It has very right-wing evangelical connotations, so I dislike it.
Praised be the Most Holy Trinity, Father, Son and Holy Ghost, one God, forever and ever. Amen. That said, I can't help thinking that the word Trinity is strange as someone's name. On the other hand, I'd prefer to be named Trinity than to bear a name with no Christian meaning.
It's a beautiful and elegant name, Trin makes for a cute nickname too. Yes there are religious connotations but many names do as well.
I understand that this name is tied to the Catholic faith, however, it is worth pointing out that Trinity comes from the Latin word for "triad." It literally just means three of something. So for anyone who is hesitant to use this name because they are "not Christian," remember it can mean just three of whatever you want. I also don't see how it would be blasphemous, as it is just a fancy way of saying "three" that the Catholic church seemed to like. Especially since you commonly see Mary, Joseph, and even Jesus used as first names.
It has a nice sound. I wouldn't use it because I'm not religious but it's perfectly fine.
Well I just love the name Trinity, my daughter’s dad named her TRINITY because it means 3-1 (Father, son and holy spirit) he wanted us to be just the three of us. I love the name and how it sounds.. I honestly don't think there is anything wrong with the name besides it's a spiritual name. I know that wherever my daughter goes God will be always be with her.
My name is Trinity and tbh my parents told me they didn’t do the name because of the God stuff but they picked the name from one of their favorite characters in a movie and I barely go to church. I do believe in God but for all the people who think Trinity only means the God stuff no, it doesn’t always have to mean that, it can mean nothing. Tbh, it’s just a pretty name so for all the people in the comments not liking the name because of its meaning or loving the name because of its meaning read my comment and realize that it’s just a name and that the concept of the name doesn’t always have to be the actual meaning bc my parents just wanted a pretty name, they didn’t want it based on that.
I don't like or care about the name Trinity because I'm not a Christian and that's the main meaning behind that name.
This is literally my name. I was pushed Christianity my entire life. I feel personally that it is blasphemous and have therefore come to love my name. I turned out Wiccan.
I don’t like this name for multiple reasons. Cause 1. Somebody named Trinity bullied me. 2. It just sounds strange. Something about this name turns me off, I don’t know what it is.
I was really obsessed with this name when I was 12, not much now.
I'm a Christian but I hate this name, love the meaning.
I personally don't like word names, but I don't know why this one looks okay.
It's a nice concept, but not a very good name.
Father, Son, and Holy Spirit - I'm in the mood for this name.
Trinity Inay is a dancer who was on Season 2 of Abby's Ultimate Dance Competition. She's very pretty, well-spoken, and talented.
Both meaning and impression: Seems blasphemous to me. I’m Byzantine Catholic, and the only use of the word in Catholic—meaning “Universal”, i.e. one Church for the world—Faith is in the phrase “Holy Trinity”, for the Father, the Son (Jesus Christ), and the Holy Spirit, together being YHWH (often “Lord” in the Bible), consisting of the same essence (homoousion), one Divine Essence. They are persons, not “expressions”, because expression is only words or appearance. But it was only the Father who said, “This is my beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased” (Mt 3:17), only the Son of whom it was said, and only the Holy Spirit who descended onto Him. It seems to me to call one’s baby “Trinity” is to mean the baby consists of the Divine Essence, or at least is three persons instead of one. Instead, we name our babies after saints because the patron saint prays especially for the child and gives a model of Christian life. We don’t name our babies “Jesus” or “Joshua” (Hebrew for “Jesus”) either, and if we use the name “Mary” or any form of it, it’s for a saint other than the Virgin Mary, who is honored above all other saints because of her perfect life and because Christ honors her because she’s His mother and He follows His own commandment. She already prays for us all anyway. So I recommend choosing any saint’s name. This isn’t an imposition of belief because, except for converts, Catholics are born Catholic. Our bodies have been literally anointed, to make us members of the “royal priesthood” (Ex 19:6 LXX, 1 Pt 2:9), and we pass on everything to our children, making them heirs of the Faith and Holy Tradition. They could choose to leave eventually, but their bodies and souls would still be consecrated and spiritually marked.
I was named after a character in the Matrix. It was really surprising to find that out I didn't even know that I was named after a famous actor. It was so exciting to know that I was named after her it means a lot to me and I will always cherish it for the rest of my life.
