This name is bad in English speaking places (for obvious reasons) but it's French so not much of a big deal.
Virginie Pouchain is a French singer who represented her country in 2006 Eurovision with "Il E'tait Temps". She automatically qualified due to being in the then Big 4 (France, Germany, United Kingdom, and Spain) but did not crack the Top 10.
Virginie Boutaud, also known mononymously as Virginie, is a French Brazilian singer, songwriter, and former model and actress, famous for being the vocalist of the new wave bands Metrô and Virginie & Fruto Proibido.
Virginie Fernandez, known by her stage name Virginie Ledoyen, is a French actress. Born in Aubervilliers, the daughter of Olga, a restaurateur, and Bernard Fernandez, a merchant who sold cleaning products. Her paternal grandfather was Spanish. She was a print model from the age of two and later took on the stage name "Ledoyen" after the maiden name of her maternal grandmother, who was a stage actress.
This name makes me think of a virgin girl... for example, we sometimes say things such as "oh look she's so princess-y"... well we can say "this girl is so virgin-y" as well. I don't like this name.
Virginie Amélie Avegno Gautreau (1859-1915) was the model for John Singer Sargent's painting "Portrait of Madame X", which caused a scandal when it was exhibited in 1884. She was a beautiful, stylish Parisian socialite who became notorious for her rumored infidelities.
Virginie is the name of one of General the Marquis de Lafayette's daughters. Lafayette was a French General who helped America win independence in the Revolutionary War, as well as being an important figure in the French Revolution.
Jeannie would be a nice nickname.
I love this name! It's so pretty, so feminine sounding! I like this better than I like the English version - Virginia - and that's saying something, as that's one of my favorites. Awesome name!
I adore the pronunciation of this name. It would make an excellent middle name. Some combinations I can think of are Anne Virginie, Marie Virginie, Lilly Virginie, etc.
Famous bearer: French model/actress Virginie Ledoyen.
Virginie is on the 2010 Atlantic hurricane name list. If the list goes down that far, which it usually doesn't, there will be a Hurricane or Tropical Storm Virginie.

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