Medieval Cornish Submitted Names

These names were used by medieval Cornish speakers.
Submitted names are contributed by users of this website. The accuracy of these name definitions cannot be guaranteed.
Anaguistl f Medieval Cornish
Old Cornish name, possibly from Welsh anaw "wealth" and Welsh gwystl "hostage" (Cornish cognate gostel).
Braya f Medieval Cornish
Medieval Cornish name which is said to be derived from Cornish bregh "brave; fine".
Breaca f Medieval Cornish (Latinized)
Latinized form of Breage, from Cornish bregh "brave". The 5th-century Cornish saint Breage is also known as Breaca or Bray. Breage is also probably the source of the medieval Cornish name Braya.... [more]
Brithael m Medieval Breton, Medieval Cornish
Derived from either Old Breton brit "mind, spirit" or Old Breton Britto "Briton" and hael "generous; noble".
Cadok m Medieval Cornish, History
According to William of Worcester, writing in the fifteenth century, Cadoc of Cornwall was a survivor of the Cornish royal line at the time of the Norman Conquest of England in 1066 and was appointed as the first Earl of Cornwall by William the Conqueror... [more]
Catguistl f Medieval Cornish
Derived from Cornish kas "battle" and gostel "hostage".
Colan m Medieval Cornish
Cornish form of Welsh Collen.
Donyarth m Medieval Cornish, History
Donyarth (died 875) was the last recorded king of Cornwall. He was probably an under-king, paying tribute to the West Saxons. According to the Annales Cambriae, he drowned in 875. His death may have been an accident, but it was recorded in Ireland as a punishment for collaboration with the Vikings, who were harrying the West Saxons and briefly occupied Exeter in 876.
Eia f Medieval Cornish
Variant of Ia.
Elisaued f Medieval Cornish
Medieval Cornish form of Elizabeth.
Fransis m Medieval Cornish
Medieval Cornish form of Francis.
Grifiud m Medieval Cornish
Cornish cognate of Gruffudd.
Guentigirn m Medieval Cornish
Possibly a Cornish adoption of Kentigern.
Jeffri m Medieval Cornish
Cornish form of Geoffrey.
Jestin m Breton, Medieval Cornish
Breton form as well as an older Cornish form of Yestin.
Loumarch m Medieval Cornish
Old Cornish form of Llywarch.
Medguistl f Medieval Cornish
Old Cornish name, in which the second element is Welsh gwystl "hostage" (Cornish cognate gostel). The first element may be Welsh medd "mead" (Cornish medh) or Welsh medd "power, authority".
Merewenne f Medieval Cornish, Celtic Mythology
Merewenne is listed in the 12th-century Hartland list as one of the daughters of Brychan. While she is sometimes considered identical with Morwenna of Morwenstowe, another daughter of Brychan, Merewenne and the variants Marwyne and Merwenna appear in medieval records referring to the patron-saint of Marhamchurch near Bude (a church dating back to 1086 which is situated in north-east Cornwall).
Miliaw m Medieval Cornish
Cornish form of Miliau.
Neot m Medieval Cornish, Cornish (Archaic), History (Ecclesiastical)
Meaning uncertain, perhaps ultimately from Nodens. Saint Neot was a 9th-century Cornish monk who gave his name to a village in Cornwall. His feast day is the 31st July.
Pasca f Medieval Italian, Medieval Cornish
Derived from Latin pascha "(feast of) Passover". The Jewish Passover holiday often coincided with the Christian Easter holiday; this name was given to children born or christened on or near that holiday... [more]
Redigon f Medieval English, Medieval Cornish, Cornish (Archaic)
A medieval English vernacular form of Radegund, the name of a 6th-century Frankish queen and saint. In England, a number of churches were dedicated to Saint Radegund in the medieval period.
Talan m Cornish, Medieval Cornish
Possibly derived from Cornish tal "brow; forehead".
Tanguistl f Medieval Cornish
Cornish cognate of Tangwystl.
Tedha f History (Ecclesiastical), Medieval Cornish
Cornish form of Tedda. This name was borne by a 5th-century virgin and saint in Wales and Cornwall. Early Latin records, however, mention the saint by the name Tecla (itself a form of the name Thecla borne by the first female martyr in Christianity) and consider her a companion of Breaca, while in Cornish sources, she was listed among the daughters of Brychan, king of Brycheiniog in Wales... [more]
Wenna f Medieval Cornish
Early Cornish form of Gwen. It was borne by two 5th-century Cornish saints.
Winwaloe m Medieval Cornish, History (Ecclesiastical)
Cornish form of Guénolé. Saint Winwaloe is a famous bearer.
Wynwallow m Medieval Cornish (?)
Cornish form of Breton Gwenole. St Wynwallow's Church, the parish church of Landewednack in Cornwall, England, is dedicated to Saint Gwenole or Winwaloe... [more]
Yowann m Medieval Cornish
Medieval Cornish variant of Jowan.