It's a good name to me, I don't think it's fair to let one bad apple spoil the rest of the bunch. Every name has good and bad people. Same goes with names like Adolf and Joseph. Awful people have had those names in the past, but that doesn't mean every person with those names are awful people, and I don't think it's fair to automatically associate people with those names with some of the most awful people to ever exist, especially those with names that are still common today.
It's my name. I'm from Latin America and always get asked why it's my given name. Many people just consider the negative associations. Please remember that there are so many other good Vladimirs (including its variants, like Volodymyr) out there - Vladimir Nabokov, Vladimir the Great (Saint Vladimir), Vladimir Guerrero! The name can mean "ruling with peace," or "ruler of the world." Vladimirs across history have chosen either side. Most have chosen peace.
Vladimir Kramnik (1946-present) is a Chess Grandmaster hailing from Russia. He held the title for Classical World Chess Champion from 2000 - 2006, and the invincible World Chess Champion title from 2006 - 2007.
I think some of y'all are overreacting with the Putin association. Like, c'mon, him and the Ukrainian president have the same name, just different variants.
It sounds like a strong name to me. I like it!
Let's be honest with ourselves. Vladimir Putin will go down in history as a murderous dictator who is determined to send Eastern Europe back to the the Dark Ages. I'm sure many Russian parents will continue to give it to their sons regardless, or because Putin is indeed their godlike hero. I would never have used it bad associations aside, but now the association is too strong for me. I get angry when I hear it.
For the person who said "Let's be honest with ourselves. Vladimir Putin will go down in history as a murderous dictator..." as a justification for writing off this Ancient Slavic name, and that the name Vladimir alone makes you angry, I might agree with you but how about George Bush who launched a vicious military attack on Iraq that resulted in the slaughter and displacement of thousands and thousands and thousands of men, women and children? Should we erase the name George for his war mongering? Do you get angry every time you hear the name George, or do Iraqis not count?
How very Western centric of you.
I like the name Vladimir, it is handsome and strong. I also like the name George. Good day.
I like this name so much. It's such a cool, badass, strong, regal and handsome name. I don't care for the association with Putin because it's so ruining this name.
It might be viewed as too “politically charged” outside of Russia/Eastern Europe, especially at this moment.
I really don’t think that Putin is going to ruin this name in the long run. It’s a very common name in Slavic countries. Vladimir Lenin didn’t stop people from using the name any more than Josef Stalin did the name Josef. Personally I like the name and see no problem with using it if you wish to honor your Russian/Slavic heritage. Maybe use one of its variants now though.
Vladimir Putin is ruining this used-to-be-good name as we speak, but other than that, it's alright.
/ˈvɫa.di.mir/ in Macedonian [noted -ed]
Name of the day, 5/8/21.
This name is quite unique in the west outside of Russia and Eastern Europeans. This is my eldest nephew's name. My sister fell in love with this name, not sure why or how exactly- my guess is that she saw it in a book. She did not name him after Vladimir Putin or Lenin or even Vlad the Impaler. The reason most of you instantly think of vampires is because of Vlad the Impaler, the original Dracula in a sense whom Brom Stoker got his ideas from. Vladimir's nickname is Vlad and is the only Vladimir in his grade. This name is great- it sounds regal and powerful; sure it has some bad reputation with dictator Lenin or Vlad the Impaler but what name doesn't anymore. I mean there have been some cruel people with other names in the past and yet the names are still common today.
Sounds like a vampire name. It's okay!
Vladimir Semyonovich Vysotsky was a Soviet singer-songwriter, poet, and actor whose career had an immense and enduring effect on Soviet culture.
Vladimir Komarov was a Soviet cosmonaut who died in 1967, when the chutes failed on the Soyuz-1 spacecraft. He is known as the first person to die during a space mission.
Vladimir Guerrero Sr. Is a Dominican former professional baseball player who was inducted into the baseball Hall of Fame in 2018.
