My last name is also Tyrone. As above mentioned my father told me that his ancestors were also from Ireland. I never knew all that other history. I may look into it now that my interest is peaked. We may be related so how down the line. We live is Louisiana now and there are a few of us Tyrone’s around here. But a lot of people mix our names up and assume our first name is Tyrone and find it hard to believe it could be a last name.
Tyrone is the most superior of all names.
I have a cousin called Tyrone. It is a great name.
Gross and low class.
I don't like the sound of it.
So many racist stereotypes, I wouldn't use it.
It’s a decent name but the stereotypes that are stuck to it are miserable.
How about Fermanagh, Tipperary, Westmeath or Offaly? (Really wouldn't recommend that last one!)

(As always, I'm only making fun WITH names, not OF them.)

(I had Limerick in there at one point, but it turns out that HAS been used as a first name.)
In 2018, 40 is the most common age for an American (U.S.) Tyrone who is registered male with the Social Security Administration. It is the 643rd most common male first name for living U.S. citizens.
I'd rather name my kid Tyrone than Tyler because it's more unique and less common.
I'm afraid it's a very stereotypical name.
My name is Tyrone Smith and being a white male in the south (Atlanta, Ga) hasn't been easy and I say that because the whites think you're black before meeting you and the blacks feel like you're trying to trick them when they do meet you. But I love my name, its meaning is strong and powerful- absolute ruler or tyrant/(sovereign). It's also been a great tool to sort out and avoid the racists. The name was passed down through the Irish side of my Irish/Cherokee family.
My last name is actually Tyrone, my great aunt wrote books about my bloodline's past. We originated in Ireland and apparently one of my ancestors were king O'Neal who lead a fight against England and even got help from Spain. Our family's last name used to be O'Neal but one of the queens of England were hunting us down so we had to change our last name to Tyrone which is also the name of a county in Ireland.

We ended up in America and our family had slaves, when the slaves were freed they took our last name because they didn't have a name of their own. My grandparents and father were in Texas and they came to California when my father was about 8 months old.

We are even related to the actor in the show called "Tyrone Power" and one of the founders of a huge tech company called "Intel". My father even ran for state assembly.

So, now we are in California and everyone seems to think I am African American because of my last name.
I hope this has been educational for you!
This name become popularized in the United States circa 1938 due to the American actor Tyrone Power. There are actually quite a few people with the name "Tyrone Power" in fact. Tyrone Power was a huge star up to the time he died in 1958. I don't think when people name their child Tyrone they are naming him after a county. Tyrone Power pronounced his name terOWN.
I consider this name to be very strong and masculine. Much more handsome for a male than the overused and modern sounding Tyler.
Tyrone Turtle, a character in Tiny Toon Adventures.
Tyrone Power (born Tyrone Edmund Power Jr.) was an American actor.
Somehow, naming your child after American states is trashy, but with Irish counties, it's a whole different story. Tyrone has an ugly sound, and reminds me of bullies and chavs. Eoghan is a lot more pleasant sounding than Tyrone. Besides, this name is only used in English-speaking countries. I think that it's strange to name your child after a county in a country you have no connections to whatsoever. What's next? Mayo? Sligo? Roscommon? Have to admit, Monaghan sounds pretty nice, though.
Regarding the above comment, Tyrone HAS been used in Ireland. It was a family name in actor Tyrone Power's family, who was from there. It might have not been originally Irish, but it has been used there. After all, there are Kerrys in Ireland, even though that's a county too!
Erykah Badu has a song called "Call Tyrone". It is essentially about Erykah having a boyfriend who always hangs out with his friends, including one called Tyrone. She is dumping him and tells him to 'call Tyrone' to take him somewhere other than her house.
I know 2 people with this name and they both pronounce it as Tye-rown.
Bwahahaha, this name always makes me think of trashy, dimwitted criminals.
Stephen Colbert of "The Colbert Report" has the middle name Tyrone.
I think it should be pronounced: tie-rhone.
The name was also made famous by an actor in the 50's, by the name of Tyrone Power.
I always think of this name as athletes! There are so many players that share this name!

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