This name is pretty, but only in languages other than English, because no matter how anyone tries to spin it here, this name really does sound like a disease in English- and not malaria- but it makes me think of the word 'venereal', and we'll just leave it at that. Down-arrow all you like, but please do consider that I'm not the only English-speaking person who believes this about this name before you decide to place it on an actual human being.

Again... the name is lovely in other languages, for instance, Spanish. If, for instance, I met a Spanish woman or child with this name, I would love it. This might be one of those names that can't or shouldn't cross over.
Also Russian and Belarusian:
The nickname Val is cool on someone named Valeria but honestly I feel like Vale is better.
Beautiful name. Valerie and Valérie are also great alternative names to this one.
The name "Valeria" may sound like "Malaria" yet there are countries that the name "Valeria" sounds like also.
Siberia (a geographical region of the country Russia)

Yes, my name is Valeria and I deeply love my name.
I really like the name, not too common at all and to me, an Argentinian. It sounds like ballerina (I know the name is with "v" and the word with "B" but there is really not much difference here). When I think of this name I conjure up someone very creative that you can see her spark everywhere, very colorful, but mostly pastel tones.
Valerie is much better. Valeria feels needlessly frilly.
Also Languedocian: --- Source: Institut d'Estudis Occitans
I first encountered this gorgeous name borne by the niece of an Italian opera singer. It seems fitting. It’s a dramatic, sultry name with lovely connections to valor as well as valerian root (an herb with pleasant and ancient uses). I suspect those who relate it to diseases are marginally literate since the roots of the words have nothing to do with one another and don’t look alike.
Strong name! One of the best names for females. Mature, has class, strong and just beautiful name! I like this name a lot. Valeria is great!
Much prefer Valencia.
Valeria is also Russian and Bulgarian, sometimes used alongside Valeriya in Russia. The diminutive form of Valeria in Russian is Lera. The name day for Valeria in Russia is June 20. The name day for Valeria in Bulgaria is June 7.

Scripts: Валерия (Russian), Валерия (Bulgarian)
I am a Valeria and always loved my name. The only person who would mock me as Valeria-Malaria is my mum and I though it was funny!
Also Corsican:
You'll find numerous bearers on social media.
Also used in Estonia:
It sounds like Malaria. I would never make my child go through that.
I’d be a more compassionate mom and take my time choosing a name that’s original, simple, and beautiful,.. like mine,...Laila. My mom is amazing in every way. Thanks Mom.
Sounds very pretty in Spanish! I have two friends named this and they are both very funny and nice people :)
I named my daughter Valeria in 2019 and received so many ugly comments from my own mother. That it rhymes with malaria and diarrhea if pronounced Val-ler-ria. Anyway I was quite disgusted how someone could make fun of a name that much and actually cares that much to do so when it’s not her child. Not everyone is going to like the names parents pick but THEY are the parents of their child and are allowed to name as they wish. I find it a very strong unique name. We call her Lera and Leri at times and it fits her well. I don’t think she will grow up being mad and asking her parents why they named her after a disease but one, Valeria is not malaria and two, we will will educate her on the origin of her name which in my opinion is beautiful.
Valeria and Valerie are both very nice names.
Hi, I'm Valeria. I personally think Valeria is confused for Valerie. I don't like that! VALERIA IS A BETTER NAME! PERIOD!
Valerie is much better.
I know a Valeria. It is pronounced Bahl-aye-ree-ah. Like malaria. But it's still pretty! Like a valentine, or Valerie. She is Hispanic.
Valyria (val-ER-ee-ə), often called Old Valyria, is the historical site of a city in Essos, once the capital of a great empire called the Valyrian Freehold in the 'A Song of Ice and Fire' novels by George R. R. Martin. The city of Valyria was destroyed by a cataclysmic event known as the Doom of Valyria a century before Aegon's Landing. It is the ancestral home of three of Westeros' noble houses, most notably House Targaryen.
I don't like the nickname Val, but this is pretty. It reminds me of Valentina and Erica.
In the Game of Thrones books there is a language called Valyrian, which sounds like Valeria.
Valeria is beautiful is SPANISH (Vah-LEH-ria, accent on the LEH) and does not rhyme with any disease in Spanish. The word malaria is pronounced Mah-lah-ria, not mah-leh-ria. In any case, I'd prefer none of you name your daughters Valeria so mine will be unique.
Valeria Archimó is an Argentine theater dancer, supervedette, choreographer and theater creative director. She is known for participating in many dance competitions, including the Second Dance World Championship in which she ended in 3rd place alongside her dance partner, Juan Leandro Nimo. Archimó is also known for her work and is many times compared with fellow supervedettes, Adabel Guerrero and Mónica Farro.
Valeria Gastaldi is an Argentine singer, and also a former member of the pop group Bandana.