I am a male and I love and cherish the name all the time and my friends are so much in love with the name as well to an extent that one of them named his son after my name.
So it's cute and a nice name to behold and I will even name one of my incoming children the name.
For those that are commenting that they don’t like the name, don’t name your child that and don’t criticize others that like it.
A bit pretentious.
My name is Trinity. I’ve been complimented on my name all through out my life. I wasn’t named after religious reasons either, it’s just a pretty name (in my opinion). Not trashy at all.
I believe, just as the Indians, a child's name should tell a story of the day they arrived. My daughter Trinity is my 3rd child born in 1984 (8+4=12/ 1+2=3) on 12-21 (1+2=3/2+1=3) 333 her Dad was 30, her big brother 13 and sister 3. I had no idea what her name was going to be but when I realized the number thing I felt there was only one name for her. I had to have an emergency C-section with her because the cord was wrapped around her neck a few times (probably 3x) so her live birth was a blessing from God and I believe in the holy Trinity. My daughter is 33 now and has always loved her name. When I named her it was a rather unique name and I'd like to believe that because of her, her name has grown in popularity because everyone loves my very upbeat spirited daughter. Her name has inspired others to speak to her and uplift her when she has been down. She worked as a server and one day at work during an emotionally rough stage in her life a few women at her table noticed her name tag. A woman took her by the hand and told her that her name was special and that she was a beautiful girl with a loving spirit and she felt compelled to pray for her. Those women prayed for her and lifted her spirits. She said she felt special that day. She called me after that encounter and thanked me for naming her Trinity. I should've given her the middle name Angel.
I'm Christian but I really don't like this name. It seems too much.
The usage of Trinity may be originated in christian cosmology, but it isn't exclusive to Abrahamic religions. In the pagan European animist religions the number 3 is very important, and there are numerous spiritual Trinity motifs. Among the Celtic culture for example. In fact the concept of a Trinity has been theorized by anthropologists to have been absorbed into Christianity from European pagan religions, along with many other things like pagan motifs in religious festivals.
I think Trinity is a wonderful name. It's my name. I am not a stripper or trailer trash. I live in a nice house. I am a straight A student with perfect attendance. I am in almost all advanced classes. My name is part of religion yes, but that does not define me. Thank You.
It's not a bad name, and it's a nice name.
Okay, I don't see anything wrong with the name. "Trinity". It's my name, and it doesn't sound that bad.
My name is Trinity and I used to love my name, but recently I've been made made fun of for it. "It's a weird name for weird people", it doesn't make me feel good at all. I wasn't named it because of the religion aspect of it, only because of the Matrix.
Not my favorite name, but I don't see it as tacky. I can see it becoming even more popular over the next few years.
Today, I am about to name my daughter Trinity. Despite comments I have seen so far. I am christian and a catholic. She will grow up to love the name and meaning.
My name is Trinity, and I lived in Miami for 2-3 years. My Spanish teacher and anyone with a slight Latin accent called me "Triny". This is relevant to life because it annoyed me to a point where I'm writing a comment about it. It would be nice if people said it correctly: Trinity.
I like Trinity as a girl name, it's weird on a boy though. Not masculine at all. Trini would be a cute nickname.
I freaking love my name.
This is my name, and I was named it because my mother is insanely religious. I personally really, really don't like the name. Though I've gotten used to it over the years, I've always wished my name was something classic and pretty like Vivian or trendy and unique like Waverly. Do your daughter a favor and do not name her this. She'll more likely than not hate it.
The name does have a sort of nice sound to it, I guess. It's certainly not awful, but not the prettiest. However, I wouldn't even consider naming a child this simply because of the religious meaning it has. It's sorta like naming your child Genesis, in a way you're forcing your beliefs onto your children. We never know what children may believe, so it's probably for the best to name your child something secular.
Trinity was the site of the first atomic bomb test. So cool.
I love the name Trinity, it is my daughter's name. We are not religious but we chose the name because we like it!
I named my daughter Trinity, not because of religion.
