It's so pretty. The thunder connection is fine by me. It sounds soft but firm. Beautiful ❤️❤️.
Anyone who thinks that a Hungarian word for "fairy" is meant to be at all "delicate" has obviously never read any Hungarian folk tales. Hungarian fairies were known to be beautiful AND dangerous like the forces of nature they embodied. And some even flew around in thunderclouds, making the "strong" English word "thunder" surprisingly apropos with this name. The more you know...
At first glance I thought it said "Thunder." I find it interesting how this name closely resemblances such a strong English word, yet has such a delicate meaning.
Actually, it's toon-DAIR.
Pronounced tyin-DAIR.
I think it's a pretty sweet name. I have no idea how to pronounce it though. Ton-DER (?), ton-dAIR, toon-dAIR (whatever, it's awesome!)
Wow. No related names. No comments. A loner name.

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