I really like the name Wilfred. It’s vintage but classic. It can suit any age from a baby to an old man. I love the nicknames Wilf and Fred/Freddie. I would definitely consider using this for my future son.
I like the meaning. Desiring peace is super cool, but now Wilfred has to go out and fight for his peace ☮️, sadly. Just the way it is. Sorry, Wilfred.
Pansy name. Floppy. :/
I actually love this name, it is sophisticated, without being too stiff. It has a little bit of a clumsy sound, but that endears me toward Wilfred even more. I wouldn't have put it on my official list if it had not recently had a huge spike in popularity here, then a little Wilfred running about won't be that obscure. My favourite nickname has to be Bill, it's so handsome and mature, I could definitely go for Fred or Wilf though. Overall a lovely name, j'adore (sorry if that was offensive or something to French speakers)!
Wilfred is also featured (only once, I believe) in Harry Potter, as the name of a statue in Hogwarts, called Wilfred the Wistful.
Edit: I checked and it is Wilfred the Wistful not the Wise.
Wilfred Zaha, Ivorian/English striker, he plays actually in Crystal Palace FC.
This name is also used in places like Kenya. I love it. I am Wilfred Mbugua.
Way too old fashioned and nerdy sounding for my personal tastes. It does have a very nice meaning though.
Bill Bixby, American actor best known for his role as Dr. David Banner on The Incredible Hulk TV series. His full name was Wilfred Bailey Everett Bixby III.
This is one of my favourite boy's names! So many nickname possibilities such as Will, Wilf and Fred! I can see it on a young boy but also an older man.
The name Wilfred was given to 23 boys born in the US in 2015.
Wilfred Mott is the grandfather of Doctor Who companion Donna Noble.
Scottish actor David Tennant (born David John McDonald) and his wife Georgia Moffett have a son named Wilfred, who was born 2 May 2013.
Wilfred is the name of an Australian TV show (2007-2010) and its American remake starring Elijah Wood (summer 2011, currently airing on FX). The basic premise is that the main character sees Wilfred, owned by his girlfriend (or attractive neighbor, in the US version), as a man in a dog costume, while everyone else sees Wilfred as a normal dog, and the two strike up a complicated friendship. The owner sometimes calls Wilfred "Wilfy" which is cute but the entire show definitely makes it harder for me consider ever naming a child Wilfred! I like that Jason Gann reprised his Role as Wilfred for the 2011 version. Depending on what kind of comedy you like, you'll either find the show terribly bogan or laugh-out-loud funny. Australian show:
American show:
Another variant could be Wylfred, even though it isn't on this site.
This has to be one of the sweetest name meanings I've ever come across. If only the name weren't so hopelessly clumsy to my ears.
Two famous bearers of this name - British World War I poet Wilfred Owen (1893-1918), who was killed in action, and British radio and television personality Wilfred Pickles (1904-1978), who with his wife Mabel presented the 'Have A Go' radio series of the Forties and Fifties.
A famous fictional Wilfred is Wilfred of Ivanhoe in the novel by Sir Walter Scott.

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