I really love this name, but it wouldn't be suitable if you lived in USA or somewhere that speaks English. It sounds and looks too much like undie, which is short for underwear in English. I really suggest this name if you live in a place that doesn't speak English.
Unusual, rare name. Interesting and feminine. I like this name! Undine has beauty!
Undinė means "mermaid" in Lithuanian.
It's very pretty.
Odd, but it’s quite nice for literature. A lot better than Ondina.
Strange name.
It's really pretty.
I love this name and I have no idea why I like it so much but the history and associations are awesome and I think it would make a very cute middle name for a little girl.
Undine is the name of a novella by Friedrich de la Motte Fouqué. The titular protagonist, Undine, is a nymph who desires to gain a soul. She falls in love with a knight, but he later leaves her for another woman. The story has a tragic ending that never fails to bring a tear to my eyes.
I love learning about names and I think this is an amazing site but I really wish ALL the names had audio pronunciations with them. This name is a great example. I've heard people pronounce it several different ways but is it correct to pronounce it in its original language? I personally like it with the "ee" sound on the end but I have no idea if that's correct.
In the video game Undertale, the character Undyne's name is likely a variant of Undine.
I don't know, I just don't like this name for some reason. I can't put my finger on exactly why, but I think it's just the entire name in general.
Undine is certainly an unusual name and I know because my name also Undine. As I know no one else with the name I asked Google and came up with the name Undine Giuseppi who was born in Barbados in July 1917 and died in November 2006 aged 89. She was an educator and writer who loved English and wrote a book called Backfire which was a book of poetry for Caribbean schools. I pronounce my name Undeen where my mum would have preferred Oondeen and I had my fair share of name calling as a child.
One word, Ugly.
I think Undine seems like a really badass and cool name! :D.
It is a very beautiful name... but it still makes me shiver, because of a horrible congenital disease called Ondine's curse (Ondine being a variant of Undine). People with Ondine's curse have an inborn failure of autonomic control of breathing, which means that they stop breathing when they fall asleep (so they always have to sleep connected to a ventilator), or, in the most severe cases, that they have to actively control their breathing all the time.
This name, with the spelling Undīne, is used (albeit rarely) in Latvia. According to the Population Register of Latvia (PMLP) there are 329 women in Latvia who have the name Undīne.
I really love the name Undine- but I prefer the spelling: Ondine. Because Undine does look like underwear (which is unfortunate). Ondine doesn't that have that problem. If you can look past that however, no matter how you spell it, the name is very pretty and unique! I love the connection with water!
Unfortunately it looks like undies, like underwear. That'd be an unfortunate nickname.
I pronounce it Uhn-DYE-N / Uhn-DIE-N / Uhn-DINE.
In general, I think that it is a mysteriously beautiful name... were it not for the fact that it is made-up-- which completely takes away the elegance. Nor do I like the recent surge in anime/manga characters taking this name... it is not Japanese, dears. Because of that: it now attracts the obsessive followers of the book(s) and/or television show/movie.It should be left to Paracelsus-- he created it, he may use it freely in his literature.
I like the sound of Undine, but prefer it as a middle name. I think Orinoco Undine sounds amazing--"orinoco wave." True, waves aren't common in rivers, but still--I like the fact that Undine means "wave."
I think this name is quite strange and quirky; I don't mind this name in general, but I think it would suit somebody who was ultra-modern in persona and attitude. :)
In the anime ARIA, "Undine" is the name given to the gondoliers of Neo-Venezia.
A variation of this name, Ondine, was used by actor Robert Olivio, a Warhol superstar who appeared in "Chelsae Girls," "Loves of Ondine" and other films.
I've only ever heard it pronounced un-deen.
I've always heard it pronounced oon-DEE-nee.
This name is used in so many animes and video games that it's just funny now! Always a water spirit of some sort in these games. The most recent game I can think of is Tales of Symphonia.

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