Vladimir Romanyuk is a Russian programmer. He is the developer of the 2019 space simulation game SpaceEngine.
Sounds strangely handsome to me for some reason. I love it.
My boyfriend’s name is Vladimir, he’s Russian. At first I must say it sounded pretty weird and it was weird saying it out loud. Now my impression and love for him has shaped my opinion on this name. I find it extremely masculine and radiating of authority. I absolutely love it.
Makes me think of a short bald man who becomes a crazy president.
I'm surprised to see that Vladimir Lenin isn't in the Evildoers section on the namesakes page. He killed the Russian royal family, created one of 20th century's most murderous regimes, served as its first dictator and committed large scale mass killings, torture, persecutions, executions and genocide. He also started the concentration camps called Gulags where countless people were starved, tortured and worked to death. His revolution and rule led to the deaths of millions of people. He was incredibly evil and cruel. He is one of the biggest mass murderers ever. He was certainly an evildoer.
I really like this name. I also love how it means "famous". Although I see the mass murderer, monster and dictator Lenin as something to bring the name down and give negative associations I still think this is a very good name.
Vladimir Tod is the main character in the book series "The Chronicles Of Vladimir Tod." Vladimir Tod is a vampire, of course. (My edgy, goth side really likes the series though.)
I think of a villain when I hear this name, no offense.
Powerfull name! This is the most masculine, strong, cool and classy name I have ever heard. And I'm definitely not thinking about the vampires.
Vladimir translated from Old Bulgarian means "to rule the peace"
The first bearer of the name is the Bulgarian Tsar Vladimir Rassate (889-893).
Vladimir Volfovich Zhirinovsky is a Russian politician and leader of the Liberal Democratic Party of Russia. He is fiercely nationalist and has been described as "a showman of Russian politics, blending populist and nationalist rhetoric, anti-Western invective and a brash, confrontational style". His views have sometimes been described as fascist.
Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin is the current President of the Russian Federation, holding the office since 7 May 2012. He was Prime Minister from 1999 to 2000, President from 2000 to 2008, and again Prime Minister from 2008 to 2012. During his second term as Prime Minister, he was the Chairman of the ruling United Russia Party.
Unless you're Eastern European, I'd recommend avoiding this, because it belongs to two of the most racist, sexist right-wingers in the world, Vladimir Putin and Vladimir Zhirinovsky. I'd advise choosing something else.
This is my best friend's name! I absolutely love it. It's a beautiful name with a nice history, even though it's very often associated with vampires. It really, though, makes one think of someone super mysterious.
Vladimir Borisovich Gabulov is a Russian-Ossetic association footballer who plays goalkeeper. He was part of Russia's Euro 2008 squad as the third choice goalkeeper.
Russian variant is secondary to the Ukrainian name Volodymyr which means Master of people ("Volod-ity = own, manage and "myr, myriany - people, in wider sense World... "myr" as a "peace" is the modern Russian translation"). It belongs to history, because of Volodymyr was foreign manager for Rus (not Russia.. Russia didn't even exist in that age, just stole name of great state)This is a Slavic name, not Russian, because Russians are only semi-slavics. Most of them are Tatars, Mongolians and only European part of Russian have some Slavic blood.So it would be right to give the proper meaning in Ukrainian (as true Slavic posteriors in modern world) name as a basic.
The name Vladimir was given to 167 boys born in the US in 2015.
I think it sounds quite cool and dark, like a powerful villain's name. Or the name of an anti-hero who goes by Vlad. Either way, I really like it.
I think the information provided below is not accurate. The piece about "Christianize Russia" is totally incorrect, as if we go back to the 11th century, there is no country "Russia". You should have referred to Kievan Rus at least. You can check any source about the history of Kievan Rus to confirm that Russia and Kievan Rus are totally different meanings. [noted -ed]
I am in love with this name and I'm sure gonna give one of my sons the name Vladimir, even though I'm Nigerian.