My name is Trinity. I am not a stripper or doomed to live in a trailer park. I live in a nice condo. I have a college degree. I grew up in church and was fully aware of the meaning of my name. As a child, I remember wondering why my parents named me this and when I asked my mom she said she found it in a baby book and it was the only name her and my dad could agree on. She almost named me Sarah, Courtney, Brittney, or Megan. Megan ended up being my middle name. My father wanted to name me Josephine (thank god my mom hated that name). I remember not liking my name as a kid and I wanted to change it; as an adult I like it. It's different. People always remember me and tell me what a weird, unique name I have. Some love it and some don't. It's okay to have an opinion. But my name is me! I'll die being who I am. We strayed from churches in my teen years and, currently, my religious standing would be agnostic. I live in Texas where I meet many younger girls with my name, but none my age (24). Most of them are black. My parents kept the tradition going with my siblings: I have 2 sisters 1. Christian Destiny 2. Faith Joy and a brother named Emmanuel. It's not to be pompous or force religion on anyone. They just liked the names. Though I can see how it could come across that way. I've never met a boy with my name. I think it's better for girls. I have so many nicknames: Trin, Trinny, Trin Trin, Trin-ninny, Trintatee, Trintrain, Trinitron, Trinbin... I know I forgot some & more will come.
My name is Trinity. Now my name was taken from the bible. My mom is not a religious nut job who wants to show her belifs. She is more of a cowgirl hippy, lol. In short, Trinity can mean 3 of anything. My favorite is past, present, and future. I am not a perfect human. I make mistakes but I learn from them. To hold someone up to a standard of perfection because of the person's name is ridiculous. Do you think Richard is going to be a dick because of his name? No. Trinity is no different. I love my name. Also I have two daughters. My first is named Divine La'Rae and my second daughter is named Infinity O'Pearl (which means opal pearl). The girls' names do not define them. My love for them is divine and for infinity. That's not why I decided upon the name but I like unique names and have stories for each daughter as well as the name. Trinity is a beautiful name but I will judge the person on how they treat and talk to others. Not the person's name. It's about time my name became more used. Now I can find things like key tags and pencils with my name, unlike in the 90's.
My daughter is called Trinity. It is a beautiful name for my beautiful, intelligent daughter who at 9 years old seems to have more intelligence than most of the authors of these comments.
I'm going to be naming my daughter Trinity after my Grandmother. Who, for the record, has never lived in a trailer park nor was she a stripper. It's a pretty sweet name and I have called dibs on Grandma's names a decade before all my cousins started having kids.
Only person I have come across with this name is a pagan stripper who uses it for her stage name.
As long as you don't name your child Jehovah or Jesus, you're good! My granddaughter's name is Trinity. When we named her, it had nothing to do with the Biblical aspect of it, we simply adored the name.
My name is Trinity and today I was looking through Google and I feel so disrespected! I feel like nobody ever thinks about hurting other people, nobody thinks my name is great. I'm not starting trouble I just can't believe what I have seen today. Ughh why do people have to be so rude like how would some of you feel if I was making fun of your name..? I appreciate some of the people here that were agreeing that it's not wrong to have your name Trinity. Thank you.
It's okay. It's too bad about the meaning, because I really hate the idea of using a very obviously religious name. As an atheist who was once a Christian, I would hate to have a name like Heaven or Destiny or Faith or even Trinity. To any Trinity's reading this, don't take offense. The comments are for expressing opinions, and I try my best to be respectful about mine.
My name is Trinity, and it's not from any Christian beliefs, I am named after Trinity from the Matrix. My dad was a big fan when I was born. Note that I am from a Christian family, my dad goes to church every Sunday but my mom doesn't but she does believe in god, I'm atheist, but still think the name Trinity is beautiful. I go by, Trin, Tommy, T or Trent.
Hello! My name is Trinity. To the people who say that Trinity is a trashy name, i'll take that as offensive.
My brother's name is Tristan, and my sister's name is Themistoclea Agatha. I'm not christian that much though.
Atheist over here like what one of the commenters said. Trinity is yet a very beautiful name. It's very unique. Ok.
Not being braggy or anything. Just saying it's beautiful. My nickname's Trin or Trizzy or Trix.
A lot of names have a religious background, so I do not really think it is important. Trinity is a cute name. A friend of mine had twins, boy and girl. She named the boy Tristan and the girl Trinity.
A wonderful name to honor your faith! Trin is a cute nickname too.
