thirties. I'm back to say that his name had not held him back, against the odds.
Everyone loves Magical Trevor, 'cause the tricks that he does are ever so clever.
Trevor is a hot name, I'd want a boyfriend named Trevor.
Trevor Moore is a actor, comedian, and director. He is very awesome. He is in The Whitest Kids U Know and the new movie coming about March 13th 09 "Miss March".
WOW! What narrow minded comments from those of you who think of Trevor as a "hick" or "serial killer". Man get your head out of your hole.
Yes, "hick" in some places. So much so, it's comically hick along the lines of Cletus and Billy Bob in the US.
Trevor the Traction Engine on Thomas the Tank Engine.
Toady and cold. Hickish too.
Trevor is a not-so major character in Christopher Paolini's book, Eragon. Brom and Eragon come across him in the city of Daret.
I absolutely love this name! I think it is rather handsome.
It's your typical farmer and cow cocky name along with Bruce.
Trevor is my nine-year-old nephew's name and I rather like it. I wonder if the people who have posted negative comments happen to be British, as I have heard that in Britain Trevor is seen as a typical working-class name. Here on the other side of the pond, by virtue of the fact that it is seen as quintessentially British, it has a much better image.
Actor Trevor Morgan ("The Rookie," "The Patriot," "Jurassic Park 3") bears this name.
Trevor is a common name in Welsh, but the origin of the name actually may be Cornish.
I have encounted a feminine use of the name; in Champaign, Illinois, one of my colleagues had a stepdaughter named Trevor.
Downmarket, trashy, low-class name. I would expect a Trevor to be sporting a rather large beer gut and mullet. The nickname Trev is positively awful.
I don't like this name, sounds like a real creepy bloke's name, someone who hides in dark alleys at night. No, nothing nice about it, a bit too "serial killer" for me!
I think the name Trevor is the coolest name ever. It is an awesome name. I also know a Trevor who is one of my best friends and he is an awesome person!
Famous bearer: Model Trevor Levinsky. Trevor, now 14, is the son of retired model Kelli Harman, and he has appeared on the cover of catalogs for such companies as "FAO Schwartz" and "Toys R Us".
Trevor is a nice name for a boy. It is slowing dropping in popularity now.
Trevor Ochmonek was the neighbour to the Tanner family on the 80's sitcom ALF.
Trevor is the name of Neville Longbottom's toad in Harry Potter. Before I always connected it to a scene from the 80's TV show The Young Ones, but now it has double "comedy" value.

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