Toooo short!
"Ty" means "you" in Polish xddd.
The pronunciation is completely different: Ty - /tɨ/
I have a good friend that goes by this. It's his full name and he doesn't mind. For nicknames me and my friends call him T Y. It was kind of good that this was his full name since his best friend was named Tyler. Personally, I would just have it as nickname and only a nickname.
Say Ty (thank you!) to your mother if your name is Ty! ;)
Ty (thank you)!
Ty, go tie your tie!
Ty sounds very masculine however I prefer the spelling Tigh than just Ty.
Ty, in my opinion is the best name. I personally have known a couple Ty's in my days- they're such a delight. They're the kind of people who will give you a quarter for lunch or at least back in my day. One time Ty the guy even gave me a hug when my dog left me for Susan. But personally, you can't blame the dog. Susan had bacon nips. Basically Ty is the man for the job. It is not too short not too long.
This name is okay I guess. There was this one kid in my class named Ty but his last name started with a Y so his initials would by TY. When the teacher told us to do our initials on something, he would write Ty, and people would be like, "Write your initials! Not your name!" And he would be like "I am!" so this name is a little short and weird to me.
It's nice if it's used as a nickname for Tyler or Tyrell, but it's far too short and minimalist to be used as a full name,
I like the sound of Ty but in my opinion it's better to be used as a short form of names beginning with Ty (Tyler, Tyson, Taichi...). Ty is a cool name, though! :)
In text-talk, the abbreviation 'Ty' means 'thank you'. Whether you find that cute or tacky is up to you.
A famous bearer was baseball player Ty Cobb (1886-1961), who I can't believe hasn't been mentioned here. His real first name was Tyrus, however.
I'll admit to thinking it's a cute nickname, though I can't stand it as a first name.
To me Ty seems like a weird spelling. So I much prefer Tai as a short form of Taison. In my opinion, that spelling kind of takes away the trashy feeling that Ty or Tyson has.
Sounds far too minimalist and trashy.
This is also a diminutive girl's name, short for girl's names like Tyra. I actually do prefer it as a girl's name, but I don't like Tyra as a name.
The main character is named Ty in the video game "Ty the Tasmanian Tiger".
I like the way it looks. It also reminds me of Tyson chicken.
I like it best as a nickname for Tycho.
I don't like it as a full first name, or even as a middle name. Actually, I don't like it per se. You should name your son Tyler and call him Ty if you feel like it. Too minimalist, too youthful, and quite lower middle class in sound and look.
Ty means "you" in Czech and Slovak.
I love this name! It's short and to the point! My best friend's name is Ty and I think it suits him very well!
I think this is a great name.
I named my son Ty. I've always said that he will be the first one in kindergarten to spell his name.
My friend Ty is short for Tyson and it suits him so well. Only his mom calls him Tyson and no one else. I really like the name!
Ty Pennington, the "team leader" on the show Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, is a famous bearer of this name. ;)
A good first name for a kid whose last name is just ridiculously long, like my friend who has this name. Also the company that makes Beanie Babies. (Ty, Inc.)
If you ask me, it looked like a variant of "Cyrus". :)
I like the name Ty. I have a cousin by the name of Tyrus, and still to this day I don't know the exact meaning of his name. But it is truly a good name for a little boy.

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