My name is Trinyti. Yes, spelled "yti" instead of "ity" (Trinyti). Trinyti is an awesome name, and I have been told so by many people. It's okay for everyone to have different opinions on the name, but in my opinion it's beautiful. It has a great meaning, and it's unique. I haven't met anyone with my name and that's great, I like to be different. So many people have the name Sophia, Olivia, Emma, Bella, etc... Not that's there is anything wrong with those names, (they are all amazing), it's just that everyone has them. Why not be different and stand out? My mother didn't name me Trinyti because of religious beliefs. My family, and I are all Christians and we love God very much, but that was not the reason I was named "Trinyti." I was named Trinyti simply because my mom and dad love the sound of it and thought it was pretty. Trinyti is not a stripper name, nor does it sound like one.
From someone who is named Trinity, I was never a stripper, I am a nurse. I am not a boy and I am not super religious and do not push religion on other people. Some people are very disrespectful in how this name is for wierdos and how it is an ugly name. First of all I have only met one other person named Trinity and she was also very sweet. I am not perfect by any means and I do not think I am better than others because of my name. I do not like all names but that is your name for a reason and I would never bash someone's name. Some of you are jerks.
Trinity is an awful, awful name. It's not very nice sounding at all. I rate it 0/10.
I named my daughter Trinity Allegra. She was born prematurely at 27 weeks. I named my children with thought and consideration. It had to have meaning. It had to mean something to me. I don't go to church. I believe in God. It's a personal relationship. When I was at my lowest point. When I was thinking I was going to have to bury my daughter I stumbled into the chaplaincy in hospital. I fell to my knees and I prayed to anyone that would listen. My daughter is named Trinity as I wanted a strong name for my daughter. I wanted her to take strength from her name, and to fight for life. She fought like I've seen no other child fight for life. Today she is a healthy 4 year old with no serious ongoing conditions. So, for me I chose the name that gave me comfort and my daughter strength. I chose the name Trinity Allegra. Trinity is from the Latin three, and thus has religious meaning, as the Father, Son and Holy Spirit are often named the Holy Trinity. Allegra means happy and upbeat. That's how I feel when I look into my daughter's eyes. Love the name. She owns the name. It works for her. Each child is unique and I'm very glad I called my daughter Trinity. It could be no other nor would I want it to be.Regarding all those "trailer trash comments". Rather funny. Must be an American thing. Trinity in the UK has historically been reserved for the Upper Classes in society.
Well my name is Trinity and A) I love it and B) I don't believe in god so sh!
I've heard of people who follow pagan faiths such as Wicca using this name to represent their "divine Trinity" of Goddesses: Maiden, Mother, and Crone. While it may be more often used to represent the Christian idea of Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, that isn't the only religious meaning to this beautiful name.
“From the English word Trinity, given in honour of the Christian belief that God has three states of being: Father, Son and Holy Spirit.”Hello, I just came over here from wolfram alpha, and it appears to be using your site as its source. Nothing wrong with that, but the above phrase has a few flaws.The only “Christians” who would say, “God has three states of being” would be called “Modalists”. Modalists don’t believe in the doctrine of the Trinity. To accurately represent what the doctrine teaches, the phrase should say, “...the Christian belief that God exists as one being, with three distinct persons, the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.” If you’d like a humorous explanation, [noted -ed]
DO NOT NAME YOUR SON TRINITY! I'm a guy named after the old western "they call me Trinity"... although almost nobody knows about that movie, certainly nobody in my own generation. My name has been like a curse all my life and I absolutely hate it with a passion. Don't name your kids Trinity, male or female, it's a tacky trailer trash name. Name your kid something normal. Remember that name will follow them around for the rest of their lives.
STRIPPER NAME ALERTI'm sorry, but any name ending in 'ity' (with the exception of Felicity) sounds stripperesque. This goes for Chastity, Charity, Purity etc. Aswell. Ironic when you consider the meanings.
I'm gonna use this for a character in my new story, I think the name will be... Trinity Red. =) She'll have red hair and red eyes. Lol...
I never liked this name and always thought it sounded trashy, childish, and trendoid. It's also one of those names I can't really picture matched with a surname.
