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Gender Masculine
Scripts Валерий(Russian) Валерій(Ukrainian) Валерый(Belarusian)
Pronounced Pron. vu-LYEH-ryee(Russian)

Meaning & History

Alternate transcription of Russian Валерий, Ukrainian Валерій or Belarusian Валерый (see VALERIY).

Related Names

VariantsValeri, Valeriy(Russian) Valeriy(Ukrainian) Valeriy(Belarusian)
Feminine FormsValeriya(Russian) Valeriya(Ukrainian) Valeriya, Valeryia(Belarusian)
Other Languages & CulturesValerius(Ancient Roman) Valeri(Bulgarian) Valère(French) Valeri(Georgian) Valerio(Italian) Valērijs(Latvian) Walery(Polish) Valério(Portuguese) Valeriu, Vali(Romanian) Valerio, Valero(Spanish)
Same SpellingValéry
User SubmissionValery


People think this name is

mature   natural   wholesome   strange   simple   serious  

Name Days

France: April 1 (as Valéry)


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