I actually prefer this spelling to Winter, it just looks less ugly and I feel that this variant can be masculine as well.
― Anonymous User  1/17/2021
I’m sorry but I really dislike this name! The name AND spelling are awful.
― Anonymous User  1/2/2021
I don't like Winter, but I kind of prefer Wynter although spelled "uneeq-ly". Is that just me? Obviously would never use it.
namespanela78  1/1/2021
The Y gives me an impression that you're trying to be too unique, a child wouldn't be able to spell it right without being instructed how to (in my opinion). I wouldn't give this name to my child but I wouldn't go out of my way to stop other people from using it.
― Anonymous User  12/28/2020
Winter was unique enough, it didn’t need the unnecessary ‘y’.
Inxpect  12/21/2020
Stripper name!
― Anonymous User  12/6/2020
The y in this spelling is how it was spelled historically rather than an affectation to make the name look unique or trendy.

I have a Wynter and absolutely adore the name.
― Anonymous User  5/7/2020
This name is pronounced "wine-ter", you can't change my mind.
sam_on_behindnames  2/24/2020
I never cared much for Winter, but I really don't like this spelling.
someone-  11/4/2019
Honestly, it's probably the only 'y' spelling that I think is at least okay. Makes a pretty name a little bit more prettier, but not that much.
― Anonymous User  10/2/2019
Man, this spelling...
kayisforkeen  12/28/2018
My last name is Wynter and I have never ever been insulted, chastised or anything about it. Maybe because my fists definitely work. But after extensive research I found out that Wynter as a last name traces back to Jamaica and even further to Spain. One of Queen Elizabeth 1st admirals was William Wynter. So the y isn't a letter just to change the spelling, it's a unique legacy that is rare. Wynters are exclusive and always will be.
― Anonymous User  1/5/2018
I love the name Wynter, My name is Wynter. Everyone always has to make up a joke like when its snowing people say "Your family is coming!" but I've heard it all!
Wynter _Wonderland  11/17/2017
My name is Wynter and I personally love the name because of how unique it is. It does have its ups and downs though because I always hear people say 'Oh your name is so unique, I love it' but then there are the people that come up with names. My last name is Clermont so people always call me summer climate after someone mispronounced my name.
Wynter_tigerlily  10/23/2017
"Wynter" is actually the obsolete spelling of "Winter"

It's not a name with a trashy Y spelling, it's just historical.

Go check it out

I hope all you people will understand.
― Anonymous User  10/10/2017
I'm talking about you ThatMazerunnerfan, -Julia-, ZoeAliza, and slight night shiver.
― Anonymous User  10/20/2017
As a person whose name is actually Wynnter (with two n’s instead of one) I’d say it’s a wonderful name. It’s unique and people seem to like it. However, I will have to agree with an earlier comment about all the nicknames and such, I’ve heard it all and I’m not even 20 yet, lol. But to the lady naming her child Wynter, I’m glad you have such a fondness of the name. I wish you the best of luck with the rest of your pregnancy. Also, addressing earlier comments, the name doesn’t look tacky with a y, nor are any parents that name their children Wynter lacking brain cells and/or common sense. You guys probably all have boring and common names, and are probably just jealous of the uniqueness these people have. We stand out compared to names like Stephanie or Jennifer. It’s a perfectly beautiful name in and of itself, and there’s honestly no reason to post such negative opinions on a name that plenty of people have. But anyway, as a Wynnter myself, I think it’s a great name and is better with a y.
Wynnter  10/8/2017
How on Earth could a name be trashy? What a silly concept. Something so deeply personal can only be that. My daughter is due this December. I plan wholeheartedly, and with assured divination to name her Wynter. Her entire name will mean "winter brings good news; a Child of the Light." In what will be for her a world of Emmas, Olivias, and Abigails, (all beautiful names, however quite common) she will stand out. She will know her name was chosen not just because we liked the way it sounded, or it was popular at the time, but because much like her birth, her name has a deep and beautiful purpose and meaning, special to us and unique to her for so many reasons. The spelling, in addition to all discernment above, distinguishes the name from the noun. I have never in my life reacted to someone declaring their name with the thought that their parents were "trashy". Just ridiculous. A name should be beautiful to the givers, have meaning for the receiver, and distinguish the individual. The name "Wynter" succeeds in all these aspects and sounds divine doing it.
ApenAngel  9/25/2017
Wynter Sinclair Barton-Brown, A neighborhood poet, graphic designer, stage play actor, musical artist and later music industry staple from the Boston, MA area that worked with such names as T-Pain, Ludacris, Jadakiss, 2chainz, Keyshia Cole and more.
He served as a United States Soldier and father of 4 Sons, Wynter Jr, Michael, Marcus and Noah.
Perceived by many as rough around the edges and by some as a kindhearted very deep thinker, giver and very driven though his struggles with depression were never made public. Reported that he saved a woman from being raped and a little girl from being run over by a car. What's in a name!
― Anonymous User  9/22/2017
The name Wynter was given to 397 girls born in the US in 2016.
― Anonymous User  6/8/2017
I named my daughter Wynter. It is a beautiful sounding name and we've had nothing but lovely comments on it! We spelt it with a Y because we didn't name her after the season. We also thought it made it look more Celtic. We often shorten her name to 'Wyn' which is a Welsh name, too.
Pisceanrose  4/15/2017
This spelling is most appalling! You don't have to like this name as I am aware that many don't and I can respect that, but it doesn't take a genius to figure out that Wynter compared to Winter looks like complete trash. The spelling of Winter all the way.
― Anonymous User  1/2/2016
Randomly replacing I's with Y's makes a name look tacky, silly, and immature. Winter's not a great name, but it sure is better than Wynter, which sounds like a New-Age toothpaste brand.
kvpp88  10/7/2014
Oh god, not the trashy Y spelling again.

