It would be perfect for a character’s name in a manga and an anime.
Never heard of this name before, but I really like it. Though the pronunciation "tsoo-bah-may" sounds better to me, though is totally wrong. Haha..

Honestly I only 'heard' of this name because I was looking up a music theme of a video game character whose name was Tsubakura, and I thought it was Tsubame. I wasn't even close, but this name grew on me anyway.
About the above post- it is pronounced "Tsu-bah-may'.
I've lived in Japan for over 11 of the past 16 yrs. And have NEVER met anyone named Tsubame either here or in my interactions with Japanese people outside of the country.
This is the name of a character in the popular Naruto fan fiction "Second Chance".
It means "SWALLOW THE BIRD!?" Well, I can see why this isn't used for real people then! Especially not in vegetarian families, right? Like who wants to eat a fluffy bunch of feathers, eh?

Oh wait. The BIRD called Swallow! Okay, nevermind then.
I have never met a person who has this name. It may be good for some comic characters, but a bit funny for a real person.

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