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Gender Feminine
Pronounced Pron. VAW-leh-ree-aw(Hungarian)

Meaning & History

Portuguese, Hungarian and Slovak form of VALERIA.

Related Names

Masculine FormValério(Portuguese)
Other Languages & CulturesValeria(Ancient Roman) Valeriya, Valeryia(Belarusian) Valèria(Catalan) Valerija(Croatian) Valérie, Valerie(Czech) Valerie, Val, Valarie, Valary, Valorie(English) Valérie(French) Valeria, Valerie, Valeska(German) Valeria(Italian) Valērija(Latvian) Valerija(Lithuanian) Waleria(Polish) Valeria(Romanian) Valeriya, Lera(Russian) Valerija(Serbian) Valerija(Slovene) Valeria(Spanish) Valeriya, Lera(Ukrainian)
Same SpellingValèria
User SubmissionsValería, Valerià


Name Days

Hungary: April 28
Slovakia: June 20
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