Gastaldi was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. She started singing early in life, and later studied in Stella Adler Studio of Acting in New York.

Her life in professional music began when she was selected through reality TV show Popstars to form an all female pop group, later to be named Bandana.

The group released three studio albums, though would dissolve in 2004. In 2007, she released a solo album through Universal Music Latino, Cuando No Estas.
Valeria Kozlova better known as Lera Kozlova is a Russian musician most famous for her work with the pop-rock band Ranetki where she provided the vocals and played the drums. After a three year stint in the band with one full album and a live album, she was forced to leave the band during the recording of the second album by the band's producer Sergey Milnichenko.
My name is Valeria, pronounced as Vaa-le-riaa. I was always taunted for my name because of how much it sounds like malaria; even today it sometimes happens. I am Tanzanian and was named after my aunt who had passed away a few years before I was born. I personally love my name and the way it is pronounced, despite the opinions of what other people think. This link shows how my name is pronounced compared to the way other people pronounce it or think its pronounced:
In Russian, a diminutive of the name is Lera, pronounced LYE-ra. [noted -ed]
Valeria: All the gods, they cannot sever us. If I were dead and you were still fighting for life, I'd come back from the darkness. Back from the pit of hell to fight at your side.

Valeria is a pirate and adventuress (a member of The Red Brotherhood of pirates) in the fictional universe of Robert E. Howard's 'Conan the Barbarian' stories. She appears in Robert E. Howard's Conan novella 'Red Nails', serialized in Weird Tales 28 1-3 (July, August/September & October 1936). This was the last Conan story written by Howard, and published posthumously. The name was also used for Conan's love interest in the 1982 film 'Conan the Barbarian', portrayed by actress Sandahl Bergman.
Valeria Lukyanova is a Moldovan-Ukrainian model, notable for her resemblance to the Barbie doll. She's described as a "human Barbie".
Valeria happens to be of Latin descent and is more common in Italy and Spanish-speaking countries. I love this name, and named my daughter Valeria, which is pronounced with an accent in the LE, so va-LE-ria (not va-le-REE-a). I have never associated the disease with it, and have never gotten any negative comments about my daughter's name. As a matter of fact, we quite frequently get compliments on it. It means "strong" in Latin, so it is a very nice name for a girl or person. Before naming my daughter, the only other Valeria I knew of was Valeria Mazza, an Argentinian supermodel, and one of the most beautiful women in the history of the world. To those who are not used to hearing it, get used to it. It's 2014 and due to globalization, many people from all parts of the world where other names are more common might cross your path. In particular, the Latin American population of the US is growing and will be the majority in the US in 2035. Latinos are already the majority in California. So you might be hearing Valeria and other Latin/Hispanic names more frequently in the future. :)
This name sounds a little strange to me since I'm so used to hearing Valerie.
It just reminds me of valerian root. Not that that's bad, I just wouldn't use it.
Valeria Golino is a Greek-Italian actress and director.
Personally, I am absolutely appalled at all of the people bashing the name for mere coincidental phonetic similarities to a disease. How utterly terrible. Both to the supporters of such and the bearers of the name. Constantly associating this name with such things will depress both you, and the people who happen to have the name and so have to deal with hearing such associations. I suppose it can't be helped for people who simply have an instant instinctual connection to it upon hearing the name, but I would please advise any such people to keep it to themselves. I know that I, for one, did not have such a reaction, and I would venture to say that there are many out there who feel the same. In case no one actually looked at the popularity and ratings, go do so to see my point. I myself, actually associate the first part of it (Val) with many splendid words such as valid, valuable, valour, valley, and various others. To be sure, there are indeed other names which begin with "Val" and there are indeed other words which with that beginning, but is there anything wrong with associating something with positivity for once? I think such practise should be more common, at any rate. Perhaps those with objections, need to relax a bit, and stop searching for ways in which they