Vladimir also translates to "To rule with great power."
Vladimir Mayakovsky was a famous Soviet poet.
I don't know why, but I think of vampires.
Vladimir Ranskahov in the 2015 Netflix 'Daredevil' series. Along with his brother Anatoly, he heads the Russian mob in Hell's Kitchen. He is portrayed by Nikolai Nikolaeff.
I like the name Vladimir a lot. It's sounds very handsome and classy.
Vladimir Blade (also known as Tsurugi Yuuichi) is a character in Inazuma Eleven GO Chrono Stone.
Two words: Vladimir Putin.
This name has a very strong meaning. By far the strongest. Very masucline and attractive.
Its wonderful that this name has existed almost a thousand years! I really love this name~ ( >//v//< )
I think it goes without saying that only people of Slavic/EastEuro ancestry should use this name on their child. Anyone else will look stupid, like they're trying too hard to be different. So that puts it out of the question for most Anglophones in my eyes. Anyway- it's a beautiful and strong name for a boy with a positive meaning, so I would use it if I have a son.
Vladimir Putin -- Russian president.
The name Vladimir was given to 147 baby boys born in the US in 2012.
Vladimir (1847-1909) was the son of Alexander II of Russia and the younger brother of Emperor Alexander III of Russia.
David Burliuk (1882-1967) and Vladimir (1886-1916) were Russian painter brothers. There was another brother Nikolai (1890-1920) and two sisters: Lyudmila and Nadezhda.
The first thing I think when I hear this name is Vladimir V. Putin, despite a fact that I know a lot persons with this name.
Pronounced VLAH-dee-meer in Croatian (all syllables short). [noted -ed]
Love this name! Character Vladimir Todd from the Vladimir Todd series has this name, an he is a vampire. The original Count Dracula, Vlad the impaler of Romania also has this name.
Yes, it's a little vampire-ish, but I still love it! It has such a great sound and meaning, very Eastern European, and it's been one of my favorites for the past ten years! Vladimir is such an awesome name.
How strange it is that so many people find this name vampire-like. I guess to Slavic people it has a totally different context and sound than to non-Slavs. As many have stated I believe it has a very noble and powerful sound - rarely do you find a name that means and sounds the same.
This name makes me think of vampires as well--it's why I love it so much! =P I think I'll use this name, too.
WWE wrestler Vladimir Kazlov is a famous bearer of this name.
I noticed a lot of people think this name is rather vampiric, so on a side note Vladimir is the name of one of the Romanian vampires in Stephenie Meyer's book Breaking Dawn.
No offense to Russians, but this name looks strict and mean.
My nickname. People call me this name because I look like a vampire. But to be honest I really like the name so it's fine.
Vladimir Putin is, as of this moment, the president of Russia. His term expires on May 7th, 2008.Vladimir was also the first name of renowned Russian revolutionary leader Lenin. His real name was Vladimir Ulyanov.
A famous bearer of the name is Vlad Topalov, of the Russian band SMASH!
The Slavic word "mir" has a twofold meaning: 1. Peace and 2. World, universe. Therefore the appropriate translation of Vladimir is rather "ruler of the world" than "to rule with greatness" or "to rule with peace".
The modern Bulgarian pronunciation is vlah-dee-MEER.
Vladimir is the Christian name of a Bulgarian king ("êíÿç Âëàäèìèð", with the Pagan name of Hrasate) who ruled Bulgaria between 889 and 893, soon after the convertion of Bulgarians into Christianity and long before the Russian king Vladimir (980-1015) who was later canonozed as Saint Vladimir.
I think this name is really cool, but vampires and goths do spring to mind when I hear it.
Vladimir means "one that rules the world".
A very sexy name. But it does sound a little vampire-ish.
You were right about the origins of this name, and if you put the two words together you get "Volodymyr", which was the real name of the prince that baptized Rus. The name is still used in Ukraine. Any idea when and why Russians started using "Vladimir" instead? My guess is during Tzar Peter's times, when many changes in names occured, including names of cities.