The spelling of Winter is 100, 000, 000 times more decent. Please, if you're going to use the name, spell it as Winter. The same as the season.
There's no reason to misspell it with a 'y,' it looks tacky and naive.
Also Wynter looks like it would be pronounced as Whyn-ter instead of win-ter.

Winter is good!
― Anonymous User  9/11/2014
It's an unusual name, but I've always been fond of it. My mother chose it because "during the winter, life always lies dormant under the snow, but then everything blooms again". I never quite understood the idea, but whatever. No matter what the reasoning, I've always been fond of my name. There are some ups and downs to it though (just as there are with any other name).

On the bad side: As a kid I used to get incredibly angry when peopled called me other seasons which is, sadly, quite a common occurrence. For some reason people tend to think it's the most hilarious thing in the world. They also tend to ask if I have cousins/sisters named Summer or Fall. The nicknames and insults can get a bit idiotic as well; I've been called snowball, Wynts, Wynn, Wynnie, Wynnie the Pooh, ice queen bitch, snow white, etc. Once or twice it's been mispronounced by someone obviously lacking brain-cells.
On the good side: People always seem to be complimenting me on how unique and pretty it is. And it tends to stand out. My dream is to be an author one day, and I think a lot of people will find it easier to remember my name as compared to, say, Kelley. Some names are just so overused.

I've seen a lot of people here commenting on the spelling. Personally, I've always thought that "Winter" was the masculine form and "Wynter" the feminine. Winter started off as a male name and I've a friend online with that spelling who says she's always mistaken for a boy whereas I've never had that problem before.
WSwirls  4/4/2013
Wynter Gordon (born Diana Gordon) is an American pop/dance singer-songwriter.
reverie  10/27/2012
I think this name is very nice and an interesting variation of "Winter", but it strikes me as more a middle name than a first one. For that reason, I think I'll use it as the middle name of a character in my stories than a first one.
Whitewolf513  3/26/2012
I hope using this name for a character doesn't make me an immature author! :P I like both Winter and Wynter, though I slightly prefer Wynter. Plus, I DO know how to spell. ;)
CanadianChibi  8/2/2011
This will only make you look like you don't know how to spell. Stick with "Winter".
Black_X  7/29/2011
This name is ok sounding.
crazymonkeyk9  3/4/2011
I've seen this spelling of the name in an historical novel. Except the character was male.
― Anonymous User  12/5/2009
I agree with the comment 2 comments above.

This spelling IS tacky, and kind of something immature parents would choose.
― Anonymous User  8/19/2009
I think the name is spelled better this way. "Winter" just seems really flat somehow.
welovejamesarness  8/9/2008
The spelling looks quite ugly and tacky, and it looks like something immature parents would choose instead of Winter.
slight night shiver  5/13/2008
Ugh, the concept of naming your child after random words in the dictionary disgusts me. But when said word's spelling is changed so that the phonetics don't even work anymore (Wynter should, phonetically, be pronounced why-en-tur), god it really shows that parent's common sense is dwindling down to nothing.
ZoeAliza  3/16/2008
This name is marked as being for females, but I'm a male who happens to have the name Wynter Woods. I was given this name because my dad wanted to prove that guys could be named after a season/month.
zerotri  1/5/2008
Major league baseball pitcher Chuck Finley (formerly with the California Angels) has a daughter named Wynter.
― Anonymous User  11/10/2007
I can't see any connection with "Winter", if you spell like this. Just a pronunciation is the same but I think the beauty of the name 'Winter' (like snow white and so on) is totally gone.
pocho-mole  3/17/2007

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