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Gender Masculine & Feminine
Usage Chinese
Scripts 现, 弦, 先, 宪, 娴, 贤, 咸, 羨, etc.(Chinese)
Pronounced Pron. SHYEHN  [key·IPA]

Meaning & History

From Chinese 现 (xiàn) meaning "present, current, appear, manifest", 弦 (xián) meaning "string, chord", 先 (xiān) meaning "first, before", 宪 (xiàn) meaning "law", 娴 (xián) meaning "elegant, refined, skillful", 贤 (xián) meaning "virtuous, good, worthy", 咸 (xián) meaning "all, completely, savoury, salty" or 羨 (xiàn) meaning "envy, admire, covet". Other character combinations can form this name as well.
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Edited 3/18/2021 by HL

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