Vladimir Horowitz is a famous bearer. He was a great pianist; born in Ukraine, he played in Russia from 1920, but then left the country in 1925. He had a unique career, and he died in New York in 1989.
I can only think of vampires when hearing this name even though Vladimir Nabakov is one of my favorite authors.
Vladimir Holstinin (Владимир Холстинин) plays the guitar with the Russian heavy metal group Aria (Ария).
Vladimir Voronin is the current president of Moldova.
I love this name. I'm sorry but I really do. It sounds so nice. It has replaced Dragomir on my List.
Nothing wrong with this name, however I instantly think of vampires when I hear it. Unfortunate how names can be spoiled that way.
I picture an evil villan from somewhere like Sweden when I hear this name.
An evil villain, maybe, but from Sweden? Sweden is not a Slavic country; think of a villain from Eastern Europe or Russia. Still, it has a noble bearing, and Lenin bore this name, unless I'm mistaken.
I adore this name, I am thinking of naming my first son this! And to the previous person why Germany or Russia? I found that quite offensive towards me (of Eastern Ruropean, German and Russian blood). I don't think you realized how much that could hurt someone's feelings.
She wasn't saying that all people from Eastern Europe and Russia are villians. She was saying that the name Vladimir makes her think of a villan who is from Eastern Europe or Russia. It is very popular in those places. I love this name too (as I said it has replaced Dragomir on my list) and I also am considering naming my son this. :)
I like this name a lot. Vladimir sounds strong, brave, and royal. It's also quite uncommon in many countries, so it's a unique choice for a baby boy.
Vladimir, or Di-di, was one of the two main characters in Samuel Beckett's tragi-comedy "Waiting for Godot". "Godot" can also be described as an absurdist play.
I like this name. It's sophisticated and classy.
This could also mean "to rule the world", from the Slavic volod, "to rule", and mir, which also means "world" in addition to "peace".
Prince Volodymyr (Ukrainian pronunciation) was not a prince of Russia, nor Ukraine - neither of which existed in his era. He was the prince (Knyaz') of Kyivan, Rus whose capital, Kyiv (Kiev) exists in present day Ukraine. It is offensive to Ukrainians to refer to him as Russian. Neither is it correct to call him Ukrainian. He and Rus' are to the Ukrainians as Rome and Romans were to the Italians.
The Heart of Midlothian owner is called Vladimir Romanov and his son is called Roman Romanov.
Famous bearer is Vladimir Ashkenazy, a Russian conductor and pianist.
This is my gran's name. The name has totaly different meaning. Vladimir came from "vladi" or "vladey" wich is sovereign, master, owner and "mir" wich is peace, but Russians have only one word for two meanings and the second is big land, world, universe. So Vladimir is the sovereign of the world. This is a very royal name.
Actually the Russian name Vladimir is derived from Germanic Waldemar or Heldemir. The feminine form Helga or Olga. It is a coincidence that Vladimir sounds like it is derived from Slavic vlad "rule" combined with mir "peace". The first known Russian with this name was price Vladimir who was not native Russian, but of Germanic, Scandinavian, Viking origin and had Germanic name. Vladimir was highly revered by the Church for baptizing Russia and his name became very popular. It is through that the name Vladimir, Waldemar or Heldemir means holy or blessed.
To tie this name with German Woldemar is just silly.
In fact, the Russian version of the name, in which the emphasis is on the second syllable, is more correctly pronounced as Vlah-DEE-mer (think of it as rhyming with redeemer, as Vladimir Nabokov once suggested). [noted -ed]
A close look will reveal that the name Vladimir is, not merely related to, but is the exact equivalent of, the name Donald.
The namesake Vladimir Nabokov was a Russian Author whose work includes 'Lolita' and 'Pale Fire'.

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