My granddaughter who just turned 17 is Tristin and she is doing very well with that spelling. I do not believe I have come upon a girl other than my granddaughter with the name Tristin, however plenty of boys with the spelling Tristan, Triston and Tristen.
Tristin works just fine as a boy's name. My nephew's name is Tristin and he does well with it. His short form is simply Trist.

Tristin (form of Tristan) was actually the name of an Arthurian knight so it was claimed by the boys centuries before the girls began to be named such.

See also Tristan and Isolde.
Tristin is not just a boy name, it is also a girl name. I know at least five girls named this, including my daughter. So you might want to change your listing of this name to female too. It sounds more like a girl name to me anyways, my friends agree. Besides, what would a boy nickname for this be? Tristi? Trista? It may not matter to you, but it matters to us girls named Tristin. So make this a boy/girl name, please!

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