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Gender Masculine
Pronounced Pron. WEHN-səs-laws(English)

Meaning & History

Medieval Latinized form of Veceslav (see VÁCLAV). The spelling may have been influenced by the Czech word věnec meaning "wreath, crown".

Related Names

VariantsVeceslav, Venceslaus(Medieval Czech) Wenceslas(History)
Other Languages & CulturesViachaslau(Belarusian) Ventseslav, Ventsislav(Bulgarian) Višeslav(Croatian) Václav, Věnceslav, Vašek(Czech) Wenzel, Wenzeslaus(German) Vencel(Hungarian) Venceslao(Italian) Wacław, Więcesław(Polish) Veaceslav(Romanian) Vatslav, Vyacheslav, Slava(Russian) Višeslav(Serbian) Václav(Slovak) Venceslás(Spanish) Vyacheslav(Ukrainian)
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