I don't see how using the name Trinity could honour one's Irish roots. Though the story of the Trinity being explained by the shamrock is associated with Ireland, there's nothing distinctively Irish about the concept of the Trinity - it is a general Christian idea. Trinity is not an Irish name, its origins are entirely English. The word itself derives from Latin "trinitas", via Old French "trinité". The name itself was popularised in the USA and Canada by the 1999 film The Matrix, where it is borne by the character Trinity, played by actress Carrie-Anne Moss.
This is just as bad as Genesis. People, if you want a Christian name, choose a nice one from the Bible instead of this crap! It sounds like a character in a Final Fantasy video game.
It sounds very pretty, and unlike Faith and Destiny it doesn't have as many bad associations. But I'm an atheist so I may either a) be mistaken for a Christian/Wiccan or b) be verbally bashed for using the name or c) both.Either way, your child chooses their religion - it's generally wrong to chose it for them.
Trinity is my daughter's name. She is sure that she corrects anyone who pronounces it Trin-i-dee. "MY NAME IS TRINITY, WITH A T NOT A D." She says. It is a lovely name and we did not name her because of religion. Although when people hear her middle name they jump to the conclusion that it's a religious name. Trinity Christine... named by my military die-hard husband for the nuclear test site and his aunt Chris. A plus is it's a nice throw back to my Irish roots which aren't that far down. It is a bit stripper-ish, I guess, but a name cannot dictate a person's direction in life and only judgmental people make assumptions based on a name.
This name is so stupid.
I’ve known a few families who’ve used this as a masculine name, and I knew one of their sons who was named that, so I suppose it can be used a boy’s name.
I'm a believer, and the name has a lovely meaning, but it just sounds so stripper-ish!
Trinity is the name of one of my nieces (Well, actually, the daughter of one of my cousins), and I absolutely love it. It's such a sweet and pretty name for a girl. You don't even have to be Christian to love it- personally, I'm agnostic, borderline atheist. And yet I still love the name.It's quite unique, as well. I've only met one or two people with the name, at least around here. And even if you don't want to use it as a given name, it would make a lovely middle name. It's quite versatile when it comes to combination with other names, so you can come up with a very beautiful name.And to Christians, Catholics, and people that fall into any of the branches of either one of those religions, I'm sure it's a very meaningful and powerful name. However, I would not name your child this if you did it only for the meaning- it makes you look pretentious, pompous, and potentially gives off the impression that you're trying to put pressure on your child to believe what you believe. If you're a Christian and simply like the sound of the name, then that's fine.That said, I noticed there was one person -actually, a few people- ranting about the name being pagan or the kind of name only a religious nut would name their child.First of all, the meaning doesn't even state that there are three Gods, but that there's three. I guess incarnations of God. Which would be God (the creator), Jesus (His son, according to Christian belief, and historically the one that really spread the Christian ideas and beliefs throughout his area of Europe), and the "Holy Spirit", which I'm assuming is the entity in Heaven. I think the name implies that they are all one and the same. I could be wrong, but then again, I haven't really sat down and read the whole Bible because. I am not Christian. I don't follow a specific religion. This is only to my understanding, and please do not take offense to this. If you do, don't call me out on it. Chances are, I will ignore you.That being said, I am not a religious nut or Bible-thumper. Yet if I could ever have children or if I even wanted to, and if it weren't for the fact my niece is named Trinity, this would definitely be one of the names on my list of possible baby names. As previously stated, it sounds sweet, it's unique, and it's very versatile when combining it with other names. And on the subject of my niece, her parents aren't Christian either. Their stance on belief is much the same as mine. So I know I'm not the only weird non-Bible-thumping person out there that likes the name and would definitely consider it as a name worth giving to a child.In short: In my opinion, it's a lovely name, and people should stop making mountains out of molehills when it comes to it.
I like the sound and spelling of it, but the meaning isn't nice. Too bad.
In addition to the obvious reference to the Deity in Christian doctrine, Trinity also was the name given to the world's first nuclear test detonation, about 35 miles southeast of Socorro, New Mexico, in 1945.The Trinity Foundation is an organization based in Dallas, Texas, that advocates for the homeless and that has made a name for itself as a watchdog on televangelists.
This name is beautiful. Simple but beautiful. And if you are asking me, it has a beautiful meaning!
