It’s alright, but a little bland?
So handsome. I love how it sounds.
I am one of the few who own the title: Vaughn, I don't like the name but I'm still proud to bear it.
Vaun is a better spelling.
The name Vaughn was given to 259 boys born in the US in 2016.
More than 99.9 percent of people with the first name Vaughn are male.
Shaun's unmanly eccentric brother.
Beautiful to say, but the actual spelling isn't so attractive.
I like it I guess, it's very unique. Although it doesn't remind me of Vince Vaughn. I think it makes a better middle name personally, I knew a boy with this as his middle name and I always thought it was after Vince Vaughn :P.
Vaughn Martin is an American football player.
Name of a guy in Harvest Moon: Island of Happiness.
Stevie Ray Vaughan was a singer and guitarist. He sang "Pride and Joy" and "Rude Mood".
The spelling looks somewhat chaotic with all the consonants following one another, and I don't like the ''aw'' sound, especially in certain people's pronunciation this can sound very annoying, just like Dawn can.
I love it, it's different and soft and it generally goes with any first name that you put with it.
My loving boyfriend is named VAUGHN and now I think the name is STUNNING!
Vaughn is pronounced VAWN, the same as its variant Vaughan. [noted -ed]

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