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Wenna 1
Gender Feminine
Other Forms FormsGwenna (Modern Cornish), Wenn

Meaning & History

Early Cornish form of Gwen. It was borne by two 5th-century Cornish saints.
Added 4/18/2012 by SeaHorse15
Edited 11/25/2018 by Frollein Gladys and Randee15

Wenna 2
Gender Feminine
Usage Chinese
Scripts 文娜, etc.(Chinese)

Meaning & History

Combination of the names Wen and Na.
Added 10/24/2017 by anonymous
Edited 10/25/2017 by Sofia

Wenna 3

Wenna 4
not set
Gender Feminine
Usage Welsh

Meaning & History

Anglicised form of Gwennan, this was the name of one of Brychan Brycheiniog’s daughters
Added 5/27/2021 by Espanolelwales