can depress both themselves and those around them whom they object to the mere name of. Though I suppose, many did not have to search to find it, and that it occurred to them naturally. But if this is the case, might they please keep such an opinion silent in the hopes that others might not make the same connection (as they are certainly more likely to do so if they read about someone else who did)? All that blathering about it will accomplish is to give those who bear the name reasons to be saddened about it, as I am quite certain that those who have decided upon naming their child by it will most likely not be dissuaded from such petty remarks, especially if they have many other, more well founded reasons for choosing the name. I think it's a beautiful name, and it has a pleasant sound. A beautiful nickname for it (one which it shares with the name "Valentine") is "Val." Such a nickname goes along with my aforementioned positive associations. The purpose of this passage was merely to express my personal beliefs on the matter. If I have managed to offend anyone in doing so, I sincerely apologize. Thank you for your time.
My name is Valeria. I think having a "different" name has helped to make me a better person. I have found it interesting growing up. Some people seem close minded and some seem open minded, even to someone's name. Also, people often "correct" my name, so I have learned patience. I have been fortunate to travel the world so I am a more open minded American. I think it is a STRONG yet FEMININE women's name and I am PROUD of my name.
The form Valèria is used in Catalan.
It sounds too similar to malaria.
Valeria is a wonderful name in my opinion. It might be because (I thank my mother) named me Valeria. It is in fact pronounced vah-LEH-ryah or vah-LAY-ryah NOT bah-LE-ryah.
It's a wonderful unique name to name a child. And very proper for a adult. I will assure you a child will not be made fun of.
Great name. As it sounds like diarrhea.
Very unusual and quite interesting. :)
Valeria is the name of Conan's (Arnold Schwarzenegger) love interest in the movie "Conan the Barbarian." In it, she's a warrior thief with a tragic life.
I know someone who has a friend with this name. Her short name is Vali. I like it.
I met a girl one time who had this name, she was Peruvian, and she pronounced it va-LE-RI-uh, with a Spanish R.
Valeria is the name of Reed Richards's daughter from the Fantastic Four series.
This name reminds me a lot of the word malaria.
Valeria is pronounced vah-LEH-ryah not bah-LE-ryah. Some may mispronounce it, but it is still read vah-LEH-ryah. There is no 'b' present.
Sorry, but to me, this name sounds very pretentious and "ditzy" - like a none-too-bright, pretty, poor-little-rich-girl type. Plus it rhymes with "malaria" - how could you possibly go through life with a name that reminds people of a disease?!
I prefer this name to the overused and rather ditzy-sounding Valerie. This is much prettier. I don't believe this word is supposed to be prounounced like 'malaria'. In other languages than English, this certainly isn't pronounced much like it. But come on, ''muh-LA-ree-uh'' as opposed to ''vu-LEE-ree-uh''? Sure, there's a similarity, but at least not halfway through.
I would like it better if it was pronounced val-RAY-uh.
As pretty as it looks, it sounds a lot like malaria to me.
Sorry, but this name sounds like a disease.
It could be a short form of "Valeriana".
My name is Valeria and I live in the Netherlands. I used to wish my parents had called me something more conventional, but now I am very satisfied with my name. I find it original and very feminine. So don't worry about your kid being picked on, it's unlikely that will happen.
Valeria Raquel Mazza (born February 17, 1972) is an Argentine fashion supermodel.
Valeria Messalina, notoriously promiscuous wife of Roman emperor Claudius.
I LOVE THIS NAME! I first heard the name from the actress Valeria Golino who I think is so sexy. I got mixed reviews though from the people that I told that I like it. This woman who was originally from the Ukraine that I used to work with I told her I like that name and she couldn't believe it! She thought that the name was just as beautiful as I did! Which made me happy. But I told my Auntie and she said it sound like a malaria or some disease. I planned on naming my daughter Valeria Damaris, I adore it but I am afraid my little girl would get picked on. =(
It's very surprising to see this name rising in popularity so quickly! I wonder why it's becoming so popular in the US. Valeria is also a Russian name whose standard nickname is Lera (Le-ra with a soft l' sound and e as in pet).
Beautiful and sophisticated.
Note: This name rhymes with Malaria!

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