I like it. I also like Vivienne.
Not as pretty as Viviana, but it is still beautiful!
Vivianne is also Swedish. The name day for Vivianne in Sweden is February 20.
Vivianne Stein is a dancer known for appearing on “Dance Moms” for season one and is the daughter of Cathy, who coaches the rival team.
I think this name is adorable and I love the spelling (so much more then Vivian). Sounds like a complex, pretty, upper class name to me.
I don't like this at all. Why would you add Anne? Vivian and Vivienne are much prettier and more sophisticated.
I liked Vivian but I now love this French variant so much more! It just rings out classy and sophisticated, and I love names that end in Anne. I also heard of this variant from the book The Strange and Wonderful Sorrows of Ava Lavender by Leslie Walton.
I love this name soooooooo much!
In my opinion, the most beautiful, classy, feminine and sophisticated name I've ever heard. I would pronounce it vivi-ANNE and am definitely going to use it for a daughter.
This looks like it should be pronounced vivi-ANNE. I prefer Vivian, and only that spelling. Vivienne, Vivien, Vivane, Vivyan, etc. Are just not my cup of tea.
I like it better spelled as Viviane, partly because it's the name Marion Zimmer Bradley used for the Lady of the Lake in Mists of Avalon.
Vivianne is a beautiful, elegant name.
Vivianne can be pronounced VIV-ee-anne, though I've also heard it with the stress on the last syllable (but a secondary one on the first).
I think that this is the most beautiful variation of Vivian. It looks very feminine, and could be shortened to Annie.

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