"Trinnie" could be a cute nickname.
Trinitarian doctrine, historically defined, never described GOD as existing in "three states of being." That is, rather, the age old heresy of modalism. The definition of the "Trinity" is, again historically, that GOD exists as "three persons" in a single state of being.
I'm very fond of this name, it sounds beautiful---I would love to name a character this. I truly hope it doesn't make me trailer trash or a religious nut if I want to use it! =P
Trinity is a beautiful name that just has that certain something. I know one girl named Trinity, and she is, for lack of a better term, awesome. To me, it's stupid that someone would think this is a stupid name just because they're ignorant theophobes who're too haughty for their own good.
I think that this is a classy, delicate, and beautiful name. I don't think that everyone who names their daughter it is a "religious-nut", even though I wouldn't necessarily name my child it. I don't think that using it as a boy's name is as nice, but I can see it. Also, I know a little girl who is named this, and I loved it right away.
All the pseudo-religious names are strippery names. Imagine Nevaeh, Trinity, Chastity, Genesis, and Angel all in one club.
I'm sorry, but as pretty as Trinity sounds. As a Christian, I think naming your child Trinity is very pompous.
This hardly sounds like a stripper name, more like a roleplay name to be honest.
I hate this name. It sounds so trashy. It also sounds like Trinity will be forever stuck in the trailer park. The morons using it are also trying to force an ultra-religious term onto their daughter. I can't think of many things which are more insensitive or even outright blasphemous. That's why you should not name your daughter Trinity. There are other names out there.
I really love the name Trinity. My two year old niece is named this. As a Christian, the Trinity of father, son and holy spirit are important in my faith. Naturally, the word Trinity used as a name is meaningful. Names are personal. A parent has the incredible privelege of choosing one for their child. That's only one of their very first tasks as a parent though. The rest of their child's young years they teach them about everything. Every parent teaches their child something. Be it Christianity, atheism, whatever, they're teaching them from their perspective. Throughout history people have named their children names that are meaningful to them often because of their faith. I pray that my little niece is blessed enough to understand someday what drew her parents to pick her name. It's part of her and her legacy. It is up to her what she does with that.
Now, if you couldn't speak English, you might think that this name sounds pretty, so there's no reason not to use it. Also, if you happened to be an English speaker who's spent his or her life under a rock and doesn't have the slightest clue about Christianity, you might think this is a cool, interesting name, even though you couldn't really understand what this ''Trinity'' thing is supposed to be. Of course, the people who use this tacky, corny, pompous name on their child know exactly what the ''Trinity'' refers to. Thus it's easy to guess that any parent using this name for their child is a religious nut, and wants the world to know it. So much so they'll incorporate their beliefs into the names of their children. If Trinity grows up to be an atheist, well, that's a funny thought indeed. She'll have to change her name if she ever becomes intelligent and ambitious and wants success.
I know that people have their own opinions, but trying to tell someone they need to change their name because it's 'too religious' or 'sounds weird', you're in the wrong. A parent has the freedom to name their child whatever they want to, nobody else should pressure them to pick another name because they're not religious, or because it sounds weird. My name is Trinity, and I was offended by that comment, and I'm not a religious person either. It makes no sense to say those types of things to a name that sounds weird to you, it's insulting. I love my name, I think it's unique and beautiful. The meaning of Trinity does not have to be based off of religion or faith.
This is such a beautiful name. I think I might use it as a middle name if I ever have a daughter.
Sounds like a stripper's name.
I don't like this name. When people say it, it almost always comes out pronounced "Trin-i-dee" instead of "Trin-i-tee".
While I will try not to be mean, I can't help but be honest: I'm not a fan. I picture girls with this name as becoming the opposite of what their parents intended - rebellious, not chaste.
Afmastro, "rebellious" and "chaste" are not opposites. A girl could easily be both rebellious and chaste.
I think Trinity is such a beautiful name. I love the sound of it. There's a girl at school named Trinity. If I ever have a daughter, I want to name her this!
It's a pretty name with a nice meaning, but for some reason I just couldn't imagine naming a person this.
I'm Christian, but I can't imagine naming my kid Trinity. I've never even heard of this name. Weird name for weirdos.
