I really love this name! I know a lovely guy named Valentine, and I think it's a great name with very interesting vibes to it. However, might be a rough name to grow up with, maybe.
Valentine is also used for girls (with the English pronunciation). In "Ender's Game" the main character's sister is named Valentine.
I really like it! I think it goes really well on a boy but it also goes for a girl too! (in my opinion)
I may be a little biased as I do choose to go by the name Valentine, but I've always loved it. It's just got this mysterious ring to it, and it works perfectly as a unisex name. My advice for any parent or trans person considering choosing this name, I think it's wonderful, and it doesn't have to be gendered if you don't want it to be!
I love the name Valentine for a boy. I think it’s a very lovely name.
I love this for a boy. Nickname would be Val.
Valentine is also the Georgian form of Valentinus, but the name is extremely rare in Georgia. For example, I could find only one bearer on Facebook, and his surname was Gogichashvili (written in Latin script, not Georgian script).

Instead, Georgians use the name Valentin, which has come to Georgia via Russian influence. Even Valentin is rare in Georgia, however - but it is certainly used more often than Valentine.

In Georgia, Valentin is written as ვალენტინ and Valentine is written as ვალენტინე.

- (in Georgian)
- see the entry for Valentine: (in Georgian; this is a list of male saints whose name starts with V)
- Orthodox bishop and saint Valentine: (in Georgian)
- (general):
Way too associated with the holiday. I prefer Valentina for a girl and Valentin for a boy.
Valentine Morgenstern from Shadowhunters. End of story.
Good name for boys.
Valentine is a cute and elegant name, but only for girls. I think it’s too much for a boy because it seems too girly and romantic. For a boy, I prefer Valentín or Valentinus. This name is definitely girly and graceful.
I personally like the name Christmas better.
Valentine is the middle name of my father (b:1925). It was the first name of his father (1893-1973), his grandfather and also great grandfather. My dad's father was the first generation born in the USA (he served in the US Army in WWI). His forefathers were born in Germany. It is interesting that this essentially English name was given to Germans going back to the 1700's. Spelled the same throughout the generations. For those who think a man with this name is a weakling or fits some of the other descriptions used by other commenters, my 93 year old father stands 6'3" weighs 200 lbs and is a U.S. Marine Corps veteran (WWII & Korea) and built our family home with his own hands among many other accomplishments. A name is what you make it.
This is the name of an overly commercialized holiday that isn't really about love, but about the pockets of florists and other businesses. A boy named Valentine will be teased mercilessly.
I'm surprised no one has mentioned it yet... but there was a character in Fallout Four named Nick Valentine (not a toaster) who helps you find your son, Shawn. He's a synth and has his own detective agency in the heart of Diamond City. Valentine can be set as a companion (and he's just pretty cool. A synth as a companion //SPOILER WARNING x"D//
Who is actually a cop from 2077 with his memories put into a robot to stay alive as an experiment? So sad but so cool).
Except for the holiday and of course, the saint, I have never really given this name much thought. However, I recently came across this novel where the hero was named Valentine. I have grown to love the name. I agree with a previous poster that it sounds romantic, like a name from a storybook but it does not sound silly or "weak" at all. It conjures an image of a handsome, manly, intelligent, well-mannered, sophisticated man.
The name Valentine was given to 31 boys born in the US in 2015.
As a first name I much prefer Valentine on a woman. However, I do think it makes a classy male middle name - and as a middle name, the association with Valentine's Day isn't quite as strong.
I actually like this name a lot, even though it's heavily associated with the holiday, but who cares!
Valentine is a classy, beautiful, blessed, very handsome, and romantic name for a boy. ^-^
To the anonymous poster saying this is a boys name: only in English is this considered a male name. In fact the suffix "ine" is a feminization of the suffix "in" which makes this a feminization of the name Valentín. It's not fair to say this is a boys name that's gone to the girls, St. Valentine is St. Valentinus, Valentín and Valentino in other languages.

I think it's a great name male or female.
This is supposed to be a boy's name! This trend of giving girls masculine names is so annoying! But I don't think if ever in a million years name my son Valentine, teasing is completely unavoidable with a name like this. But I do know a man whose middle name is Valentine.
I MUCH prefer this on a boy. When used on a girl it sounds like an incredibly immature self-centered rich girl. It's a wonderful name for a boy- I think. Only drawback is the teasing. It's just too associated with V-day. At least for a first name! I wouldn't hesitate to use this in the middle spot. :)
I had to laugh out loud when I read that someone here thinks it's strong on a guy. It's the most feminine sounding name I've ever heard. I like it on a girl.
Valentine Michael Smith is the full name of the main character in Robert Heinlein's novel "Stranger in a Strange Land."
Such a strong and masculine name! Also, of course, undeniably romantic. I love it.
I like Valentinus better for a boy, but it's a bit of a mouthful, as the "us" comes off as pompous to most people.
In the film "By Hook or by Crook," Valentine is the main character, a female to male transvestite.
Valentine is also the name of Maximillian Morrel's lover in "The Count of Monte Christo".
This is my daughter's name (taken from her grandfather's middle name). We got a lot of grief from family members because it is unusual and people either love it or hate it. We call her Val or Valley. Take my advice: don't tell relatives names until after the child is born, have fun with names and if the first name is unusual keep the middle name simple, in case s/he wants to go by something more traditional.

Bonus: she gets lots of gifts on V-Day.
I really prefer the name Valentine for a guy to a girl. A girl makes it seem vaguely annoying and vain, and incredibly delicate. For a guy it comes off as strong as it should.
I like this name a lot. It sounds so classy! But the problem is that there would definitely be some very immature people who would never give a child named Valentine a momet's peace. *Sigh* . . . Another good name destroyed.
In the movie Mirrormask, one of the main characters was named Valentine.
It's the name of Ender Wiggin's sister from the book Ender's Game by Orson Scott Card. I think it's better for a girl than a guy.
Makes me think of the song "My Funny Valentine" :-)

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