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The name of the Slavonic god Svetovid is probably also confused with St. Vitus. [noted -ed]
In ancient Rome, it would be pronounced as WEE-toos.
Pronounced VIE-tus.
The band Black Sabbath has a song called The St. Vitus Dance. (The song, however, doesn't seem to me to be about St. Vitus.) There is also a heavy metal band that named itself after the song.
Pronounced VEE-tas.
I just wanted to add some info on Vitus:

1. a couple derivative forms of Vitus:
Guido (Italian)
Guy (French)
Veit (German)
You list/link Guido and Guy but you don't link them to Vitus. Interestingly, your info on Guy supports the link to Vitus, since 'witu' and 'wit' sound much closer to Vitus than to Guy. Also, at least some slavic languages don't have the letter 'w' which is substituted with a 'v,' making it even more evident.

2. Info on Vitus' legacy:
He is also the patron saint of Rijeka, Croatia (under Croatian form of Sveti Vid.) He is the patron saint of disorders of epileptics (early name for the disease chorea was called St. Vitus Dance).

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