I like this name, but only for a girl. I knew a woman who named her daughter Trinity, not for religious meanings, but to represent their family-the Trinity of Mother, Father, and Child. I thought that was cool. Trinity does not necessarily have a religious meaning. It can just mean a group of three. That's what this woman and her boyfriend were going for.
I love it, but for a boy only.
I plan on naming my first daughter Trinity, I liked it before I knew it was religious. I also like it as a boy name, I had a friend that was named Trinity.
It's OK. It's not a bad name, but I don't think it's great either.
Trinity is such a beautiful name!
Trinity appeared on the top 1000 list in the 1970's. It came back on the top 1000 list in the 1990's. Its most popular year was 2004 and 2005 where it ranked 48.
I like the name. My brother said that if he ever had a daughter he would name her Trinity. Neither of us were raised religious - he just likes the way it sounds. I do too. I think the sudden popularity of it is making him take it off the list, which is unfortunate to hear because I think it's such a pretty and unique name.
I have to agree with the above 2 users, Trinity is a very beautiful name. I wish it were my name.
It's a pretty name. People shouldn't make such a conflict about this name because it has to do with religion. Seriously, I wouldn't be bothered by it, but that's just me. There's nothing wrong with this name. Others should come to respect the fact that parents will want to name their child Trinity.
Religion aside, just the name Trinity itself is a pretty name and too feminine for me to be used for a boy.
I am a Christian yet I would never give my child this name or a name like Genesis etc. We don't know what or how our children will believe when they grow up and I don't want to impose my beliefs on them by saddling them with a name with such strong and differing opinions. Just my personal preference.
Hmmm...lots of contraversy about this name. I think this is a nice name for either boys or girls. My best friend named her son this and I think it suits him just fine. Also, on the subject of religion, the Trinity symbol is used for various religions. Not just Christianity, but Wiccan and Pagan as well. In these religions the symbol represents the three-fold goddess in the three stages of life - maiden, mother, and crone and the circle stands for the never-ending lifecycle (life, death and rebirth). I also wear the triquetra symbol everyday, simply because I like celtic jewelry and I think it is a beautiful symbol (the point of this statement is that religion doesn't have anything to do with why I wear it or why many people decide to name their child this; we do it simply because we like it).
This is yet another fad name forced upon unfortunate little girls. I knew a burly guy in high school named Trinity and I thought the name suited him. For females, however, it's just plain weird. Since we're on the subject of religion here, what's that the Bible says about having a good name? (Yes, I know it's in reference to reputation rather than what your Mama picked out of a baby name book, but still...)
I named my beautiful daughter Trinity from the old western movie "Trinity, and Trinity is still my Name" because I liked that name. No one is going to tell me that it is bad to name her that because of God, I love god as our only god and I will would still name my daughter Trinity today.
My cousin's name is Trinity. I did not like it at first but now it is okay. Her brother's name is Dylan and I was not a big fan of that name either.
I believe that the name is beautiful. It is a beautiful name and I take pride in having the name Trinity because it is unique.
I think it's a wonderful way to remind people that Jesus is the ONLY way to the Father and if we follow after the Holy Spirit we will not be ashamed when we stand before Him.
No doubt the spike in popularity with the name Trinity has to do with the rise of fundamentalist Christianity in the United States.
I can do whatever I please myself to do! If that means calling my daughter Trinity then so be it. You don't own the rights of others!
I named my daughter Tinity Virginia. Yes I know it all means Father, son, holy ghost and then virgin. Didn't mean for it to come out this way. Trinity was just a favorite among my husband and I. Then Virginia was his grandma's name. But, to the fellow or gal who doesn't understand why anyone one would want to name their child Trinity. I am sure they have been called worse.
The Trinity does not include the Virgin Mary. It consists of three Persons with one Nature: The Father, The Son (Jesus), and The Holy Spirit (AKA The Holy Ghost).
Just so you know, there's only ONE God! I can't imagine anyone naming their child Trinity.
My daughter's name is Trinity. It's a beautiful name. She is beautiful! I can name my children what ever I like!!
One God, yes. The Christian belief is 3 people in one God. The Father, the Son (Jesus), and the Holy Spirit. People do not name their child this to be a heretic, it is a pretty name and not disrespectful.
Name of a female character in The Matrix. This probably contributed to it's popularity boost after 1999.

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