This just looks and sounds weird!
Lol, this name makes me laugh. I'm serious.
I personally find this name to be really harsh and unattractive.
Doesn't sound feminine at all.
Yannick Ferreira Carrasco is a Belgian professional footballer who plays as a winger for Spanish club Atlético Madrid and the Belgium national team.
Czech model Daniela Peštová and Italian businessman Tommaso Buti have a son Yannick Fausto Pešta Buti, born 1996 in New York City, NY, USA.
Yannick is a common Dutch name as well, used in the Dutch speaking part of Belgium (Flanders) and the Netherlands.
Yannick is a first name which originated in Brittany, France where the combination of its two Breton language parts, Yann and Ick results in the meaning of Little John or Petit Jean in French. It is used as a first name mostly for male and is of use, notably, in French speaking countries like France, (a part of) Belgium, (a part of) Canada and former French African colonies.

Famous bearers:
Yannick Bisson (1969) a French Canadian actor.
Yannick Dalmas (1961), a French racing driver.
Yannick Djaló (1986), a Portuguese footballer.
Yannick Dias Pupo (1988) Brazilian footballer
Yannick Jauzion (1978), a French rugby player.
Yannick Nézet-Séguin (1975), a French Canadian conductor.
Yannick Noah (1960), a French tennis player.
Yannick Stopyra (1961), a French footballer.
Yannick´s pet forms: Yan, Yansy, Yanko, Yanni, Yannis, Nick.
Famous bearers:
American actor Yannick Bisson ("Soul Food", "Sue Thomas: F. B. Eye", See Jane Date).
Yannick Buti - son of Czech model Daniela Peštová.
Yannick´s pet forms are Yanni, Yan, Nick(y), Yannis.

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